Adult Fidget Cube ight to a shopping guide in front of Miss, with a finger at me. I I opened my mouth, pointing to his nose, What do you want in the end The old, the boss, we are to give you to do packaging, ah, you, you are going to display their beauty, beauty meter ah Squid loudly clamored, the whole store echoed his voice, all of them To the same vision, as if I was a big Martian. You give me shut up I grabbed the squid from the collar, mercilessly taught him Do not say something, they can really think I was HELLO KITTY. Less nonsense, and quickly to change clothes, time to be too late Zheng Zhizhao said while pushing me into the dressing room, for our wonderful plan, you have to know how to sacrifice ah Miss clerk gave me a low cut sequined T shirt and a short miniskirt, Wow This, this can be called a skirt it. I do not bother to change the clothes, head down out of the dressing room how like Dead dead You talk ah In the end how ah This heroes for the first time was forced to wear, these people actually have this expression I roared loudly staring at the front of the five stunned people. In particular, that the first light bulb, the heroes blush, he blushed like a tomato Well, well, I have halo friends. I directed Zheng Zhaoxiao shouting, bulb head, what is your expression ah This heroes, but the jade tree, the gods were Yang Your hair to clean up, ugly Zheng Zhizhao this guy not only did not praise the image of the president of your school s student union honors his own promises, and he agreed with me the last time that he would lose his job as president of the Student Union after losing in the drama competition. Huh There is such a thing Fat head suddenly put the mention of the round bridge of the nose on the glasses, turned around and looked at the fidget cube sides holy night. I m sorry the headmaster really have such a thing. Holy night head down, softly answered. Oh it is so Papan suddenly realized the headmaster nodded his brow, turned and looked at Kou Sha smiled and said, Kou Sha president, since it is holy I have no right to interfere with you in the agreement between the night and you, and I think it is up to the holy night to make up its mind to deal with it. You see that the attitude of the fat principal, Song Yuner and water Linglong all the panic, You know the game failed is an accident, and you are not fighting for our maple to re participate in the preselection Race Oh Ha ha ha The head adult fidget cube of the head of the fat head of Song Yun Er and water Linglong waved his hand, Do not worry, I believe that the Holy Night will pull this thing handled by the good. I decided that, in accordance with the agreement, dismissed the duties of the President of the Student Union. what Holy night, then it is like a bolt from the blue, so that the presence of all the people perplexing, froze in there. Holy night slowly raised his head, turned and looked at t.

ater is just sitting on the ground looked at me exquisite smile and shook his head sadly. Yi Lin Xi you really can not save Hateful it is too abhorrent What a joke I Yi Linxi, but the jade tree, the gods for the justice high quality fidget cube of the woman Can be said that the fidget cube golenrod King Kong did not save the heroes Well Is simply nonsense Month pet Chong ah I am depressed to sit in Internet cafes, the command of my role in the game, waving a knife to kill into a group of monsters. I cut cut I split the split Alas Today, this heroes super bad mood, this time my brother in the game under the Sakura has chosen not to Depressed really depressed die me Wow yeah Drops Huh QQ is ringing I listlessly cut out from the game screen, point the computer screen in the corner of the head shaking desperately. Angel baby small Xixi is it you. Xiao Ying hit your phone can not find you Xiao Ying miss you Oh woo woo woo woo Month Beloved Huh Xiao Ying is ah Obediently Oh, do not cry cry Do not mention it The heroes of the phone has long been the school monsters were confiscated Angel baby wow monster Do you have any monsters in your school cool Month s pet you silly it. This is what good The heroes depressed this time was a first two big Ugh Angel baby small Xi Xi is not happy ah Hey, Xiao Ying is not very happy recently, I am the best friend of a Matilda to live to the game to the angel Street 23, which went, as if not very happy M.wer teeth desperately fighting Kudatada Kudatada This book this hero live ten fifteen years, or the first time that this is so afraid of fear Pilipala boom Is a lightning across, along with the same as hell chasing soul drums thunder. Wow Good terrible When God has become so love to join in the fun, the holy night s expression has been terrible enough, but why but also to the two lightning Thought we were shooting ghosts ah. Holy night at a distance of me and Zheng Zhizhao only 0.5 meters of the place stopped, slowly raised his head, grim cold lips, abruptly squeezed out from the teeth of the words You, we, two, a dead, set, the OMG help ah I screamed, suddenly fidget cube rosybrown turned, Baotou rushed to the