Fidget Cube Deeppink general repair ah Kou Sha s voice faded, the playground of the students all boiling fidget cube make noise up, have Couao Zhao, look different discussions. Kou Sha standing in the center of the podium, toward the playground wielded a wave of force. Please quiet down We must also very strange, why the high school demon D maple will come to our general high school he said, while from his pocket and pulled out a black note, Chong Chong field on the students shook, the reason in here what. Demon D is a black note I looked at Kou Sha in fidget cube seagreen the hands of the hands that fluttering in the wind of the note, and my heart was a burst of panic, a bad feeling in the heart to expand Dear students, the devil D in each task will be issued when a black PK, which is above that is to steal our last night in an important high school drawing, but unfortunately ah this time her Said Kou fidget cube discount code Sha, the voice suddenly low down, coldly glanced at the podium to the position reserved for Xiao Wu, Of course, the law enforcement SUN team also have credit. Woo I always feel that Kou Sha does not seem like Xiao Wu look is my illusion it I have heard of the demon D doing things, even if the person receiving the note of the demon D to go to the location and time, but no one has ever seized him How can this be Now Kou Sha president caught the devil D, would not be very powerful Listening to the playground on the pupils of general arguments, Kou Sha fa.words, Holy Night should be in this direction somewhere fishes Smelly girl Do not run Rogue panting shouting behind me, my head are too lazy to look back, just look at both sides of the side of the alley, while continuing to move forward. what and many more The right side of the alley seems to lay a man. I was surprised to suddenly stop the car, quickly slipped into the alley, lying in the alley next to the man squatting down. Soft maroon hair, slender neck, there is a touch of roses my heart thump thump thumping, gently to the ground turned a look My God Really he Holy Night Weekdays in the publicity of him, and now actually like a discarded puppet, wearing a dusty and gray does not slip off the footprints of the shirt, whole fidget cube inen body is hurt to lay there motionless, looks So helpless. I squatted on his side, eyes wide open eyes can not believe in watching holy night, the brain for a time do not know how to react. Take me to the theater Huh Just that the wind as light as the sound is holy night talking Take me to the theater Is he really he I was surprised to see him as dry as the rose petals lips, slightly co authored, could not help but suck down a cold lump. St. night coughing a few times, struggling to open the still bleeding eyes, surprised at me. You Yi Lin Xi Ah Yes, yes I Hear my name, I suddenly wake up, nod the head of the force of the answer. Yi Linxi, fast, take me to the theater The.

honorable, even bribes the teacher will not cover up Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh I look flattering smile, with the elbow gently poke Zhang s arm Oh, do not black face embarrassed, I know you want it boom Teacher Zhang finally exploded. You are here nonsense what My class is really so boring Every time you are not sleeping is skipping Examination on the test 250, I was hurt by other teachers laugh Recently it became that Inexplicable demon D, students will come every day to investigate me You and you How could you have such a difficult student in the world ah Zhang teacher wielded the pointer will knock on my head I am holding the unfortunate whip in the head, grabbed my baby bag, slipped and slipped out of the classroom on the slippery look. Oh, ah Yilin Xi Stop You want to skip class You give me back Zhang teacher furious voice behind me fluttering. Huchihuchihuchi Bastard what is the recent evil Chasing all day long to run, a student law enforcement team will be a monster, a teacher will be Zhang, in the end fidget cube deeppink there are endless ah. Humph But it does not matter, the soldiers will come to the block, the water cover bring it on bring it on With you out of any tricks, the heroes will not be intimidated No class, and I also easily I put the bag to the behind a toss, humming a ditty, leisurely tour zai to the school gate. Recently, in order to investigate the devil D, the heroes tossing up the head of the brain up, but also to want, then give you it The heroes have always been very generous Wow ha ha ha Really a lovely girl purple people with a smile to put the soft stone into their own robe, Well, little girl, you will become a happy person I thank you ah Hei hei I waved his hand waved goodbye purple people. Wearing a ring, my mood suddenly look good up, thrown back of the head of the ponytail jumped towards the fidget cube deeppink school Thought of this, my heart suddenly a sour, guilty of the emotional pressure I could not lift the head. The original water Linglong said is true to kill such a large pile of documents Hill, if not day and night to reply, it is impossible within a week to complete the Uh and so on