A Fidget Cube words, Holy Night should be in this direction somewhere fishes Smelly girl Do not run Rogue panting shouting behind me, my head are too lazy to look back, just look at both sides of the side of the alley, while continuing to move forward. what and many more The right side of the alley seems to lay a man. I was surprised to suddenly stop the car, quickly slipped into the alley, lying in the alley next to the man squatting down. Soft maroon hair, slender neck, there is a touch of roses my heart thump thump thumping, gently to the ground turned a look My God Really he Holy Night Weekdays in the publicity of him, and now actually like a discarded puppet, wearing a dusty and gray does not slip off the footprints of the shirt, whole body is hurt to lay there motionless, looks So helpless. I squatted on his side, eyes wide open eyes can not believe in watching holy night, the brain for a time do not know how to react. Take me to the theater Huh Just that the wind as light as the sound is holy night talking Take me to the theater Is he really he I was surprised to see him as dry as the rose petals lips, slightly co authored, could not help but suck down a cold lump. St. night coughing a few times, struggling to open the still bleeding eyes, surprised at me. You Yi Lin Xi Ah Yes, yes I Hear my name, I suddenly wake up, nod the head of the force of the answer. Yi Linxi, fast, take me to the theater The.g high to set off, blown window frame flap straight ring. The air in the room seems to be solidified, the dull was some breathless, even the wall clock pointer, walk up all fidget cube ebay au seem so difficult. Silence silence silence Zheng Zheng Zhizhao you and you you you see I stood rigidly in place, any curtains kept playing in my body. I was tightly buckled arm Zhizhao Zhao, as if I was waking up what a whole Jiling, frightened eyes wide open, his face turned lividly turned at me. I see see the Holy Night there are two Zheng Zhi Zhao finished the fidget cube red last word, almost to cry out. You you you you see that then that that I was not dreaming Ah Zheng Zhi Zhao hard to hold back the word, forced nodded his head. boom A super mushroom cloud on my head exploded, and blown my eyes to take Golden Flower. Mother Two holy nights Actually there are really two holy nights How could there be a fidget cube two holy nights. Usually a holy night has been enough for me a headache, and now they jumped out of a surprise I looked at the holy night with fidget cube australia a wistful face and gently placed another in a coma on a bed covered with light blue sheets, and then slowly turned his head, his eyes as cold as ice picks towards me and Zheng Zhaizhao stabbed over. Squeak A burst of biting cold wind got into my neck, I seem to hear the door of fidget cube how much does it cost hell behind me slowly open the sound You two W.

o in the zoo But speaking, it is like ah The heroes do not call her King Kong it. I laughed, forced tapped Zheng Tai s shoulder, No problem This heroes this to help you shoot Hey, you have a future Ah Cute little boy smiled and nodded happily, went to the water before the grinning grinning toward me than a V word. one two Three Kacha Ha ha ha As good I laughed the camera lens cover closed, returned to the small Zheng too. Thank you big sister Xiao Zheng took the camera too, suddenly the mouth pursed over my face and built a sweet chapter, Sister Hello beautiful Zheng Tai likes you Oh ha ha Haha small cake Small cake it Ha ha I am embarrassed to scratch his head, embarrassed smile. Woo now the child is really open ah but this little guy said I pretty hey His honest personality, this heroes like Zheng Tai What are you doing here I am everywhere looking for you Just as I and small Zheng too hot, my head to upload a familiar voice. I turned my head, surprised to see Zheng Zhizhao picked up a Zheng Tai, Huh You two know Zheng Taizhao to Zheng Tai on his shoulders, proud to pick the eyebrows, Zheng Tai, not to your grandmother to you, how do you run out of their own Zheng Tai is just fidget cube sandybrown and the orangutan according to a picture Oh This is a beautiful sister to help me according to Zheng said too, standing against the wall pointed to the water Linglong. Do not talk to me to change the topic Orangutan Zhe.ly can not see the past, to shrink in the arms of San Yi to rub the guy to kick to the side. You say I and the small St. are dignified man, you just eat a small St. tofu right Zheng Zhizhao not convinced to cross the waist to fight back. Smelly bulb, what do you say You shut up Zheng Zhi Zhao and I said nothing in a word, but also to Thunder thunder to fire to fight, the holy night suddenly roared loudly, scared us all fixed in the grid there. Yi Linxi, After a while, the Holy Night finally suppressed the anger, frowning smoky smoke staring at me, I said to give you time to find the loss of the drama club that you are not demons D, before the end of the next semester, I will not be under your assertions. Ah Really Really a fidget cube is