Buy Fidget Cube school is fighting for the top ten places in the province of Xinghua places, if we were arrested, it is not what board meat, Will die miserable Who Hiding is also useless I have just heard the voice of the Really, tomorrow is going to start school, you these students so late also came to school trouble Really no rules Woo sounds, we heard the voice of the school police seems to have more than one person too Bad This is the next thing is getting harder and harder School police holding a flashlight, according to Zhao Zhaozhao, want to find our hiding place. Suddenly, the yellow light flashlight to block in front of us when the bushes, actually stopped not good Is I we were found it. We fidget cube deepskyblue forced to hold your breath, nervous heart straight sweating. Huang, that there is a long thin behind the grove, what is it A flashlight beam shook beside us, came a confused voice. Thin long things what not good Could it be said that the head of the heroes Zheng Zhaizhao crown that pull the rest of the feathers. I raised my eyes and looked up Ooo Really good, the heroes only to hide their own, actually forget the head of the feathers to be higher than fidget cube demo the bush Others seem to have found this fact, have looked at me with extreme contempt of the eyes, of course, except for a good little holy. Thin long Do not know but we have a look in the past to know. Blah blah Blah blah Listening to the police footsteps getti.t irradiation, the ring is a slight trace of the slightest purple light, do not know what the ring is made of material, as if crystal clear look The most chic is that the front of the ring carved A very delicate rose Huh This ring really want to give me I looked up and looked surprised people ask purple. Of course it is true the ring has been looking for it to find the next owner of the master for a long time The next owner What do you mean I was surprised tilted my head looked completely covered with robe cover the purple people. Well, do not ask too much you will understand remember, do not lose this ring Oh Oh Oh, good That being the case, that heroes on the blunt I said, grinning happy to ring in the index finger on the set, as a gift, as to take advantage of this opportunity to let the Heroes and the Supreme You worship a handle, sworn brothers From the blessed to share, there are difficulties with when the high sense of how ah Wow ha ha ha Oh do not have to sworn, as you send me the same thing as your body Purple people said softly with a smile. Just send me something I pout the whole body touched the upper and lower touched, and finally took out from his pocket a goose soft stone goose handed the hands of purple people. This heroes put this to you This is the heroes picked up on the road, was originally intended to make it into bullets after the whole person s time, but since the Supreme.

arse, the audience can not be quiet down. Until the water exquisite with law enforcement team appeared in the center of the stage, barely control the scene. On behalf of the drama club tonight, I would like to express my profound apologies to all of you, and today s party is over Song Yun Er s words so just quiet crowd blasted the pot again. No, we are going to see the holy night Yes, just what happened in the end, holy night president of his The audience again focused on the stage of the stage lights and knives, the atmosphere suddenly become dignified. Song Yun Er standing beside the water Linglong forward a step forward, strong for calm and said Will the students in accordance with the vice president said to do, what happened tonight, the students will be responsible for processing, tomorrow will fidget cube kickstarter for sale give you an answer Hope that members of the law enforcement committee under the exit, thank you Delicate as the face of water, like a hammer fist, talking voice to the small phase. Students in the student law enforcement team members of the organization, and slowly withdrew from the hall. When the last classmate s back disappeared in the hall door, auditorium buy fidget cube sounded a dull sound. I just heard a fidget cube mediumspringgreen scream like, followed by a loud noise, and then what can not see the very strange rope, as if what is cut off the weapon And the other end of it is with the lights fell to the ground together, and now it s location, just where is the holy.. nonsense Can can not red it How sudden the sudden process of sudden pro others ah There What funny ah Wow it hurts I suddenly suffered a great stimulus, not only speak desperately knot, but also a bite of his tongue But small hope, because I want to thank you for your pro you do not like it St. Iraq with some injured eyes, pouting mouth looked at me pitiful. Who told you pro is the meaning of thanks ah You fool Speaking of fidget cube toys r us pro word, my voice suddenly small down, face bass to become red Shining Woo can not stand this guy, again Although I am now angry like the outbreak of the volcano, but the St. that Iraq s poor pathetic light a