In this case, Xiaosheng should now be in this office fishes ah But a small St Thought of this, I flustered in the hands of the file after a lost, shouting in the office Little St. Little St. Where are you Little St. Small Crash it Huh what sound. I heard the sudden sound behind me, I quickly turned around and saw Eh Is a small Greek so late how do you come St. Iraq rubbing Xingzhong sleepy eyes, from the pile of documents that the office behind the mountain exposed half of the face, his head also wore a stack of documents. Little St. You have been here to stay in the batch file So many documents Why do not you call me to help I rushed past, propped up the station almost unsteady St. Yi, sitting on the sofa Down to meet the curiosity of this heroes it Rest assured that the principal, I will not let you down, will win this time the top ten drama tournament champions. St. eyes firmly staring at the principal said. Oh Oh Oh That is really good The president nodded with satisfaction with a smile, his face like a ball of water was filled with water, as the frequency of a nod to shaking, and suddenly buy fidget cube kickstarter edition all of a sudden But also focus on long and looked at the distance, I would like to see the former Fenglin high school, vibrant you, rehearse every day rehearsal, fighting for the honor of Maple, Holy Night, ah, if you see Seven years ago, Maple, will certainly be like me I stared at the headmaster looked happy smile filled with memories of his face, the mouth Zhang became a 0 font. Seven years ago then what is the difference Maple it Well, tomorrow s game please refuel it The principal has finally come back to the gods, Xiao Hehe turned to fidget cube fake vs real me, Oh, yes, Yi Linxi students please refueling Oh I heard you are the devil D, I also Scared it Ha ha ha Old man, even you say Tell you I m not a demon D Listen clearly I angrily grimace in pain. I believe you, because that the fidget cube deeppink devil D is simply a fake note. Oh, oh What Fake Hearing this news, I was stupid and holy night staring a light bulb so big I have been in Fenglin High School when the principal has more than a decade Seven years ago, we Fenglin High School in the drama ten.

Fidget Cube Deeppink us rice balls Alas Really damn How could that be. And so will I have to go to find a bastard holy night Oh I grinned, patted the three sense of obligation of the good brother s shoulder. Oh I have to tell me this thing ah, just accidentally hurt you, sorry ah Boss, do not say so, we will be embarrassed Ah, you have not told me, why do you have to raise brand, do not speak mouth I puzzled and touched his chin, looking at the front of the three scratching his head, Hey giggle guy. Because we are afraid of being hurt you ah Can not talk to you Xiaoqiang and squid finally could not help out of the sound, fiercely knocked fidget cube adult the head of the dumpling, and hastened to his hands hidden behind the brand. Ah Anger anger anger Wow yeah yeah you three bastards loss I also treat you as my good brother, did not think you actually so afraid of death Wow ah ah ah Boss Spare us Three gangs holding a sign, swiftly fled to the direction of the school playground in the past. I like a shark like a big mouth, angrily raised their fists will catch them in the past. Kacha Wow Not to die I I want to cut off the waist Alas No, Yi Lin Xi, how can you fall like this. Now we all think you are a demon D, you as a high school enemy of Maple Leaf this thing I have to find a bastard holy night asked Caixing I thought, endured the pain of the waist, gnashing teeth, step by step hard to move forward. I walk I walk Humph I am.eng Zhizhao no response to impatience to urge him. Hey Zheng Zhizhao turned around and smiled at me, my heart was surprised, this guy fidget cube deeppink must be no peace of mind, the fidget cube deeppink heroes to be careful to prevent Caixing, Yi Linxi, in fact you are beautiful Vomiting Dead bulb, less nonsense, the heroes of course, is the jade tree, people admire No, I mean, you re a beauty Zheng Zhaoxiao interrupted me when he saw me tearing down the subject. Have not you heard of the beauty meter I m really do not understand the Zheng Zhaowu in the end thinking about what will not be bad cold brain blow it Oh you really are not unbearable Zheng Zhizhao a helpless look shook his head. Bulb head, want to die I clenched his fist in his eyes shook. Well, well, today let you once. Zheng Zhizhao unprecedented and I did not go on, my wonderful plan is Yi Linxi beauty meter Old, the boss of the beauty meter is to be scared to death Holy Night squid excitedly scrambled up his face. I stared fiercely at the squid, scared him quickly close. You less dreaming there, bulb head.To make the beauty count, you go on their own. You do not like holy night it I disdain Pielepiezui. Who says I like him I like Zheng Zhizhao s face suddenly flushed, Yi Linxi, now everyone that you are framed holy night of the devil D you do not think of a way to wait Was to give out Fenglin high school Bang The hearts of the small universe of the hero suddenl.