the wise holy of the holy night president Applause applause I gratefully grinning, facing the holy night desperately patted. But Holy Night looked up, cold eyes like the sword cut off my little beautiful fantasy, If within this time, you can not prove that he is not the devil D, then you Is the enemy of Maple High School, you are now accumulated crimes, enough to let me dismiss you, or even sent you to prison. Om Holy night, then the road as sharp lightning, Pide my scalp while bursting numb. An expulsion has made me chilling, and now again a sent to prison Alas The stinking stone, deliberately do not give this hero a good life too Holy night, you listen to me I gas, but to the backbone of a very, very excited to say, dem.nt Your lunch to buy back Oh Hey I grinning mouth thief with a smile, the lunch box and Jiangyin Yin to help St. bought the Coke on his desk, President, now Is already more than eight in the evening Jesus, we have also been back, you have a person in the drama club in practice Holy night picked up Coke, opened the lid and drank. Tomorrow is the game, I m doing the final check. I heard the news, I have some small surprised to scratch fidget cube for sale ebay his head, his forehead drop a drop of beans big cold sweat. Bang Yi Linxi you want to die Rehearse for so long, even when the game did not find out You are a pig head ah Woo it hurts I was clutching the holy night knocked out the head of a hill, squatting on the ground angrily staring at him. Yi Lin Xi Ah yes You say this time, we will win it a fidget cube Holy Night put down the hands of the cola, eyes shot a melancholy eyes. Woo my ears no problem, right. The confidence that even the stars can be readily picked up the stinking stone, actually asked me such a problem Ah ha ha ha There is a holy night in the president, won the set it Oh A hand kept touching the head of the hill, just grinning with a traitor to cater to piece of smelly stone. Humph Strange I am in the heart of a ferocious fill. Side of the tall figure slowly turned his head slightly narrowed his eyes immediately from the gentle melancholy to despise Woo I just said something wrong. Holy night.

A Fidget Cube all right holy night clutching his chest, head down weak to ask. The boys wiped a cold sweat on his forehead, raised his head teeth staring at the holy night, as if to see the same killer enemies I do not believe you Because of your worship, I joined the drama club, and drama club other students to the top ten hegemony desperately to practice, but but then it does not matter. The game actually because you lost And the result is also a crisis to the entire Maple High School I do not believe you I want to quit the drama club boom Boys like the bombs in the crowd, like a blasting the flowers Students are excited to talk loudly He wants to quit the drama club But he made it very reasonable ah Drama Club of the students practiced for so long, the results did not lose on the stage, the poor Holy night listening to the sound around the discussion, gently took a deep breath, and then looked blankly excited because of the boys flushed. You to quit to please, drama club does not accept people who have no perseverance. What heard the holy night, then the boys surprised eyes staring boss, two lines of tears fell down the corner of the eye, Holy Night you too much How can the holy night president say such wounding words Holy night Just now he just put his own words out of it, you do not need to do to him That is, ah Really too much Yeah See the boys burst into tears, the students around have started to loudly.ll out stroll, relax Hey to do so 5 Little hope Little hope Yi Lin Xi Huh Who is calling me I was about to come to the edge of the wall when the wall at the end of the corner suddenly came a cautious voice. Little hope, is me, ah, a small holy Little St. I was surprised to turn the direction of the sound coming out of the place went. Small St. There Zhengzhao Zhao You two in this corner of the shrinkage Why I looked at them two puzzled, and some uncomfortably pout a pout, is not a good thing, intends to conceal me Yesterday the devil D appeared again Zheng Zhizhao looking solemnly said to me. What And there Ah St. Iraq whispered to explain, Yesterday the Law Enforcement Team also found a fidget cube homemade second demon invitations, in the drama club s office What I shouted in disbelief. That s not all people think of all the things that I do Zheng Zhizhao and St. Iraq a look of That is, of course, the expression looked at me, forced nodded his head. However Little St. said the library has a secret library, which has a maple forest high school secret history , might be able to find clues about the devil D. Zheng Zhaoxuan some excitement rubbing palm, low a fidget cube voice said. The original is so I take the hint and nodded, But the small St., I and the first light a fidget cube bulb is the dictatorship of the object, the last time to go to the library to blow heating, are uncle to the janitor of the gatekeeper out. Today, he should I m not.