Fidget Cube By Kickstarter econds later, snapped is heard, the auditorium of the lights was finally once again opened. Song Yun Er s voice in the light to reach that moment in time, a little to appease everyone s emotions, so that the entire hall began to quiet down slowly. Do not you check the line before the show How could this happen A classmate after the emotional stability stood up, facing the face of sincere Song Yuner began to question. Yes, in the end how is it and so on President of it Another classmate joined the team to denounce, but his last sentence to the auditorium of all the people screaming back to the stage again Originally arranged in a lively and gorgeous stage, this time has been messy, props and scenery set in disorder on the ground. The stage s iconic gorgeous lanterns do not know when to fall on the stage, glass fragments scattered in every corner of the stage. And above it, a rope hanging in the air, like in the mockery of who like, triumphantly to shake. The middle of the stage has been invisible to a figure. Just still passionate performance of the three actors actually disappeared out of thin air Only a stained blood knife, occupy their original position, in the light bursts of coldness. What the hell is this happening Holy night president of people There Yi Lin Xi and Zheng Zhizhao it How all gone Ah, good terror Auditorium once again into a panic among. You students, please be quiet Quiet No matter how the Song Yun children ho.s now a risky element of Maple High School, absolutely can not give her any opportunity to do anything in school Yes Four hippo mutant looks like a monster fidget cube review guy replied loudly, ran out from the water behind the exquisite. Wow Really worthy of fidget cube tech insider your men, and she looks as strange as you I was surprised to stare at the eyes of the Monster Legion , can not help but say. Pilipala boom Water Linglong hear me from the heart of the evaluation, angry hair, like the hedgehog as all erect up Yi Linxi You this stinky girl Live tired of you Monster head hair Biao I looked at the water Linglong distorted face, screamed in horror, turned and slipped it Oh, ah You give me a few chase that stinky girl Hold her, kill no amnesty The air spinning with exquisite like an orangutan angry roar, but this time, the heroes have already slipped far away Humph The water is also too small to look down on this exquisite heroes, and alone that a few monsters wanted to catch me It is too naive it Wow ha ha ha ha I struggled to run forward, while triumphantly turned to want to enjoy what I was far too far left the four dying small dots Yi Lin Xi You stop me Do not run what what. The water exquisite monster army actually is tightly behind the heroes, but also to catch up Alas It seems that I underestimate the strength of these guys ah Miscalculation miscalculation But this is still not enough Look at the speed of my leopard Chong ah ah ah Kacha Oh Hey

facing the three behind the mouth of the guy is a head split How do you three so much nonsense Afraid of others do not know our fidget cube by kickstarter middle of the night in the drama club investigation clues is not ah Hush Sainty turned round and gave us an index finger. I opened the cupboard I opened it Hey or small holy the most reliable I smiled happily, went to open the chest in front of the Iraqi Iraq, to look inside, woo here is the same old, empty, nothing did not Well Uh What is this Zheng Zhizhao blocked the cabinet fidget cube violetred was about to close me, opened the cabinet bottom a thin layer of dark. Good hidden place Do not look at the fundamental found not Zheng Zhizhao out of a thick, but has been worn curly piled book, up and down to get Woo drama club president log What is the president of the log Zheng Zhizhao heard the words, I suddenly look to the spirit, a book to grab over. Hey Smelly girl, when you can become a little gentle ah Zheng Zhi Zhao angrily Growl. Less nonsense I rushed Zheng Zhizhao throw a super big eyed, bowed his head and the sun together to study this hand on the log. Woo with the heroes of intuition, since the drawings are lost in the drama club, and demon stone in Maple High School has so long Of the history of the president of the log, there will be some clues about the demon D I thought, excited to open the diary, through the window projection into the faint fidget cube by kickstarter light, softly read the diary of the text The weather was fine on Febis simply wait for me, Chibi loyalty pulled out to him to see what happens. I saw one side of the anger of Zheng Zhizhao, bluntly threw a look at his eyes, continue to sacrifice their lives to the holy night horse kill chickens. Author s Note horse kill chicken means massage. Envy the heroes took the holy night fidget cube by kickstarter of the ass it Wa hahaha La la la to be able to shoot on the holy night of this millennium frozen stinking stone ass, we can see the heroes of the rapid progress in skill ah Ha ha ha ha Brother well I also want to give me a small Chuibei St. Yi flapping big eyes, look enviously watching the holy night. Well, one will let Yi Lin