Fidget Cube By Ansty facing the three behind the mouth of the guy is a head split How do you three so much nonsense Afraid of others do not know our middle of the night in the drama club investigation clues is not ah Hush Sainty turned round and gave us an index finger. I opened the cupboard I opened it Hey or small holy the most reliable I smiled happily, went to open the chest in front of the Iraqi Iraq, to look inside, woo here is the same old, empty, nothing did not Well Uh What is this Zheng Zhizhao blocked the cabinet was about to close me, opened the cabinet bottom a thin layer of dark. Good hidden place Do not look at the fundamental found not Zheng Zhizhao out of a thick, but has been worn curly piled fidget cube tomato book, up and down to get Woo drama club president log What is the president of the log Zheng Zhizhao heard the words, I suddenly look to the spirit, a book to grab over. Hey Smelly girl, when you can become a little gentle ah Zheng Zhi Zhao angrily Growl. Less nonsense I rushed Zheng Zhizhao throw a super big eyed, bowed his head and the sun together to study this hand on the log. Woo with the heroes fidget cube 3 pack of intuition, since the drawings are lost in the drama club, and demon stone in Maple High School has so long Of the history of the president of the log, there will be some clues about the demon D I thought, excited to open the diary, through the window projection into the faint light, softly read the diary of the text The weather was fine on Febs Rao us Do not talk Wow, ah, ah, it hurts Yi Linxi Wow ah ah ah ah ah Well good fidget cube by ansty fidget cube by ansty effort fidget cube midnightblue Zhang teacher that soon as the roar is definitely better than buy fidget cube amazon the heroes of this invincible lion roar less My ears are almost deafened You you guys It is too much This winter you do not have to rest, give me all to the school to participate in group tuition What ah Not so Humo hum good cruel 2 What are the stinking stone St. night out of the law Had a free life, how to restore the examination, the hero is now the pocket money all do not say, have to make up classes in the holidays Want to come is a belly of grievances The latest news, he also let the teacher specific care me. I kill I kill I kill to kill Blah Teacher Zhang took the pointer, heavily knocked on the blackboard a few times. Yi Linxi, you come to answer my question. what Want me to answer I rubbed his eyes bleary eyed, stretched a lazy waist, full of classrooms, failing Corps under the watch, lazily stood up from the seat. Minus four plus three is equal to how much. Mount Fuji of course equal to Mount Fuji ah I called a ring, confidently replied. cut This problem can be stumped how this heroes. Mount Fuji Zhang could not believe to look at me. Wow ha ha ha ha Minus four plus three is equal to Mount Fuji The answer is strange ah Yi Linxi only want to come up with such funny answer Ha ha ha Laughing me This guy is a comedy artist Wow fidget cube white ha ha ha ha My voice just fell, fidget cube steelblue do not pa.

them dry gentle Holy Night said, We cast a bunch of trust in the eyes. Right and right I and Zheng Zhizhao moved to his eyes suffused with tears, desperately nod. Even if it was not for them to do it, they did not do anything bad, said the holy night of the stinking stone face. In short, you will never be close to them in the future. But my brother, they are my friends gentle holy night sad flapping his eyes, stubbornly staring at the stinking stone face holy night. When I once again saw two identical faces in front of me quarreling, my mind seems to be touched by a certain organ, as a picture of the ups and downs flooded up Do not be stunned, hurry up Danger here You look so beautiful, are not you You see, your face is red, and blush means you like it Pull her out feed the pigs Tonight you are beautiful If I fail, I will leave the post of president of the student union. In fact I really do not like the feeling of fleeting, really annoying In fact, all along, my dream is to become a good actor, but for me, this dream is too far away So I heard you want to participate in drama club, I like Their participation in the same happy Chaos chaos My brain is completely chaotic Er two two holy night president, I I can ask Look at the two holy night, I finally could not help but risking the question. Asked. Stinking stone face holy night cold stare at me, impatiently even wearing women eh There are long hair you will not be That night, I happened to help her brother rehearsal Sleeping Beauty drama because the small holy childhood and brother play a wine to play like a woman, and later often play the heroine in the drama, To help his brother to practice Little Saint s biggest dream is one day in Vienna s Golden Theater and his brother with the play Beauty and the Beast St. Iraq s dream actually so much What is the dream of that holy night Yi Lin Xi, how do you still do not live up to expectations ah Think of that stinking stone holy night I quickly shook his head, my heart shouting get rid of get rid of