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Fidget Cube Darksalmon l stubbornly going to the theater to participate in the game And what he said to me I to I love the people I promised her to give her happiness I am willing to pay for my favorite people all their own, and even life Holy Night in the end he is what kind of person The Chapter of Death A sudden curtain call of the gorgeous premiere Moon shadow alienated hills Shallow voice of the Maple Leaves fidget cube orchid Quietly looking at the stars Whether to see the solemn temple Ok Fear of people, ah, Please accept the fate of the courage to give the situation lightning Baptism, After the hardships will eventually cultivate the sacred volunteer 1 I walked in the school, while kept yawn, good sleep Oh Last night, St. Iraq has been pestering me to talk until dawn to leave. Who knows this heroes head just touched the pillow, the alarm clock actually ringing alas why today is not the weekend Good to sleep I drift ZZZ Yesterday s evening paper seems to have posted a message that has been advocated by the holy night president of the clothing brand to replace the spokesperson it Ah I also see Spokesperson seems to be replaced by SUN Woo holy night SUN Hear these two names. I lift the weight of heavy lifting of the eyelids, ears like a radar, like bass to look up. I discovered that I do not know when it came to the front of the bulletin board. Bulletin board was crowded in.his hand as heavy as iron can not move, and the face of St. is also becoming increasingly blurred vision. Suddenly a lukewarm object affixed to my lips, my chest pain is no longer so intense, and then I seem to be dragged to the shore. Keke cough Keke cough Air I finally breathe the air I pant with breath. Ooo Thank God Oh, little Greek Little Greek How are you Keke Sheng Yi while breathing heavily pushed me ashore, while worried to ask. I I m okay I looked awkwardly, dumped the wet hair, red holy Iraq grinned, Today, if not you, the heroes may be necessary Do not say that they are useless after the Oh St. Yi Yi Zheng, Leng Leng looked at me, his face showing a moving smile. Little hope Hey I smiled and rushed to the thumbs of St. Iraq, Well, okay You have to bubble in the water how long ah Come on Oh Good St. Iraq smiled and nodded, his hands on shore ready to climb. Uh Yes, do not know how the kind of shrimp that stupid here from the pier just a short distance, that guy should not know what happened just now. Hey this Yehao, as long as the heroes as soon as possible, not by his discovery has been ashore, in the end I swim in the water for a long time, is not the heroes themselves the final say Wa hahaha I really is a genius ah Well, just do it Little St thump As I turned to prepare to call on the holy Iraq together to leave, I suddenly found that should have been ashore the holy Iraq suddenl.

the first public enemy In the playground Flag raising ceremony now Toward our face is infected with the blood of the revolutionary martyrs of the five star red flag I stood up straight body, the probe looked at the flag bearer to send up the bright banner, those martyrs may be the heroes need to learn the example of ah This heroes every time I looked at the flag will be tears fidget cube darksalmon Heroes also have feelings Brush woo There murderous While the heroes stared at the source of murderous exploration around, the podium suddenly came a full of contemptuous voice. The heroes will be immortal, and those who harm the harm of the millennium, the traitors, will only be left a million years, will always live in the cast aside of all of fidget cube darksalmon you say right Right, the scourge and the traitor can not die Wow yeah Bastard These guys roar on the roar good, actually also all Qi Shuashua turned his head and looked at me, as if anxious to drown with saliva like this heroes However, they just said Traitor In the classroom Today we want to learn is the national hero of the poem Azolla Great, Hero I admire the hero The moment is also crooked in the desk next to the dying fidget cube now this future I immediately plugged in as excited as to sit up Yue Fei s life is full of tragicism, then affect the fate of his black sheep who is it brush Woo again Recently, we seem to have a special tacit understanding, even the passwords do not have to fidget cube news shout will be able to move uniform is fighting for the top ten places in the province of Xinghua places, if we were arrested, it is not what board meat, Will die miserable Who Hiding is also useless I have just heard the voice of the Really, tomorrow is going to start school, you these students so late also came to school trouble Really no rules Woo sounds, fidget cube darksalmon we heard the voice of the school police seems to have more than one person too Bad This is the next thing is getting harder and harder School police holding a flashlight, according to Zhao Zhaozhao, want to find our hiding place. Suddenly, the yellow light flashlight to block in front of us when the bushes, actually stopped not good