Fidget Cube Diy know how this will harm you food poisoning I You guilt Holy night sneer pick pick eyebrows, eyes looked at me ask complex. Woo I just do not want to be misunderstood by others. I Du Zhuozui bowed his head, not convinced hum hum. moron What Why do you call me ah Do you think a cockroach can harm me into the hospital Do not know why, holy night said the tone of this sentence, even let me feel a bit baffling helplessness and sentimental. Woo See me bowed fidget cube gif his head not to speak, Holy Night funny glanced at me, back to the body to go. I m not a fool like you, think so big only cockroaches will not be found Well makes sense, then I put a little better next time Ah ha ha ha ha Joking joking See holy night rising behind the murderous, I scared quickly waved. In short this thing I will go to find out, before that, I will not make any conclusions to you. fidget cube darkorchid Holy night finished, gently pulled the quilt, I want to rest you Come on. okay 6 when when when when Hongfeng Central Plaza, the clock struck 12, has been so late But I still do not sleep a little. I am unable to sit on the ground, relying on the edge of the bed, looked at the hands of the already empty Coke cans. If Holy night is not because I ate him to buy lunch and poisoning, then that only a can of Coke Coke it is not a snow to buy holy night it Is that snow has always wanted to harm the holy night of the fake demon. Wooind. Wind A burst of biting cold wind blowing a few pieces of withered maple leaves blowing from front of me, I stare at the cold wind shivering in the Lincheng News , the nose has flowed down. So our school final exam also finished Chong ah ah ah ah ah ah My head blank for a few seconds, recovered, do not want to want to close your eyes to the teacher s office rushed past Bang Lang I just kicked the teacher s office to open the door, going to ask Zhang teacher final examinations, Zhang teacher will not head back fidget cube diy and grabbed the pointer on the table. Zhang Zhangshi, the final exam ah , Toward my face hard to play over Yi Lin Xi you stinky girl really mad at me ah ah ah ah Wow ah ah ah ah ah Zhang teacher how to become your face like a ghost Good horror Good horror ah I was scared to clutching his whip was swollen like a bun like the face, brush La La Desperately to the office door retreat Yi Linxi mid term exam you test the two hundred and fifty have no problem the final exam you actually dare to come you eat bear heart leopard gallbladder ah Zhang Yue said more and more angry, The hair is about to be anger fidget cube diy to burn, see your transcripts Seven total score zero My God How can I teach you a student like this Teacher Zhang I do not have the heart to look at the side of the side crying desperately stamp the floor with the teacher Zhang, carefully spit out the tongue. Wow ha.

p ah Chair so that the chair by a rely on the heroes I stretched out the weak hands, want to drag a chair next to. Ok No way fidget cube enjoy How is the wooden chair fixed Is this heroic skill suddenly been abolished You want to sit down Help St. Iraq also hammer What Smelly stone really when the heroes of the paper paste is not a I bass to fidget cube kickstart jump up, facing the Holy Night while a roar Brother forget no Had wanted to scare holy night, but the side of the St. Iraq listening to my rage, but like a withered eggplant, the first did not dare lift Hey, chivalrous devil heroes heroes how I will ignore the disadvantaged groups Little St., come, I help you hammer I lowered the voice, for a personal, grinning against the San no longer stand the threat of St That s it Oh Yes Yes Smelly stone actually still said that sarcastic This heroes can really be too humiliating Actually still so good to answer forbearance I endure 2 Wow yeah That big bastard holy night, yesterday clearly accepted the heroes of bribery to help him and St. Iraq each hammer for two hours of the back, hammer the hands of the heroes are not even lift the strength of the But in the end, that the devil finally still want me to write a day today, one million words of the review book to him MY GOD Ten thousand words This hero is to take life to write also can not write ah Ooo this punishment means only the holy night that the devil wo.e boiling hot anger woo, always feel as if there are imperfections Ding Inspiration goddess possessed My eyes light up, quickly reach out from my pocket and pulled out a black signature pen, but unfortunately too lazy to get out before the dress, and actually also really need, the heroes really wise I Kou Sha nose on the three in the middle of the word fidget cube instagram plus a vertical, and then in his face on both sides, painted a three bearded beard you re done Please see the heroes of another masterpiece eight kings Uh although the order of the word a little problem, but does not matter, will look at it Hey Kou Sha Leng Leng looked proudly put the pen back into my pocket, my head pop out of countless. Dead dead Ok How