Little Greek, I can imagine the same dream as my brother Oh, you do not find my brother in their dreams when it is very attractive Ok In my head I remembered the kiss of transparent glue today. Oh, what am I thinking. Card, fast stop. Really I think Ah Little St., what are you talking about Little Greek also think my brother is very charming ah I did not a small St., you should go home How stinking the stinking stone But the brain can not erase the rainbow Do not Do not heroes of the brain to collapse The Reversed Chapter Earth shaking change, The emergence of free birth, Quietly prayer wish, Whether the witness of the commitment to achieve. Well Confused people, ah, Please obediently accept the fate of the really are not afraid of ah, you see, last semester skipping students in the 80 of the roster is your name Water Linglong roar, towards me still a black notebook. Eighty percent So exaggerated you I remember many times, this heroes are unconscious, with my Octopus God hook over the wall out of ah I pouted, with a look of suspicion rolled the Notepad. Yi Linxi Yi Lin Xi Yi Lin Xi Yi Lin Xi Wow yeah No way King Kong really no exaggeration, so thick a notebook, which actually are basically Yi Lin Xi these three words Originally the name of the heroes so attractive ah Oh Oh Oh But hum This hero is now different now King Kong Ok You do not make a mistake Is the holy night president personally said to the heroes to help him deal with the affairs of the school I now approve myself, Yi Lin Xi, out of school what Looked at the look of water Linglong surprised look, I triumphantly lugging the eyebrows thrown off the ponytail, chest rise to go outside the school gate I can not let you continue to destroy the law of the school You look at this week, Feng fidget cube backer edition Lin High school have become what it This week Hey, King Kong, you see everyone this week have been very happy Fenglin high school should have been like this, ah What is the 13 rules that somehow it I disagree from the water thrown a supercilious look, his hands to a pocket of a plug, turn the direction of the water from the side will go near the Delica.

Fidget Cube By Ansty is not a fantasy novel, too bizarre it Yi Linxi What excuse you say today things are not you do it St. night slowly turned around, talking like a burst of sound from the Arctic wind blowing, so I covered the whole body Great shiver. And so on How to pull me, said how many times, I m not what the damn demon D I gas bulging teeth cried. Brother, you do not, I and small hope is sworn brothers, she said she is a hero, I believe she is definitely not the devil D like the devil St. Iraq stand in front of me, looked at the firm Said the holy night. Oh, your brother, I really miss you I hugged the holy Iraq, desperately patted his back, to prove that I told him that he was my brother, Such as rolling endless river of gratitude and miss, the results of a small St. desperately to cough. In this case, then I also expressed support for you good Zheng Zhizhao cool eyebrows hum hum, arm around his head Yaotouhuangnao said, Although you are a stinky girl, character and IQ are a bit problem, But this kind of evil big things should or will not do At least I will not first own hair dyed like a rotten onion, like a bad mood went to a metamorphosis Bald Well, I am a bitter. Zhizhi Zhao to spit out the tongue, mercilessly against his young mind, kill kill kill Zheng Zhaoyi one, his fidget cube by ansty eyes down, mouth a write, turned around and lying fidget cube by ansty on the body of St. Iraq crying. Oh, oh Little St. You see you see Yi Lin Xi is too much Ooo I want to eat a small St. tofu it I real.ople around do not pay attention, secretly slipped off the podium. Yi Lin Xi you want to go I have just gone two steps, Kou Sha suddenly came to me to seize my hand, afraid to face reality Woo let go Let go of my hand This photo is not me and holy night Is the holy Iraq is good I cried, in my heart to fill the sentence. Yi Linxi You struggle to no avail I have these pictures washed a few hundred, let everyone enjoy it Shrimp said, suddenly put a pile of photos to the podium in the hands of throwing down This is the king of holy night He actually and the devil D late at night in the quay side of romance Also came to the water of the kiss of love it Their relationship, absolutely not the case, general Kacha Kacha Kacha Kacha KISS King Holy Night and Yi Lin Xi My God Yi Linxi is not the devil D Holy Night how and she Is it true that the holy night directed demon D I do not believe I do not believe it Shut up Shut up and shut up I have said I am not a demon D Looked at the audience one by one was fidget cube by ansty surprised to fall to the ground almost chin, my face red to desperately shouting, This is not Holy night This is Yi Linxi, do you want to die Shut up Ranging from my words finished, holy night at my roar, he just put the words to the mouth to force back. Ah, really, yeah, the people in the photo are really holy nights and easy. My God Holy night actually I can not stand this blow Ooo Get photos.