Fidget Cube Blanchedalmond p of animal screams from the sky cover up the voice of Xiao Wu. Xiao hope, I want to go back, next time we have the opportunity to dance again Xiao Wu down baseball cap, turned to fidget cube shopping the door, the group of animal in nature to follow Xiao Wu moved to the door. Little hope, Xiao Wu suddenly turned and looked at me, When you dance, so beautiful Oh I looked foolishly Xiao Wu, my mind filled with countless questions General repair SUN Chapter of the Goddess Part II 4 Yi Lin Xi, you are pig ah Get up Well today s alarm clock so how ah I turned the body, his right hand throbbing around the barking of the alarm clock. You say who is the alarm clock Wow my eyelids suddenly be distraction, eyes a large shiny light bulb I waved the two hands knocked out the top in my eyelid on the hand, a closer look Zheng Zhizhi angrily standing on my bed, there are still three balls of balls. You what do you want ah Before I finished, Zheng Zhizhao a pulled me up, I did not even have time to change clothes were dragged out of the bedroom. I stumbled along them all the way to fly Kuang Biao, the car in the creak soon as stopped. you guys This heroes just open the mouth, it is call out to look a few people from the taxi which dragged into the front of a FASHION CLOTHES. Speed, let my brain can not remember just five people is how to be stuffed into the TAXI inside the car. Miss, give her a set of hot girls installed Zheng Zhizhao went stra.econds later, snapped is heard, the auditorium of the lights was finally once again opened. Song Yun Er s voice in the light to reach that moment in time, a little to appease everyone s emotions, so that the entire hall began to quiet down slowly. Do not you check the line before the show How could this happen A classmate after the emotional stability stood up, facing the face of sincere Song Yuner began to question. Yes, in the end how is it and so on President of it Another classmate joined the team to denounce, but his last sentence to the auditorium of all the people screaming back to the stage again Originally arranged in a lively and gorgeous stage, this time has been messy, props and scenery set in disorder on the ground. The stage s iconic gorgeous lanterns do not know when to fall on the stage, glass fragments scattered in every corner of the stage. And above it, a rope hanging in the air, like in the mockery of who like, triumphantly to shake. The middle of the stage has been invisible to a figure. Just still passionate performance of the three actors actually disappeared out of thin air Only a stained blood knife, occupy their original position, in the light bursts of coldness. What the hell is this happening Holy night president of people There Yi Lin Xi and Zheng Zhizhao it How all gone Ah, good terror Auditorium once again into a panic among. You students, please be quiet Quiet No matter how the Song Yun children ho.

boss, of course, is the general repair high school Kou Sha and Yan Lin two student president Shrimp on the side began to proudly tell the two heroes have never heard of first name. Yi Lin Xi Jiang Xueyin fidget cube design see I was caught, scared tears in the side of a group. Stop A voice let everyone freeze up the same. How to save ah How do I forget to just make a brother Xiaowu it, I like to seize a straw as a cry for help. How are you How can you be here fidget cube mistyrose Xia Mi put fidget cube blanchedalmond away the arrogant expression, stand respectfully. Is Xiao Wu and shrimp is recognized. Xia Mi, you do is to lose the face of Pu repair. Xiao Wu went to the front of the shrimp, looked at him coldly. You you let her. Xia Mi seems to be afraid of Xiao Wu, quickly let his friends who have let me go. Xia Mi, you first go back, this matter later to say. Yes. Prawn rice with his group of shrimp gray to leave the game city. Yi Lin Xi, are you okay Jiang Xue Yin fidget cube blanchedalmond holding her ball, eyes and tears in turn ah turn. I turned around and directed at Xiao Wu a Baoquan, Thank you brother help, and I hope you will be able to do it. I do not know what the heroes do not know, small CAKE Author Hurricane Khan The heroes must repay Do not thank, small hope, has always been Xia Mi they do buy fidget cube desk toy wrong. Xiao Wu, you know them I scratched his head, waiting for Xiao Wu s answer. I am also a general high school, ah Xiao Wu smiled, as if nothing happened the same. Wow it s SUN, my idol Ah SUN handsome ah A grou.In front of the face of a serious look at me. The snow has a mission to make small holy happy, and I Yi Linxi heroes, although born in the drama family, but my dream is to become a policeman, to complete the heroes of the world and in addition to strong and weak mission And the small St., you must have your own mission ah Therefore, a small St. is not superfluous This hero is really the first time that sensational words. Little hope St. I Leng Leng looked at me, eyes flashing desperately. Quiet quiet quiet How how is it. Why is fidget cube by antsy labs St. s face suddenly so close to me His breath gently sprayed to my face, hot and my lips and St. Eris rose actually