Fidget Cube Bisque Darkgray d Maple s special envoy, really is lucky Jiang Xue Yin smile a bit, looked at me and shook his head. What is the meaning of the special envoy of General and Maple Small hope, you do not know Do not know when to start, general high school and Maple Leaf High School has become a dead end rival.From then on, Maple Leaf high school and general high school will choose a special envoy For the two school students exchange some instruments like things But, who is the envoy of Maple High School ah Really is a hapless ah Wow ha ha ha Ah Jiang Xue Yin one, his face suddenly dark down, Feng Lin high school envoy I What is you I was surprised to fidget cube bisque darkgray jump back, fidget cube by kickstarter staring at the look of frustration Jiang Xueyin, wow ha ha ha I was just joking Snow, you The small Greek hope, I have been accustomed to. Jiang Xue Yin wry smile shook his head, because the fidget cube walmart contradiction between the two schools is very intense, so every time I went to Puxiu high school, general repair students will bully me What How can the generalist be so excessive I said, the anger of justice was burning in my chest. But why do not you refuse to be a special envoy Because the envoy s identity is the pro president of the Student Council, so I can not refuse and everyone says I am most suitable for the envoy, because the envoy is usually the most humble people, even if Is suddenly one day disappear, no one will notice Snowtell you afterwards Woo what it Smelly stone Just so good atmosphere, actually what he was cold expression to destroy it I have just lost my heart jumped two jump, I really did not mood cut I dissatisfied with the back of the night directed at the holy Pielepiezui Pakistan, but my heart was like a large stone floor like a sudden down at ease. Aha Let me see who is coming Kou Sha saw the sudden emergence of the holy night, first Lengle Leng, Hui Guoliang after a bad smile picked to pick eyebrows, went to St. next to the night Maple High School s holy night president, really welcome your visit what What is it really holy night God Is the king holy night I do not think I can be so close to see him Wow holy night handsome Oh I adore you Oh Wow ah ah ah Heard Kou Sha reported the name of the holy night, had anger raging pupils general, suddenly burst into a burst of screaming Filled with smoke on the playground, suddenly a group of animal in fidget cube lavenderblush nature peach heart matrix to rinse away Look at the playground suddenly warm up the atmosphere, Kou Sha s eyebrows twisted into a knot, you Pu Xiu high school students, you do not forget, he is the idol king of holy night, but the Also the student president of Maple High School Is our enemy The enemy but he is holy night Yeah Oh, in trouble Holy night is our enemy Ooo, I do not Heard Kou Sha, general repair high school on the playground Aihong one, fidget cube bisque darkgray the girls one by one biting his fingers.

tingy Cut And Quot I clutching his head on top of the smoke of the hill package, not convinced to retreat to the rostrum of the innermost corner. Alas Smelly stone But for you to see today to save the heroes of the copies, I have to fight you three hundred rounds Holy night president, you really is to the face, I casually talk about it, you really a person to general high school Kou Sha ring arm, grinning hum hum, Since you come today, I hope you can explain this to us. Holy Night brow slightly wrinkled, a few seconds later, he resumed that goes on the stone face. What Kou Sha was lugging his eyebrows, his eyes half squinting at me and holy night body glanced. Holy night president, why do you want to instruct the devil D, that is, Yi Lin Xi, last night came to our general high school student office to steal it I did not instruct Yi Lin Xi, and now there is no conclusive evidence that Yi Linxi is the devil D. brush Holy night voice faded, Kou Sha will once again raised the demon D goes black small note. I know the holy night you will certainly deny the president, but this note, you should know it Black D paper demons Holy night to see a black note, frowning turned around and looked at the corner of the squat I, eyes puzzled to flash a bit. Nah Not me I desperately with the eyes of holy night to launch the innocent innocent light waves, the first to be like a wave drum. Ah ha ha ha Yi Linxi, you are head is broken is useless Kou Sha looked at.y burning up, think of everyone s misunderstanding, in particular, can not eat the pain of meat, fidget cube bisque darkgray I can not suppress the anger of the heart Ooo, fidget cube white ooo this hero can not meal without meat ah look at my poor little face ah Boss, this really is a good way Xiaoqiang squeezed my eyes at me. Well do not I hesitated for a second, or restore the reason, Well, like I am smart to the front of the ice no one behind no dog heroes, it disdains to do such a boring thing The real heroes to be able to flexion and extension Zheng Zhizhao to my side Minato Minato, You do not always want to lift misunderstanding Get holy night is the best way beauty nest