Xi give you hammer. what. But also to St. Iraq hammer. Alas Smelly Holy Night Give you color you open the house ah. When I was your call girl. Oh Ha ha ha No problem No problem Holy night president of the order I will be sure to hear Linxi Although the heart in the shouted abuse, but I still hard out of the face of a smile desperately nodded. Ooo, ooo I really do not really easy when the heroes ah hateful I hammer I hammer I hammer Chuichui Well, yes, you can Smelly stone finally agreed to let me end the work of this small servant spread out is really detrimental to the heroes face ah call A a fidget cube whole stinking stone hammer for two hours I kept dumping his arm to relax There is no mistake ah This heroes, but just from the unconscious stage to fidget cube yellow and black wake u.will appease the lonely heart 1 Although it is already early spring season, the temperature can be like the holy night goes cold face, cold people shivering. The cold moonlight spilled in the quiet streets, in the raging winds there have been five elongated figure. Clang clang clang When the central square fidget cube by kickstarter of the bell rang twelve, I toward the side of the four people made a wink, general high school on the wall, immediately passing the four vigorous figure dumpling is our rope hanging wall. Hey Yes Now, the heroes and my four brothers have quietly sneaked into the Prudential High School This action is by me this evening Devil heroes planned devil action , I Yi Linxi swear, we must find the real demon D, a copy of the heroes of innocence I put it under the fence and put a pergola on my eyes and looked around me carefully. Today s action goal is to find the student union office, took away by the devil D stolen drawings. Brothers, success or failure in this move, starting Head of the Monkey King Zijin head of me, air pulled dragged behind the cloak, Akira The two long feathers on the head. And so on, Zheng Zhizhao, who wore Zuo Luo s face with black paint, interrupted me with determination. Do you know where the office building is That I embarrassed to look forward to my expectations of the crowd, stupid, I was fidget cube sounds the first to Puxiu, how will know ah Looking for not like Wow, which bastard stepped on the Ben Heroes of.

Fidget Cube By Kickstarter is very serious, not like a joke. Small St., why Do you hate the school Uh but to speak, I can understand your feelings it School classes all day to have to test, there are a lot of homework, really exhausted Hey I do not have the heart to see the expression of St. difficult, and quickly changed the subject, also deliberately angrily held a fist, to express my approval. No because I think I am a superfluous person should not appear in this world Suddenly, the light in the room made me feel gloomy and dreadful, and the saint was shrouded in darkness, lowered his head, so that I could not see his expression. Only a slight trembling of the body, to pass me his pain. Holy and Holy Night in their body what happened Staring at the soft hair of the maroon chest, helplessly on the forehead, I suddenly could not help but have a urge to cling to him Call I turned around and looked out fidget cube by kickstarter the window and found a white thing Akira falling to the window, and then melted. Is it snowing yet Thought of this, my eyes, bass to a light, rushed past the door to drag the holy Iraq rushed, forced open the door Small small Greek you you want to take me to where St. Iraq followed me panting to ask. Hey I take you to see RINBOW I turned my head, grinning red thumbs up. 2 Huchihuchihuchi Twenty minutes later, I took the Saint stood in the map of the wharf, the shore, looked at the wrist on the t.ood feeling Fenglin high school is really a school ah Yilin Xi Today began rehearsing to participate in the drama top ten trials of the repertoire sea daughter Your role is to play sea turtles Easy to eat Time to eat Hurry to buy lunch Yi Lin Xi Do you want to be lazy Hurry to go there fidget cube yellow and black rehearsal Yi Linxi Hurry up to buy all the props on the list back Yi Lin Xi Come on Come on Come on Alas hateful These guys think this heroes have three or six arms. A little sesame mung bean big things have to send this heroes do I was carrying a plastic bag containing the Holy Night lunch boxes, face drums, like a balloon staggered out from the canteen. Say what drama top ten qualifying tournament is coming, rehearsal every day from three hours into five hours Finally rehearsal is over, and the rehearsal, This heroes but also to help the guy to buy lunch Little Greek, you do not get angry, holy night president is to make mapleigh high school this time in the drama contest to achieve good results was sent to me to buy lunch with Jiang Xue Yin while talking softly, while the A bottle of Coke into the plastic bag in my hand, This is the holy night to the president Well Why do you want to help that stinky stone to buy ah There are those Huhuo Huwei guy who Well For the King Kong guy that always keep in the next, the heroes must they split Oh small Greek, anyway, you have not been sent to them as general an.