Fidget Cube 3d Printer r there Did not take long, St. Suddenly stopped and pulled me behind the cloak. How the little saint I turned to look at him confused, along the direction of his fingers looked at the past Huh So late actually there is a sneaky figure from a three storey building to come out Hey Is the general repair high school thieves Look, you see, that is where Woo again two people I turned to look at the other direction what is fidget cube in the past and found a high and a low of the two figures are rushed to the building just walked. Yan Lin, the time is coming, I have to rush to the student union office, absolutely not let that bastard to succeed. Yes, President Kou Sha. Distance came the voice of those two low. My eyes suddenly bass to a light Huh. If I heard the wrong words, just two people say there will go to the student union office Strange, the fidget cube hong kong two of them ran so late in the school why But it does not matter, anyway, as long as the two of them track, you can find the location of the student union office Wa hahaha What really can not find the shoes, have to not spend all effort Little St., balls trio Our devil action officially started it 2 Walk away I walk I took San Yi and the Gang of Three, carefully behind Kou Sha and Yan Lin behind, walked into a brown building, climb down the stairs layer by layer. Kou Sha president, you get the message accurately Silence has been quietly asked Lin suddenly asked. Kou Sha president Not right like that.ce emerged out of a proud look. Students, we all know that our general high school has been able to enter the province of Xinghua top ten to work hard, our drama club in the past few years has made remarkable achievements, but also known for drama Fenglin high school because he was one of the top ten high school in Xinghua Province, dismissive of us, Maple students in our students in front of Prudence is arrogant and rude Yes ah That day I saw a few maple in the street students, they are really arrogant Fenglin high school is not already do not it What are they ah Fenglin s students really hate to die Kou Sha, then the same as the banana fan, the general repair high school students angry rage burning up the fans, almost the entire playground to give the red Kou Sha sneer cleared his throat, raised the microphone and then said Now the annual Xinghua High School Drama Top Ten tournament will begin, I have confidence, we will be able to win high school general high school again, to replace Maple High School to become one of China s top ten high school Wow, President Kou Sha is awesome President support you We support you Let Puxiu become one of the top ten high school See Kou Sha confident face, the playground burst burst of warm cheers. But at this time, Fenglin fidget cube 3d printer high school demon D appears in our student office Kou Sha said, his face suddenly sank, suddenly turned to the roar of the podium furious, the devil D has admitted that she is the holy.

is simply wait for me, Chibi loyalty pulled out to him to see what happens. I saw one side of fidget cube 3d printer the anger of Zheng Zhizhao, bluntly threw a look at his eyes, continue to sacrifice their lives to the holy night horse kill chickens. Author s Note horse kill chicken means massage. Envy the heroes took the holy night of the ass it Wa hahaha La la la to be able to shoot on the holy night of this millennium frozen stinking stone ass, we can see the heroes of the rapid progress in skill ah Ha ha ha ha Brother well I also want to give me a small Chuibei St. Yi flapping big eyes, look enviously watching the holy night. Well, one will let Yi Lin Xi give you hammer. what. But also to St. Iraq hammer. Alas Smelly Holy Night Give you color you open the house ah. When I was your call girl. Oh Ha ha ha No problem No problem Holy night president of the order I will be sure to hear Linxi Although the heart in the shouted abuse, but I still hard out of the face of a smile desperately nodded. Ooo, ooo I really do not really easy when the heroes ah hateful I hammer I hammer I hammer Chuichui Well, yes, you can Smelly stone finally agreed to let me end the work of this small servant spread out is really detrimental to the heroes face ah call A whole stinking stone hammer for two hours I kept dumping his arm to relax There is no mistake ah This heroes, but just from the unconscious stage to wake u.St. Yip flashed a bit tired of the big eyes, tilted his head and smiled at me smiled. Not a small Greek, these files are not all I approved, Chi chiu also have to help Oh , Zhi Zhaoyi just go back soon What The bulb head I heard the words of St. Iraq, I was surprised to jump on the sofa, But But since he came, why not call this heroes come Little hope St. Iraq gently grabbed my hand, Zhi Zhao said that you were too tired back, these days want you to rest, so did not call you, Chi chiu is very Care for you Care for me Cut Do not think that the heroes do not know, the bulb is deliberately want to support the opening of the first heroes, so good with Santa alone, the small holy, you have not been tofu bulb head to eat it No, no Sainty shook her head with a smile. On the small holy, I listen to King Kong said, you do not have a break for several days, is it true I looked at the face of St. haggard, asked with concern. Not so exaggerated Sheng Yi some embarrassed smile scratched his head, Although this day is very hard, but very happy little St. Oh Happy you tired of silly it Batch of this document is what a good happy ah Is not a treasure map I m not angry, said, poke the head of the poke Saint Seeds. Little Greek, good itch Oh St. Iraq side of the back shrink, while exposed a bright smile, I know that the best small Greek, and small Greek is very concerned about the small St., but little Greek do not worry, small St. these days is reall., is a symbol. That meet is destined to ah, as to learn from our discussion I used to point to the dance machine, with a strong opponent to play extraordinary ah Oh Please enlighten Oh. Xiao Wu went to fidget cube store the dance machine above, dropped into the two game currency. readily This hero is like this straightforward person I fidget cube floralwhite chose the dance of the PK mode, transferred to the expert level of the stalls, selected the first degree of difficulty for the super five star song. This song, how Xiao Wu thumb pointing to the screen, turned around and winked at me. Oh, demon dance I love it One Two Three Go Bang just bang just bang just bang just Look at me Rooster independent Crane bright wings Sea fishing month Another invincible cyclone legs Wow ha ha ha ha The people around now should have been this heroes beautiful dance shocked it I Toumiao next to the small arms of the screen, the arrow down speed is super invincible fast, but he has a lot to step on the whole Look at this heroes trick invincible Fenghuo round Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Yeah Huchihuchihuchi but An end, Xiaowu or a full height of the hero than the 20 points Unfortunately, the heroes do not eat anything today, wash brush and tired to die soon, the physical has long been exhausted Little hope, you okay Xiao Wu came, his face conspire to my front. what It s him. I looked at now in front of me the large live version, this is not the recent period of time is always on the TV idol, as if.