Is I we were found it. We forced to hold your breath, nervous heart straight sweating. Huang, that there is a long thin behind the grove, what is it A flashlight beam shook beside us, came a confused voice. Thin long things what not good Could it be said that the head of the heroes Zheng Zhaizhao crown that pull the rest of the feathers. I raised my eyes and looked up Ooo Really good, the heroes only to hide their own, actually forget the head of the feathers to be higher than the bush Others seem to have found this fact, have looked at me with extreme contempt of the eyes, of course, except for a good little holy. Thin long Do not know but we have a look in the past to know. Blah blah Blah blah Listening to the police footsteps getti.morial. Reflect it, Crystal tears will open the world s festival 1 My brother is very charming, is not it Little Greek, like his brother, is not it Yi Linxi, you like me, is not it Impossible fidget cube darksalmon Death metamorphosis you give me shut up I suddenly shouted, bass to look from the seat and stood up. Dead dead I rubbed his head dizzy, looked around, full of classmates all staring eyes staring at me. Zhang on the podium is open with a big mouth flying spittle, like an angry whole body fidget cube hotpink like a motorcycle engine fidget cube darksalmon desperately shaking a non stop Ah ha ha Wrong wrong, I had just been in a dream ah Impolite rudeness I grinned with an apologetic smile, is preparing a ass to sit down on the bench Yi Linxi You this guy Exam test zero Make up classes or skipping or sleep Now also shame abuse teacher Going two days is make up If you do not pass, I will call the holy night president of you Excuse No I was holding the head was quickly knocked into the wooden fish, as soon as possible to the direction of the bedroom to flee. I know Expelled Be careful to be expelled Zhang screams chasing me behind, in the air echoed echo Call speaking, recently I really is back enough Beauty has been unwittingly in the past week, but St. that day to say every day in my mind around to go around, causing me a bad mood every day Coupled with the things to find no progress in the devil D Oh I.

Fidget Cube Darksalmon 11. A full day of intense rehearsal was finally over, as the annual National High School Drama Festival opening ceremony was approaching and the drama club s partners were fighting for more and more. We want to play the drama, the law of the devil, I spent three years of high school all the breaks created by the script, I hope it can be recognized by the national audience. February 12, the weather is overcast. Today is the day of the drama festival rehearsal, Xiaoru suddenly without a trace, so that fidget cube adhd everyone is very worried, but fortunately Xiaoru scenes are not heavy, rehearsal eventually reluctantly passed. It was all bad for me to say so much to her this morning I hope she will not have anything to do. February 13, the weather rain. As I expected, the drama in the rehearsal style caused a sensation. The most happy is that in the latest Xinghua top ten high school rankings, the Maple fidget cube mintcream High School by virtue of Drama club in the country s powerful influence, the status of rapid soaring, arranged to the second place, second only to Mingyang high school , but Xiaoru still did not come back February 14, the weather overcast. Why why things will become like this All this all this in the end is how is it Bastard Is it necessary to end it Hate ah hateful Of the devil D Demon D Diary mentioned demon D Sure enough, this log with the demon D have a relationship ah Zheng Zhizhao heard the words demon D , figh.e will definitely win you Fenglin high school Well, another week is our first game at Maplewood High School, and you re welcome to visit I hold fist, learn the way the girls in the way of flowers, wore peaches heart desperately flattering, Holy night president Thank you for your adventure to save me ah Oh, holy night president You must be tired, right I help you Chuibei This heroes Chuibei technology, but we are not easy to pass the men s unique skills Oh Is absolutely first class enjoyment Alas I just heard the holy night I want to write a review of the book while now do a good job with the holy night relationship, maybe the heroes of the punishment can be reduced by a little Ha ha ha ha Ah Yi Linxi I also saved you ah But also the pig like you guys back from Pu Xiu here You give me Chuichui back Zheng Zhizhao pouting, jumping in front of me call. I want to die for this heroes I grimaced and stared at Zheng Zhaoyi, like the grandfather s face , turned his head and cramp like holy night hard to blink Eyes, holy night president your great kindness, I Yi Linxi this life will not forget Oh Oh Hammer back Holy Night heard my request, gently lifted his eyebrows, Well. Ah Holy Night he agreed So, he decided to accept the heroes of the bribes it. Hum ooo it seems that I have to keep Linxi little hope ah come on Come on I jumped up, facing the holy night s shoulder and hammer and pinch, and that look.