Fidget Cube Antsy Labs s now a risky element of Maple High School, absolutely can not give her any opportunity to do anything in school Yes Four hippo mutant looks like a monster guy replied loudly, ran out from the water behind the exquisite. Wow Really worthy of your men, and she looks as strange as you I was surprised to stare at the eyes of the Monster Legion , can not help but say. Pilipala boom Water Linglong hear me from the heart of the evaluation, angry hair, like the hedgehog as all erect fidget cube antsy labs up Yi Linxi fidget cube philippines You this stinky girl Live tired of you Monster head hair Biao I looked at the water Linglong distorted face, screamed in horror, turned and slipped it Oh, ah You give me a few chase that stinky girl Hold her, kill no amnesty The air spinning with exquisite like an orangutan angry roar, but this time, the heroes have already slipped far away Humph The water is also too small to look down on this exquisite heroes, and alone that a few monsters wanted to catch me It is too naive it Wow ha ha ha ha I struggled to run forward, while triumphantly turned to want to enjoy what I was far too far left the four dying small dots Yi Lin Xi You stop me Do not run what what. The water exquisite monster army actually is tightly behind the heroes, but also to catch up Alas It seems that I underestimate the strength of these guys ah Miscalculation miscalculation But this is still not enough Look at the speed of my leopard Chong ah ah ah Kacha Oh Heyr there Did not take long, St. Suddenly stopped and pulled me behind the cloak. How the little saint I turned to look at him confused, along the direction of his fingers looked at the past Huh So late actually there is a sneaky figure from a three storey building to come out Hey Is the general repair high school thieves Look, you see, that is where Woo again two people I turned to look at the other direction in the past and found a high and a low of the two figures are rushed to the building just walked. Yan Lin, the time is coming, I have to rush to the student union office, absolutely not let that bastard to fidget cube antsy labs succeed. Yes, President Kou Sha. Distance came the voice of those two low. My eyes suddenly bass to a light Huh. If I heard the wrong words, just two people say there will go to the student union office fidget cube antsy labs Strange, the two of them ran so late in the school why But it does not matter, anyway, as long as the two of them track, you can find the location of the student union office Wa hahaha What really can not find the shoes, have to not spend all effort Little St., balls trio Our devil action officially started it 2 Walk away I walk I took San Yi and the Gang of Three, carefully behind Kou Sha and Yan Lin behind, walked into a brown building, climb down the stairs layer by layer. Kou Sha president, you get the message accurately Silence has been quietly asked Lin suddenly asked. Kou Sha president Not right like that.

hink he is probably not recovered from the fight over it I looked at St. Lengle Leng, suddenly jumped up from the stool came to his side, patted his shoulder. Oh, little St., you can rest assured that St. Temperament hard like a stone, not so easy to collapse it Little hope is not the case St. Yi hanging eyes, gently shook his head, In order to win the game, my brother really spent a lot of thought and energy to prepare, his class every day during the day and night there is a study script, plus he also catch a lot of media notice he is really hard Is is that Saints sad to see the way, my soldiers have been infected by the atmosphere around his sadness, nose sore waves. This time the game, his brother without a fight and defeat, though his mouth does not say, but but I know he must not reconciled St. Iraq said, two as shiny as pearls, The eyes fell, brother is such a young age, whether happy or sad, he likes to hide his heart.In the eyes, brother is a harsh indifference, but in my heart, he is a For their own goals and ideals of unremitting efforts, is a kind hearted person For their own goals and ideals of unremitting efforts, is a kind hearted person Listening to the words fidget cube antsy labs of St., one by one I sealed the picture in my heart suddenly emerged in my mind In the general repair high school holy night for me to block the stone Even if the station are unstable, holy night is stil.ce emerged out of a proud look. Students, we all know that our general high school has been able to enter the province of Xinghua top ten to work hard, our drama club in the past few years has made remarkable achievements, but also known for drama Fenglin high school because he was one of the top ten high school in Xinghua Province, dismissive of us, Maple students in our students in front of Prudence is arrogant and rude Yes ah That day I saw a few maple in the street students, they are really arrogant Fenglin high school is not already do not it What are they ah Fenglin s students really hate to die Kou Sha, then the same as the banana fan, the general repair high school students angry rage burning up the fans, almost the