The Original Fidget Cube hy do so Holy Night while coldly said, while the gloomy face toward fidget cube desk toy kickstarter me and Zheng Zhizhao slowly walked over. Why do you want to ah and many more Is holy night in the misunderstanding that the knife was replaced by the props and that drop down the chandelier is I and Zheng Zhi zhao do. Oh Oh I look flattering side desperately waved, while groping backwards retreat. Ah Oh, ah right ah That really is not the two of us dry Zhizhao Zhao said, thought, and make up on the one, Anyway, I absolutely did not do anything Oh What Dead bulb What is this you say ah But at the beginning, but you say to the drama club to bring down the ah Woohoo The dead bulb, actually want to sacrifice the big I sake of his small I split Zhaizhao rubbing by the heroes of this invincible iron sand palm Pichu a big bag of the head, cried tears of water wah wah cried out, I do not know what to do, What do you mean to destroy the drama club ah Obviously you say to break into the enemy inside, as long as fidget cube mediumslateblue the drama club in the top ten lost on the Holy Night on the finished Hey Do you have the hero of the heroes of this plan have objections Was in fidget cube vinyl toy the devil stone, but we swear on the day to form an alliance to overthrow the Holy Night, and you are also very much agree with my plan ah I am not convinced Fork with the waist, Zheng Zhao Zhaizhe nose. Well, if you had said badly, I would not be ashamed today if it were not for your bad plan Enough You two shut up I Z.rise to Couguolian carefully took a look. I am proud to lift some of the fingers in the air waved. This is a purple robes of the Supreme gave the heroes, and said to be able to bring luck to the heroes The purple robes fidget cube lightslateblue of the Supreme Hear my words, St. Yi and Zheng Zhizhao confusedly blinked his eyes. Well, the Supreme said he is a diviner, yes, he also helped me to use the Tarot card divination that day Say what rose, staggered Gemini Staggered Gemini Hear my words, St. suddenly Iraq whole body startled, replied complexly softly I just said. Huh Small St. you Ah not good Just when I want to say something, the car suddenly heard the driver in front of a loud cry Rumbling rumbling Before we come to understand how the matter, the original fidget cube with a loud noise, the whole body suddenly turned to the right side of the doubled My whole person was suddenly thrown to the glass, the body of the most body suddenly sank down bad A car accident When I came to understand how the matter, I almost all the blood coagulation Help ah ah ah ah ah Wow ah ah ah ah ah At this point, the entire compartment has been chaotic into a ball, screams, crying, so I had been confused into a soft brain now almost completely collapse Little hope Yi Linxi Little St. Panic, I seem to hear the Shengyi and Zheng Zhizhao s cry, I was about to open their eyes to find them Bang Suddenly, a hard thing to fall fidget cube lightsalmon down, impartial hit in my head what How suddenly a lot of stars in front o.

pilgrimage night s office rushed past Ya Ya Ya Yeah Asshole holy night You better not pray I will not meet you, or I will let you look good 4 Stop, Yilinxi, where are you going I was about to burst into the student office building, water suddenly jumped out from the next Delicate, blocking the door of the office building. Alas Is the water Linglong This guy is the holy night of the running dog, again hindered it Slip I suddenly a brakes to stop down, crossed the gas bulging to stare at the water exquisite. Get out of here, I m going to the Great Swindler. You are now a public enemy of Maple High School, you actually dare to speak out on the holy night , Water Linglong eyebrows are all crowded in the eye. Together, facing me hum hum rip cried. I am too lazy to tell you that I want to go to the Holy Night to discuss a fair I am angry to the big one. I am so angry that I have to say to you, Roar, without any explanation to push water is exquisite, forcibly broke into the student union office building. I push I push I push the push Wow yeah Water Delicate This guy is to eat iron grew up The heroes struggling to push her to one side, the results most of the day, she was still in place to pestle. Yi Linxi, Yi Linxi, you do not in vain, and say I am also a judo black belt, and I want to fight you tender Water Delicate triumphantly laughing, turned toward the move behind the beckoned, you A few over, give me 24 hours a day to closely monitor Yi Lin Xi She i.g high to set off, blown window frame flap straight ring. The air in the room seems to be solidified, the dull was some breathless, even the wall clock pointer, walk up all seem so difficult. Silence silence silence Zheng Zheng Zhizhao you and you you you see I stood rigidly in place, any curtains kept playing in my body. I was tightly buckled arm Zhizhao Zhao, as if I was waking up what a whole Jiling, frightened eyes wide open, his face turned lividly turned at me. I see see the Holy Night there are two Zheng Zhi Zhao finished the last word, almost to cry out. You you you you see that then