the same as the lips affixed so tightly I was shocked by the actions of the holy ETI s sudden crashes of the brain completely stunned, can only stare at him From the sky falling on the snow, naughty fall on the long eyelashes of St. Iraq, in my face flutter flash flutter flash. Thump Strange, how the surrounding world has become a quiet, so I can only hear their own shortness of breath, and like the drums of rock and roll as intense heartbeat Wow small small holy Are you crazy What are you doing ah I suddenly wake up, forced to open the holy Iraq, like the only octopus like flapping thunder panic to the back Little hope, how do you Face suddenly become a good red Oh St. Iraq pointed to my face, happy fidget cube blanchedalmond smile said wasteReally anti I do not overdo it, throw him a supercilious, and then clear the throat against the crowd, waved his hands, the general general control of the audience situation. Looked quiet a few people, I nodded with satisfaction, heroes is to have such a deterrent. Today s emergency meeting is about the day s drama, why the knife into a real My words an export, we are caught in a burst of meditation I can see how the problem is the depth, meaning wow ha ha ha You fool fidget cube blanchedalmond ah If we know why, that is not know who is the devil D Just also thoughtful thinking head bulb suddenly jumped up, shouting at me up I warn you, no longer call me a fool I was confused by Zheng Zhizhao momentary shortness of breath, it has become stormy up. Boss do not get angry we have we have a new discovery Boss you see Ball triple group trembling voice, trembling to come up with a small DV. Boss, we asked the bedroom next door next door across the side of the small thin brought this DV, they shot in the drama that day What Quickly take a look Jiang Xue Yin even more impatient than I am, really is dedicated ah Oh Oh Oh Ball triple open DV put up, all the heads are tightly together in the together Bump bang Bulb head, your head is iron and steel ah Because too much input, six head hit again and again, are waiting to see the remains of the devil D traces That there is a shadow Yeah yeah Listen the sound of a good light

Fidget Cube Blanchedalmond the cloak You guys with the same last time, do not know anything, if not your beauty failure, we will not have to come fidget cube honeydew to cold Zheng Zhizhi not convinced to hold a fist, grimace in a low voice cried, Also, what damn prisoner s clothes you prepared for us, give me your crown. You you you are not allowed to grab my head crown I cried angrily, raised his foot on the DPRK Zheng Zhaoxiao kicked to the ground, In the past. Yi Linxi You actually dare to kick me I pull This is the heroes favorite clothing, you actually dare to break Look at the heroes of the thief caught eighteen grasping I grasping grasping to catch you dead My hair Alas Zhizhao Zhao We are now in high school in the general repair ah Will be found by others Wow Boss Zhizhao Zhao Whispered Ping pong Lang Ping pong Lang Little hope Zhi Zhao Just when I and Zheng fidget cube blanchedalmond Zhizhao played hard to understand, from a corner of the wall came a cautious voice. Uh I did not hear it Just that voice seems to be holy Iraq How can how. Here, but the general high school ah I can not believe shook the shakes, a push is also in the shock of Zheng Zhizhao, eyes like radar, like drop to search around. A small figure from the dark walls of the wall came out, for the moment to let the shed and walls are brightly lit up Shining My God That the United States as the moonlight Fairy is really the same as the people of St I saw him dressed in a snow white velve.t to answer. That if the small St. is because someone else s injury Listening to the holy night of the answer, I almost dilated the pupil to the mouth foaming. Or death. Holy Night said, eyes very vicious stare at me and Zheng Zhizhao. Gulp I swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his eyes burst white. GOD Who by my shoulder by a rely on I want to cry woo woo woo woo Holy night completely ignored me and Zheng Zhizhao a sky down the expression, turned and looked at the wall clock. You two two minutes from my room disappear. From there. Holy Night Shelley stretched out his hand, pointing to the front. what balcony Did you shoot DV is not a good climb Holy Night cold fidget cube with lowest price glance to me, blocked my protest. Wow wow wow Holy night that big bastard Storm, the heroes at the foot of my skid, falling abruptly from the balcony fell a dog eat shit The most miserable is that I actually also when that fool bulb head pad Alas That fool guy jumped from the balcony, sat on my body, causing me almost died young Oh yo yo No, no, although the heroes finally retrieve a little life, but the gas waist hurt Oh in the end I carry a what kind of fate ah The world is more unlucky than me heroes do. The Magical Chapter Part 2 3 Early the next morning on the clear, I was like a lame old woman like teeth, eyes choking tears, rubbing sour and painful waist limped to the classroom. I walk, walk Woo and so on Someone tracking From the beginning of my out of the bedroom, I have.