hit, Hu La La burning is fierce anger buy fidget cube immediately die. Oh forget it You should remember later ah, are not allowed to pro other people Especially girls Know Know St. I see I do not get angry, and his face immediately resumed a brilliant smile, but also naughty to spit my tongue. Woohoo really Last time because of a super accident and holy night to a baffling KISS, the heroes pure and beautiful kiss on the first so inexplicably gone, this time it is the turn of the St. Iraq buy fidget cube woo woo fidget cube logo woo woo I really doubt that these two brothers is not the hero of the evil star The Reversed Chapter Part 2 3 Bang clatter bang Lang bang Lang Oh, what a hell What a ghost thing Just as I was holy Iraq s shining light exposure was covered in cold sweat, a hard thing su.hard to think about what correct I think of it I forget things, that is I can not swim at all Ha ha ha ha what. I I actually forgot I can not swim Wow ah Help ah I can not swim Seeing my head will touch the water, and my elegant dolphin style suddenly turned into crazy frog style, his face livid, hands and feet meal Flurry thump My buy fidget cube voice fell, my whole person has fallen into the water. Guru Guru Wow the water is so cool And the water actually so strong Will this heroes washed away. Ooo I do not imagine the strange old man named Lu the same, and a monster in a bird inconvenience on a desert island to spend a lifetime ah I plan to draw I plan to draw Humph I am, but the jade tree, the gods were Yang heroes What kind of swimming, this small CAKE author again Kuangjiao Khan has been corrected is small CASE it , the heroes as long as you can get toes to get moving However, ooo, ooo I have felt the brain hypoxia, and my chest was like the same stuffy about to explode I have to hurry up the water Caixing But really can not be reconciled This time it seems I lost to the dead shrimp it I rushed in the rapids of the water, like a mound, like a grunt to go straight to sink. Help ah Come and save me ah Ooo Guru Guru Hey who That I swam fast over the shadow Who. Is to save me what I see it That shadows is actually the holy Iraq I want to reach out and touch him, but found.

Buy Fidget Cube rowning to answer. That just how fidget cube rose in the auditorium, a holy night suddenly became two and one of them also ordered us to secretly come here Could it be buy fidget cube playing the game copy people Here, I The eyes suddenly light up. Stupid. Ferocious version of the holy night defiantly cast a glance at me, holy holy night was a look of interest to me. I could not believe my eyes dangling on the two holy nights. you are Holy Night, the ferocious replied impatiently. you are Holy Iraq. Sweet honey version of a brilliant smile, but also waved my hand. You are Twins, holy exclaimed. Double twins. MY GOD I always thought holy night hot and cold, that he is abnormal Is a neuropathy Is a double personality But I really broke head did not think that they they are simply two people. I am horrified to hand over his face, head logic program has been completely chaotic, countless questions and exclamation points like the same satellite around my head desperately turn the circle, turn me dizzy, feet almost unsteady station. 2 Dong Dongdong Dong Dongdong Just as I was about to be numerous confusion and doubt Biede collapsed to the ground when suddenly a burst of rapid knock on the door. Holy night president Holy night president Are you there Holy night president Are you okay We are all very worried about you Woo Listen to the sound should be Song Yun Er and water exquisite Faint Now the scene has been enough confusion, an. I looked at Jiang Xueyin was trembling sad look, I hate teeth bite creak straight ring, Good Snow Holy night that big bastard so much, today I Yi Linxi to help you avenge I shouted angrily, pride to hammer the hammer chest. Newspaper revenge Jiang Xue Yin tears eyes raised his head, surprised to see my eyes wide open, squatting on the ground as if looking for something. Woo stinking Holy Night Look at my Yi Linxi heroes do not take good remediation remediation today Justice Woman Eagle s Eye Aha Found I caught A second later, I hold a cockroach tentacles in front of Jiang Xue Yin shook. Jiang Xiaoyin see cockroaches, eyes stare for three seconds, suddenly broke out a burst of piercing cry, attracted passers by are all towards us in the morning, Read over. Lost How can lose it This little guy can have a great use it Hey I smirk from the plastic bag dug out the holy night of the lunch box, and then the cockroach buried in the rice. Oh Oh Oh Really, do not know why, this heroes do this kind of thing when I feel particularly excited, especially this time the whole object is the hero or holy night, I thought he saw the cockroach in the box, the face Green look, I could not help wow ha ha ha Small small hope you you are Jiang Xue Yin saw this heroes masterpiece, scared to speak almost bit his tongue Snow, you do not be afraid All consequences borne by the heroes Hey hey hey 4 My holy night preside.