Fidget Cube 3d Printer about the conditions I looked at Kou Sha suddenly approached the face, scared face fidget cube 3d printer blue, like a short brain, as there is no sense Wow There murderous Good terrible murderous From the heroes of professional and dedicated perspective, just like the sandstorm in the desert as ruthless Little Greek Kou Sha, you let her Let go of small hope Just as I was scared like a fossil as stiff, Shengyi tightly clinging to my waist desperately pull and pull, you want me Kou Sha s hands to save down. Little girl Kou Sha impatiently frowned, looked down at the desperately breathing heavily in the St. Iraq, You really like to trouble it in. That being the case, then let me see what you really face It. Seeing Kou Sha s hand stretched out to San Yi s feather mask, I tried to break the hand of San Yi, one pushed him to the ball three groups there, you a few Also made what to stay Hurry to me run But little hope Boss We Little Misty Run Wow ha ha ha Do not be so impatient, you have escaped. Kou Sha ring around the arm, watching the ball downstairs to fidget cube 3d printer run down the ball three member group and St. Iraq, Yan Lin has just law enforcement team with the students by phone , They have come. what. Student Union law enforcement team. Hear the name of my mind suddenly emerge out of King Kong s face, do not know why, and now I actually would have thought of her Ooo Sure enough, Kou Sha s voice was falling, a group of high school students wearing black the game to start Keke Holy night clutching his chest, with his arm desperately to hold up their own, although the sound is very weak, but the tone was as strong as usual no doubt. Holy night, you are so can go to the game Little St. is very worried about you, I ll take you to the hospital now Woo this guy hurt too seriously, do not hurry to send him to the hospital, I am afraid how to make fidget cube there will be dangerous I have to move a little faster Caixing I thought, and quickly reached out to hand up the holy night, put him on his back. Hey And so on I Why should I worry about this guy is always the touch of the heroes of this moldy Ah. I I do not have to wait until yesterday, this guy thrown fidget cube 3d printer into the eighteen hell go But now I am I looked back and sweating, groaning gently with the holy night, the heart suddenly soft like a cotton like Woo no matter how much, save a life comparable to making seven pagodas, and so this guy back to the hospital to say it Humph So this guy wake up to see how he thanked me I clung to the feet of the holy night and stood up, fidget cube vinyl desk toy trying to slide forward two steps. 3 Yi Linxi, I m going to the theater Holy Night covered with weakness on my back, whispered muttering. Even if you go to the theater, you can not do anything like this Go to the hospital Go to the theater No Go to the hospital Little Saint is there waiting for you I said to the theater Yi lin Do yo.

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