Fidget Cube Desk Toy ng Zhizhao made a wink, picked up the gown, opened the door what I see Yi Linxi heroes magic power an instant move I move I move I moved to move Dong Dongdong Dong Dongdong Huh Gongs and drums sound What happened Zheng Zhi Zhao and I just moved to the back fidget cube uk amazon of the playground on the right side of the flower bed, I heard the sound coming from the playground side, fidget cube desk toy curious to probe out the head, looked toward the direction of the past playground in the past It is now seven o clock in the morning, the sun has not from the general repair high school wall behind stuck his head, but the general high school on the playground is a dense mass, wearing a high school uniforms wearing black uniforms students. I wondered to look up at the podium standing in the central Kou Sha and hanging in the podium above the striking red banner General high school opening ceremony Woo do not know why, see this posture, I immediately think of the last time in the Fenglin High School auditorium in the tree fresh air of the General Assembly, an cool air winds along my spine climb climb, cold I Of the scalp straight flax Huh Little Greek While I was depressed, behind a sudden came a soft voice, scared I called a big chill Xiao Wu I turned around and looked at his face standing behind us smiling Xiao Wu, whole body limp to a sigh of relief. I m sorry I m sorry Xiao Wu said, in the middle of me and Zheng Zhizhao squat down, turned around and Zhizhao Zhao Waizhuo neck.t the world discredit it In fact, I know not too much, only know that RINBOW is a priceless treasure, buried in the province of Xinghua somewhere.Some people say it is priceless treasure, it was also said that it is a fidget cube gif magical power Stone, and even some people say it is to make people have a strong power Cheats Wow Gem Cheats Too cool I can not believe to shout, the eyes become shiny because of excitement Not telling me fairy tale Finally, simply come back to a big hero, with the women I live a happy life from the beautiful. But the legend, as long as people can get RINBOW, you can get the world s largest happiness so my brother has been very persistent, saying that we have to find it. St. Iraq see me secretly Pielepiezui, eyes bleak Down. Humph Did not expect that stinky buy fidget cube desk toy stone is not only ruthless, but also so greedy Really hate him On the small holy, you have not told me why you want to run away from home ah I handed a small glass of water, let him calm down. Because I want to go out, but my brother can not St. Iraq looked up, eyes red and looked at me. What You are not allowed to go out That guy is really abnormal Hmm Saw the poor look of St. Iraq, my anger in the chest expansion In fact can not blame his brother small cost of fidget cube sip a sip of the lips, as if the wrong thing children, the beginning is my own to stay at fidget cube tech insider home What You yourself I could not believe in looking at St., but his face.

tely brought me and the holy night of the convention that day just the presence of general students They can testify Kou Sha said, turned around and asked the students behind the general repair asked, You say right Support Kou Sha president Holy night abdication Request the Holy Night to honor the promise Resign from the post of the President of the Student Union Kou Sha heard the questioning, general repair students have raised his arms high, hard cried. Let s go, everybody While the high school students in Maple High School students were impulsive fear of fear, Song Yuner took the fat principal from the Fenglin high school crowd crowded out. I am the vice president of Maplewood High School Students Song Yun Er, this is the president of Maple High School You as a general high school student president, actually with the students runway Maple High School to make trouble, will Not too much Song Yun Er staring eyes, panting loudly asked. Headmaster See the fat principal, Kou Sha obvious convergence a lot. But even so, his arrogant face, or let the hands of the heroes straight itch. Oh Oh The original is the general high school Kou Sha president, you are welcome to Maple High School ah Fat side of the side of the pants from the pocket handkerchief wiped his sweat on the forehead, while kindly to Kou Sha played Waving. Kou Sha ring arm, directed at the fat that the president of the same belly as the bath pick eyebrows. Principals, I come today to hope the Army immediately laughing together, tears cross What laughter ah Is the heroes of the answer wrong See these boring guy laughing look, I am a little guilty. Yi Linxi you Do not tell others, you know me really lost the dead Zheng Zhizhao sitting next to me clutching his face and lifeless expression shook his head. Hey Dead bulb Who you say shame ah You are not better than I go I am more angry than the mouth of the hippo mouth bigger, wait for him in the eye catching big bald head printed fidget cube desk toy with several fidget cube desk toy teeth India. Zheng Zhizhao see me Xia Yan furious , also sit still, bass to look