is the heroic mound Your hot pot Chopsticks eyebrow boss suddenly appeared, coldly glared at us, a fragrant hot pot of hot pot placed in front of us. But do not know why, now I have no appetite, just feel chest Biede Huang Three people see food table, and splinters to eat up. Zhizhao Zhao buried in the bowl of fidget cube pictures the head lift, face even slightly red, eat enough to have the strength to achieve our wonderful plan ah Ah ah delicious When will I agree with his plan. But bulb head also said, the heroes will be informal. Oh Oh fish hot pot I came An hour later, the table full of food was swept away an empty, but I did not eat anything. Xiaoqiang beat a belch, contented patted the stomach. Boss, we flash it Well boss Checkout I casually shouted a sentence toward the beh.other ah Next to the ball three people group suddenly like electricity to the eel, dragging fidget cube vinyl toy heavy head, in the maple forest channeling to channeling. I was dying to pull their own help tree shivering. Hey pig From the top of my head suddenly drift down the sound, in exchange for my more tragic screams. what. How the trunks will speak, but also curse finished over, we must meet the Journey to the West inside the dead tree fine Stupid, I you see it a little bit just fall just one branch Zheng Zhizhao furious, so that the confusion in the maple forest was fixed, as quiet down. Well I carefully looked up uh how my life saving tree into a bulb head. I carefully looked to the side Well that fall from the sky of the monster, a section of the branches off the weakly lying on the ground. Oh ha ha ha, I used the speed of light time jump to the ground, is the so called horse will fall, people will fall, I just accidentally made a small mistake to judge. I finished quickly ass ass leave. but This small thing is not stop the pace of the heroes of the advance Now is 10 30 pm, the heroes of today s combat plan is Sneak into the maple forest, see the piece of evil that made this heroes evil evil stone, and fidget cube set then find clues to prove that they are not demons D Wrong ah I Yushu Linfeng, the total justice of God and women who worship, and now actually fell into the high school Fenglin days.

Fidget Cube Bisque fidget cube bisque darkgray Darkgray te, really How to say that this hero is also the holy night president of the brothers ah It s not a matter of face Trembling trembling water Linglong tightly holding a fist, his eyes were red red red. Yi Linxi Do you think this is fun Do you think you stay in such a rambling chaotic campus really happy I will not say anything big, but I saw that the holy night to the president Rectify the things of the school, urging the implementation of the 13 rules, how much effort to pay Although these days some confusion However, the holy night president is definitely not lax these days, holy night president fidget cube bisque darkgray has been to stay Office of the processing instruments, do the schedule, has been a few days and nights did not sleep a wink what. Holy night ah No, now is the holy Iraq he actually stayed in the office for several days but also no rest I can not believe the staring eyes looked at the water Linglong, throat suddenly could not tell the choked. Yi Linxi What Looked at the water Linglong angrily look, I started whole body because of guilt and some trembling. Yi Lin Xi If you are really going to help the holy night president, please do something I I alas This heroes do not you nosy I shouted angrily, suddenly rushed forward, the block in front of the water Linglong knocked to the ground, ah I have some regret, turned his head want to pull up the water Linglong. But the, in order to be able to rehabilitate, regain a new life, this hero is now worth it is hard Wow haha I put the back of the holy night gently down, forced to wipe a sweat on the forehead, looked toward the theater in the past. Huh what happened Theater troops empty, only a few theater workers busy cleaning site Has the game ended so soon. I crossed my lap and looked around for a week what I saw them Sitting under the stage that a bunch of people, like Fenglin High School drama club people I put the holy night president to bring it I tiptoed, while excitement shouting while the crowd waving desperately. Hear my cry, the water Linglong and litigation children suddenly looked up over the direction of my over. Zheng Lin Zhao wearing crab costumes, took a look of fear of Zheng Tai, loudly clamoring ran to my side. What is it When he saw the whole body limp sitting Halloween seat, scared suck down air conditioning. Holy Night Holy night president Why do you hurt like this What happened, holy night president The snappy water, Song Yun er, and other people in the drama club, surrounded the almost holy night of the holy night. Yi Linxi Is not you Is not you holy night president harm into this See holy night half did not speak, Song Yuner suddenly stood up, angrily pointing to my nose shouting. What Me I have no time to excuse, water Linglong suddenly jumped up from the ground, rushed over a grabbed my collar, nostrils with a hot spray of anger