everyone on the creation of the heroes did not reflect I Kou Sha s face left to see the right to see, touched his chin nodded again and again, his fidget cube ebay canada mouth hum Yes Yes 5 Dead dead Podium under the people to see Kou Sha was the heroes of the makeup of the face, silent for three seconds, burst out burst of laughter Wow ha ha ha ha Wow ha ha ha Kou Sha president into a cat friends wow ha ha Is not a cat is eight king No, is the bastard Uh Yi Linxi too will make trouble it Wow ha ha ha Super funny Anger anger Heard the laughter under the rostrum, Kou Sha finally react to what happened He grabbed the collar of my hand forced a tight, I sud.d they actually have to join the fun of the two You, to the inside of the room to go I do not call you, do not come out Holy Night without any explanation to me and the same still Zheng Zhizhao state of the room to promote a side door, and then shut the door up. Alas really strange Holy night why so mysterious, let me and Zheng Zhi Zhao hide in this room By the way, just on the stage when he seems to be like this Little hope, Chi chiu, his brother let you stay here, probably do not want to let Song Yuner and water Linglong know what happened tonight. St. like to see through the idea of my heart like, suddenly in the next whisper, Because he did not want anyone to know what I was. Oh So it was I wrestled with Zheng Zhi Zhao invariably touched his chin, Sidongfeidong nodded. Uh and many more Just talking is I can not believe that looked at the squat next to me in the holy Iraq, the mouth with the hippopotamus mouth is about the same size. St. slightly smiled, than the index finger against me and Zheng Zhi Zhao whispered boo boo. Oh, the people outside will hear it But you just said he did not want others to see you Do you say What is the secret Speaking of secret word, I suddenly came to the spirit, like to eat Little Red Riding Hood wolf grandmother, The eyebrows. In fact I do not know St. Iraq said, sadly lowered his head, gleaming eyes flashing. I would like to continue to ask, but was Zheng Zhaizhao.

Fidget Cube Diy the DV in the holy night crying on the shoulder of the girls, not also called a small Iraq it. Could it be that I turned and Zheng Zhizhao exchanged a surprised look. Ten minutes later, the room s fluorescent lights finally twinkle. I looked at the bright and dignified room, moved to tears and snot flow down three thousand feet. I will let your mother give you more than a few incense burned old people Amen And Quot I am very devoutly facing the window of the outside fidget cube diy of the window, The sky worshiped. Hey, stinky girl You have not made a mistake ah Who would give God burning incense Zheng Zhizhao this guy is really for fear of the world is not chaos, all this time actually even prey to the heroes of the Egg bones Little long winded When it is to give his old native good Do you have opinions I turned impatiently, ferocious said. Ha ha ha ha Small hope, Chi chiu, the two of you still so much like a joke. Sitting in bed, Holy Night looked at us, happy straight hit ha ha. Alas This guy actually laughed out, he did not know just this heroes almost scared to death alas Little Iraq, are not allowed to speak with them both. Set a stinking stone face of the holy night, while sitting in bed to help gentle holy night bandaging the wound on the arm, turned his head fiercely stared at me And Zheng Zhi Zhao a. Brother, you do not say although the small Greek and Chi chiu usually very active in school, but I believe that fidget cube diy today things will not be the two of.ll out stroll, relax Hey to do so 5 Little hope Little hope Yi Lin Xi Huh Who is calling me I was about to come to the edge of the wall when the wall at the end of the corner suddenly came a cautious voice. Little hope, is me, ah, a small holy Little St. I was surprised to turn the direction of the sound coming out of the place went. Small St. There Zhengzhao Zhao You two in this corner of the shrinkage Why I looked at them two puzzled, and some uncomfortably pout a pout, is not a good thing, intends to conceal me Yesterday the devil D appeared again Zheng Zhizhao looking solemnly said to me. What And there Ah St. Iraq whispered to explain, Yesterday the Law Enforcement Team also found a second demon invitations, in the drama club s office What I shouted in disbelief. That s not all people think of all the things that I do Zheng Zhizhao and St. Iraq a look of That is, of course, the expression looked at me, forced nodded his head. However Little St. said the library has a secret library, which has a maple forest high school secret history , might be able to find clues about the devil D. Zheng Zhaoxuan some excitement rubbing palm, low voice said. The original is so I take the hint and nodded, But the small St., I and the first light bulb is the dictatorship of the object, the last time to go to the library to blow heating, are uncle to the janitor of the gatekeeper fidget cube diy out. Today, he should I m not.