door of the night room of the Holy very scary very scary Just listen to what he just said, I feel my heart is about to stop beating Hey Zheng Zhizhao You buckle the door to do I can not open the door it I desperately twist the door handle, facing the same as I want to escape Zheng Zhizui grinned. Obviously you buckle the door handle is good Really baffling woman Hurry up and let go Well, want to escape Do not dream Holy Night cold sneer, lugged eyebrows motionless to look at us, as if the two of us are absolutely not fly his mouth duck. The end of the world The end of the world has finally come. My head hum to a ring Zheng Zhizhao If you do not open the door, I told you endless I looked at the face of the cold nigh.ind. On the squid, I found that I forgot to bring a wallet, and today you buy a single, another day I also you Xiao Qiang patted deflated pockets said. Squid Lengle Leng, staring at Xiaoqiang. I, I did not bring soup, glutinous rice balls Five. Dumpling from his pocket and pulled out a note adult fidget cube also dipped in melon seeds shells, Zheng Zhizhi it I do not count on me, my money ran out early Zheng Zhizhao carelessly lift the lift eyes, all the friends to look at all the brush at me. adult fidget cube I I did not tell you long ago I have no money to treat you Brush it My voice just fell, that four guys actually ran quickly all run out of light Wow yeah yeah These bastards Do you want to leave this heroic account it. Never thought One hundred and fifty Do you pay for it Just when I want to slip, when the hand of the owner of chopsticks eyebrow suddenly tightly withheld my shoulder. Hum hum can not escape the tragic Scrub brush brush Scrub brush brush Wow Really mad at me That few guys left me to pay, chopsticks eyebrow boss decided to account with the old account, fine I have been there in the wash dishes have been washed now Now is 10 pm, ah Poor my fingers are soaked And cold cold and hunger is the feeling of it knew I started to eat something like Alas That a few bastards, next to see them, must give them a little color to see fidget cube mintcream Ue le wo le le wo le le A burst of dynamic dance music blowing from the sandwiched heat, I looked up SU.

Adult Fidget Cube him good looking Humph Just when my heart desperately struggling to take the opportunity to escape, the purple people suddenly come up with a pair of cards from the cloak handed me in front. This is the Tarot card Today I use this to help you calculate the fortune Tarot Purple people did adult fidget cube not bother my eyes, self serving to me according to his request out of the card on the table put on a strange formation, and then opened one by one. Call wonderful this fate is too wonderful Wonder There What is wrong with the place I heard the words purple people, I am curious to ask. Well little girl thorns wrapped in roses, Gemini in the protection of staggered, can be traced to the first pious happiness Woo the Supreme, you say too where can i buy fidget cube deep, and the heroes do not understand it Trouble you clear that good or bad I have some crazy to scratch his head and said. You will understand little girl, as long as you follow your own soul, I believe you will make the best choice Follow your own mind Finally, there is a sentence of this hero Daoshi listen to understand, and that is why they want to chant But so also Little girl purple people see me still hesitated to look hesitantly, from his fingers off a ring to me, adult fidget cube This ring you receive well, he will bring you lucky Oh I took the ring and sat by the light of the candle and looked right to see. Woo in the ligh.up. Huh Is a small holy There are bulb head how are you two How to breathe like this Earth to explode you Is not it friends is not a small Greek Sheng Yi excitedly desperately flapping two Jingjing shiny eyes, suddenly rushed toward me, arms around my neck and shouted, Song told you Song Yun told me, the principal Call her last night and say we re eligible for the drama contest again Huh Really Listen with the news, my snooze hula all flew to the Clouds fidget cube walmart I was pleasantly surprised to see San Yi and Zheng Zhizhao, gently scratched his head, I is now dreaming pinch Oh yeah Bulb head dead guy actually take advantage of this heroes do not pay attention, suddenly shot Chezhu this heroes face, like pulling sugar, like the sugar to desperately pull on both sides I am angrily facing Zheng Zhizhao shouting, but a word that is not a standard helpless, saliva, like waterfall crashed down as the same. Yi Linxi Little St. You see this Zheng Zhaoxiao loosen my face, his face taken out of his pocket three tickets. Tickets This is I gas drums to rub Zheng Zhao was squeezed by the raw face of pain, and St. Yi looked confused with Zheng Zhizhao. I just heard the good news, immediately go to the school near the ticket agent point to buy Zhizhao Zhao proudly around the arm, said, I do not know, Feed the bulb, you eat the wrong medicine ah Nothing to buy three tickets to Hayakawa City Why ah Zheng Zhizhao nose with a look of contem.