entire playground to give the red Kou Sha sneer cleared his throat, raised the microphone and then said Now the annual Xinghua High School Drama Top Ten tournament will begin, I have confidence, we will be able to win high school general high school again, to replace Maple High School to become one of China s top ten high school Wow, President Kou Sha is awesome President support you We support you Let Puxiu become one of the top ten high school See Kou Sha confident face, the playground burst burst of warm cheers. But at this time, Fenglin high school demon D appears in our student office Kou Sha said, his face suddenly sank, suddenly turned to the roar of fidget cube grey the podium furious, the devil D has admitted that she is the the Army immediately laughing together, tears cross What laughter ah Is the heroes of the answer wrong See these boring guy laughing look, I am a little guilty. Yi Linxi you Do fidget cube antsy labs not tell others, you know me really lost the dead Zheng Zhizhao sitting next fidget cube demo to me clutching his face and lifeless expression fidget cube 3d model shook his head. Hey Dead bulb Who you say shame ah You are not better than I go I am more angry than the mouth of the hippo mouth bigger, wait for him in the eye catching big bald head printed with several teeth India. Zheng Zhizhao see me Xia Yan furious , also sit still, bass to look up, staring at me with the roar of the eye. How to fight it Pilipala Pilipala Zheng Zhizhao my grudge is getting higher and higher, anger gave the whole classroom red And we make up class students, fear of being me and Zheng Zhizhao fighting spread, all scared to the classroom corner. Wow Well, they re dogs and dogs. Ah Boss Zheng Zhizhao You do not quarrel Now in school ah You, you see Zhang, Zhang table, face Teacher Zhang expression I looked at the side of the trio in the panic stricken face, turned around and looked past the podium Ding Mother mother Good so terrible Now, anger like the flame to the teacher s face roasted red Zhang, his eyes like two spray guns, desperately spray fire to the outside You want to die a few Poof la la la la I and Zheng Zhizhao teeth, like.

Fidget Cube Antsy Labs Silver moonlight path, Gorgeous Christmas fireworks, A blossoming fireworks, blooming in the festive night sky, illuminated the whole city, but also illuminated the city of fidget cube darkorchid Hongfeng, one of the four mysterious universities Maple High School. Tonight s Maplewood High School, without exception, was dressed beautifully by the students the iconic maple branches were dotted with sparkling lights, colorful balloons, and blessing cards tied with ribbons, everything seemed so Warm and romantic. After the fire burned white smoke rising, slowly drifting to the campus over, so that some of the original dark night sky is more complicated and confusing. The smell of smoke in the air, it is a little boring people get breath. The excitement of the cheers and blessings, far from the streets outside the campus to upload. However, at this moment, Fenglin high school auditorium was suddenly enveloped in darkness, caught in a panic What s the matter Who stepped on my feet Who pushed me Do not Kobayashi, where are you I am here Sudden darkness, so that this can accommodate 10,000 people into an unprecedented confusion in the auditorium. The clatter of the fidget cube royalblue chair, the chaos of footsteps, the cry of the crowd, the curse, and the darkness of the darkness. Everyone in the panic to explore the way out, while screaming to find their own companions, who did not notice a burst of rapid footsteps gradually disappeared from the stage. In the footsteps disappear a few s.lieve it Song Yun children clutching his ears screaming, Holy night president You must be joking right How can these two guys handle the student union thing Yes ah President You are not uncomfortable where today Or you go back and rest, we come back tomorrow to see you Ding Hearing the water Linglong, my eyes Hanguang flash Hey Smelly King Who told you the usual teacher to find the heroes of trouble, I have revenge revenge resentment today I wrinkled eyebrows, a backbone. Water Delicate What do you mean just now Is that the holy night president trouble Woo Yi Lin Xi What you nonsense Hum Dare to speak to the president of the holy night Head dog wait What The dog head guillotine Water Delicate, Song Yun Er s balls trio shouted was surprised to see me. Boss we do not prepare the dog head guillotine ah You do not know what to find anything, just like her guillotine ah I angrily stomped, grimace in pain. Woo Yi Lin Xi you do not be too much Water Linglong voice down low voice, fidget cube gainsboro covered in anger because of trembling. I know Holy night president, Yi Lin Chi and Zheng Zhizhao is not what threat you, forcing you to do so Song Yun Er angry children questioned loudly. Hey Song Yun children, you do not say ah Zheng Zhizhao frowned stare at the Song Yun children stare. Well, if not, then you must use a more sneaky means to threaten the holy night president Song Yun Er You Everyone please quiet down Just when a.