up, staring at me with the roar of the eye. How to fight it Pilipala Pilipala Zheng Zhizhao my grudge is getting higher and higher, anger gave the whole classroom red And we make up class students, fear of being me and Zheng Zhizhao fighting spread, all scared to the classroom corner. Wow Well, they re dogs and dogs. Ah Boss Zheng Zhizhao You do not quarrel Now in school ah You, you see Zhang, Zhang table, face Teacher Zhang expression I looked at the side of the trio in the panic stricken face, turned around and looked past the podium Ding Mother mother Good so terrible Now, anger like the flame to the teacher s face roasted red Zhang, his eyes like two spray guns, desperately spray fire to the outside You want to die a few Poof la la la la I and Zheng Zhizhao teeth, of the dead, Deadly arm around his neck, pulling the throat desperately screaming woo woo woo woo I Yi Linxi, nicknamed the invincible thunderbolt, the gods of justice, justice and justice, only one weakness is family genetic hemifacia. Bang Oh Alas bastard holy night, count you ruthless This guy saw me crazy look, actually apart from anything else, arm waved back, facing my forehead to the strokes of this heroes stunt head split This guy that does not know Lianxiangxiyu it. Thump My forehead braved a ray of smoke, the whole portrait was crushed as the frog splash fell to the ground, his eyes turned into two big black fork Call is really a stupid Holy Night on the ground looking at me, reluctantly sighed. Warmth warm Strange now is not winter Why do I feel so warm dizziness, dizziness to continue Do not know how long, I struggled, eyes opened a seam Ah holy night He actually took off his coat off to cover my body, wearing only a white sweater, holding me against the north wind down the hill to go A thump of thump. The original Holy Night arm so powerful even the last time Zheng Zhizhao carrying me to escape, the shoulder is a bit swinging, but he was effortlessly holding me in the arms And, although usually always a cold face, but his arms are really warm and his heart, like a beautiful drum, rhythmically beating Coupled with a hint o.

Fidget Cube Desk Toy Silver moonlight path, Gorgeous Christmas fireworks, A blossoming fireworks, blooming in the festive night sky, illuminated the whole city, but also illuminated the city of Hongfeng, one of the four mysterious universities Maple High School. Tonight s Maplewood High School, without exception, was dressed beautifully by the students the iconic maple branches were dotted with sparkling lights, colorful balloons, and blessing cards tied with ribbons, everything seemed so Warm and romantic. After the fire burned white smoke rising, slowly drifting to the campus over, so that some of the original dark night sky is more complicated and confusing. The smell of smoke in the air, it is a little boring people get breath. The excitement of the cheers and blessings, far from the streets outside the campus to upload. However, at this moment, Fenglin high school auditorium was suddenly enveloped in darkness, caught in a panic What s the matter Who stepped on my feet Who pushed me Do not Kobayashi, where are you I am here Sudden darkness, so that this can accommodate 10,000 people into an unprecedented confusion in the auditorium. The clatter of the chair, the chaos of footsteps, the cry of the crowd, the curse, and the darkness of the darkness. Everyone in the panic to explore the way out, fidget cube desk toy while screaming to find their own companions, who did not notice a burst of rapid footsteps gradually disappeared from the stage. In the footsteps disappear a few s.standing next to me was shocked. I fidget cube scarlet guess brother must not want to lose the game today, so he rushed to the Grand Theater of the Little Greek Little Greek You must help me find my brother Must take him back to the hospital safely Ooo Do not worry, I ll go to him now Click I forced to hang up the phone, a second without hesitation on the rushed out of the communication room Why is this so That damn demon D actually framed this heroes twice, in the end what motives. Also Why do I hear the Holy Night accident I will feel so heavy Heart is like what was grabbed the same, so sad You want to race where you go Is from the doorway through the doorway Jiang Xue Yin, I saw the ass like a fire from the communication fidget cube desk toy room rushed out, surprised to loudly asked. Snow I pantically grabbed the arms of Jiang Xue Yin, exclaimed, listen to me, holy night out of trouble, food poisoning He just ran out from the hospital, is estimated to be here to catch you Song Yun children to go with them to say, let them with the Organizing Committee of the people to map our high school in the order of playing a fidget cube But small hope, I Do not me and me Go Now is an emergency Jiang Yueyin words ranging finish, I whipped about to turn the direction of the DPRK s door rushed out. Why just Jiang Xue Yin s eyes make me feel that some hidden secret 2 I guess brother must not want to lose the game today, so he rushed to the Grand Theater of th.