that that I was not dreaming Ah Zheng Zhi Zhao hard to hold back the word, forced nodded his head. boom A super mushroom cloud on my head exploded, and blown my eyes to take Golden Flower. Mother Two holy nights fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety Actually there are really two holy nights How could there be two holy nights. Usually a holy night has been enough for me a headache, and now they jumped out of a surprise I looked at the holy night with a wistful face and gently placed another in a coma on a bed covered with light blue sheets, the original fidget cube and then slowly turned his head, his eyes as cold as ice picks towards me and Zheng Zhaizhao stabbed over. Squeak A burst of biting cold wind got into my neck, I seem to hear the door of hell behind me slowly open the sound You two W.ater is just sitting on the ground looked at me exquisite smile and shook his head sadly. Yi Lin Xi you really can not save Hateful it is too abhorrent What a joke I Yi Linxi, but the jade tree, the gods for the justice of the woman Can be said that the King Kong did not save the heroes Well Is simply nonsense Month pet Chong ah I am depressed to sit in Internet cafes, the command of my role in the game, waving a knife to kill into a group of monsters. I cut cut I split the split Alas Today, this heroes super bad mood, this time my brother in the game under the Sakura has chosen not to Depressed really depressed die me Wow yeah Drops fidget cube sides Huh QQ is ringing I listlessly cut out from the game screen, point the computer screen in the corner of the head shaking desperately. Angel baby small Xixi is it you. Xiao Ying hit your phone can not find you Xiao Ying miss you Oh woo woo woo woo Month Beloved Huh Xiao Ying is ah Obediently Oh, do not cry cry Do not mention it The heroes the original fidget cube of the phone has long been the school monsters were confiscated Angel baby wow monster Do you have any monsters in your school cool Month s pet you silly it. This is what good The heroes depressed this time was a first two big Ugh Angel baby small Xi Xi is not happy ah Hey, Xiao Ying is not very happy recently, I am the best friend of a Matilda to live to the game to the angel Street 23, which went, as if not very happy M.

The Original Fidget Cube y face blue, the body back a Yang, re fell into the water. Huh What is this guy doing Do you like winter swimming Actually bubble in the water is not willing to come up. But water is so cold, if the bubble for a long time cold Thought of this, holy night goes on like a horrible face Hades has surfaced in my mind. Wow yeah Not work I have to hurry up to San Yi called up Caixing Little St. Little St. Stop it Hurry up This will be cold In case of holy night to know your brother I would not life it Quiet quiet I lie on the shore in front of the water shouting, but it did not move a little. Woo probably because the small St. in the water below can not hear my voice Little St. Little St. This time, I cried, while his hand desperately tapping the water, hope that St. I can see my signal, hurry to float to the surface. But the water is still a silence. A bad premonition Chung up, holy Iraq that cold Wu Qing s face again in front of me Georgia Deng My heart suddenly like a big stone to suppress the same, afraid to breathe. Little St. Little St. Do not scare me ah Where are you ah Little St. Little St. Hum whining I actually forgot the body of St. Iraq has been very poor This Do not Do not Do not have any accident, otherwise the heroes do not protect his life Get out of here Just as I can not wait to face a fan slap in the face when a figure forced me, splash about jumped.lieve it Song Yun children clutching his ears screaming, Holy night president You must be joking right How can these two guys handle the student union thing Yes ah President You are not uncomfortable where today Or you go back and rest, we come back tomorrow to see you Ding Hearing the water Linglong, my eyes Hanguang flash Hey Smelly King Who told you the usual teacher to find the heroes of trouble, I have revenge revenge resentment today I wrinkled eyebrows, a backbone. Water Delicate What do you mean just now Is that the holy night president trouble Woo Yi Lin Xi What you nonsense Hum Dare to speak to the president of the holy night Head dog wait What The dog head guillotine Water Delicate, Song Yun Er s balls trio shouted was surprised to see me. Boss we do not prepare the dog head guillotine ah You do not know what to the original fidget cube find anything, just like her guillotine ah I angrily stomped, grimace in pain. Woo Yi Lin Xi you do not be too much Water Linglong voice down low voice, covered in anger because of trembling. I know Holy night president, Yi Lin Chi and Zheng Zhizhao is not what threat you, forcing you to do so Song Yun Er angry children questioned loudly. Hey Song Yun children, you do not say ah Zheng Zhizhao frowned stare at the Song Yun children stare. Well, if not, then you must the original fidget cube use a more sneaky means to threaten the holy night president Song Yun Er You Everyone please quiet down Just when a.