Fidget Cube Early Bird upil of the general repair, simply ignore my excuse, one grabbed the ground of the soil, do not want to want to force me to throw over Bang Bump bang Hateful demon D Quickly apologize to President Kou Sha Fenglin high school guy Not allowed to step on the land in general high school Do not hold your hand down Wow yeah Are these bastards in high school Are they crazy. Actually all with Kou Sha that guy a kind, indiscriminate hateful This hero will not be scared of you by these despicable tricks Want this heroes apology Humph Doors are not stop Just when I thought I was about to die when a figure suddenly shouted from me next to jump out, block in front of me what who is it. The gods come. The chapter of justice below 4 At this point, the sun has been from the general high school teaching building behind the secretly revealing half a face, golden light trembling toward the direction of the podium radiation. The sun across fidget cube mintcream the block in front of me, so he seems to shine with golden shine, like an angel from heaven, like, open golden wings to protect me tightly I Leng Leng looked at the angel back Maroon hair, white neck, slender body, there is a hint of roses fragrance I whole body Yi Chan The chaos of the brain suddenly awake over Holy Holy Night Yes Yes Yes Yes You St. night slowly turned his head, like the glance like a knife in my face stabbed a few severely Yi Linxi today s things back to the mapleigh high school and then.wards the drama club door a few steps away, Holy Night, do not go on Do not forget that you should not make a decision on anything before you have conclusive evidence. Yes St. night looking at the back of the principal Lengle Leng, and finally lowered his head slowly. Well, now the time is late, I should go, holy night, you have to go back to rest fidget cube lightyellow earlier than the game is more severe test is waiting for you Oh Oh The principal said, turned red Holy Night kindly smiled, opened the door of the drama club went out. More severe than the game test St. night looked behind the head slowly closed the door, Leng Leng repeated the principal just said last sentence. Oh Oh Oh I looked at the holy night look of his face, could not help but clutching his mouth snickered. What are you laughing at Holy Night said quietly, glancing impatiently at me. I blatantly Pielepiezui Pakistan, surrounded by arms in front of St. Night swaggering to go back and forth two. I am laughing you stupid ah This hero fidget cube early bird has guessed that false demon D is what you want to do You guessed Holy night can not believe in looking at me, like I heard this heroes exam whole family one hundred points the same I do not believe I do not convinced to pout a pout, You think ah, now whether it is time or role are exactly the same as seven years ago, it shows that the devil D want to do is destroy this drama competition , And then let you like a wooden Xian Ya hit automatically dis.

in the clear sky, Pouring to the showers, Quietly staring at the sky, Whether to see the dream of hope. Ah Dominate the people, ah, Please lean on a railing to guide a bright future. Resist it, The darkness of evil will not cover the gorgeous light 1 The arrival of winter, so that the maple tree faded red gorgeous dress, it is particularly bleak. Bare branches shrouded in the dark shadows of the night, while a footsteps fidget cube greenyellow from far and near the sound of breaking the quiet around. This is really good here so terrible Even, what are invisible Why, he said, Oh, But also scraping this, such a big wind Squid pulled his cap. He was saying, a burst of north wind whistling blowing over, blowing the branches in the Maple hard desperately shaking, in the dark, looks like a demons Flurry. Suddenly poured into the neck of the cold, so I could not help playing a chill. To tell the truth, it seems really is a bit scary, to know that I fear that the devil heroes that will come and go in the shadow of the night will float floated Slightly Uh what sound. I support the ear to listen to, but suddenly there is no sound. Oh young people always easy to nervousness. M Giggle giggle bang A shadow from the sky, so my jumping moment has been excited, I hugged around a trunk, Guikulanghao up Ghosts there are monsters ah great big ghost Where Wow, rice balls Alas Really damn How could that be. And so will I have to go to find a bastard holy night Oh I grinned, patted the three sense of obligation of the good brother s shoulder. Oh I have to tell me this thing fidget cube early bird ah, just accidentally hurt you, sorry ah Boss, do not say so, we will be embarrassed Ah, you have not told me, why do you have to raise brand, do not speak mouth I puzzled and touched his chin, looking at the front of the three scratching his head, Hey giggle guy. Because we are afraid of being hurt you ah Can not talk to you Xiaoqiang and squid finally could not help out of the sound, fiercely knocked the head of the dumpling, and hastened to his hands hidden behind the brand. Ah Anger anger anger Wow yeah yeah you three bastards loss I also fidget cube early bird treat you as my good brother, did not think you actually so afraid of death Wow ah ah ah Boss Spare us Three gangs holding a sign, swiftly fled to the direction of the school playground in the past. I like a fidget cube by antsy shark like a big mouth, angrily raised their fists will catch them in the past. Kacha Wow Not to die I I want to cut off the waist Alas No, Yi Lin Xi, how can you fall like this. Now we all think you are a demon D, you as a high school enemy of Maple Leaf this thing I have to find a bastard holy night asked Caixing I thought, endured the pain of the waist, gnashing teeth, step by step hard to move forward. I walk I walk Humph I am.pilgrimage night s office rushed past Ya Ya Ya Yeah Asshole holy night You better not pray I will not meet you, or I will let you look good 4 Stop, Yilinxi, where are you going I was about to burst into the student office building, water suddenly jumped out from the next Delicate, blocking the door of the office building. Alas Is the water Linglong This guy is the holy night of the running dog, again hindered it Slip I suddenly a brakes to stop down, crossed the gas bulging to stare at the water exquisite. Get out of here, I m going to the Great Swindler. You are now a public enemy of Maple High School, you actually dare to speak out on the holy night , Water Linglong eyebrows are all crowded in the eye. Together, facing me hum hum rip cried. I am too lazy to tell you that I want to go to the Holy Night to discuss a fair I am angry to the big one. I am so angry that I have to say to you, Roar, without any explanation to push water is exquisite, forcibly broke into the student union fidget cube silent office building. I push I push I push the push Wow yeah Water Delicate This guy is to eat iron grew up The heroes struggling to push her to one side, the results most of the day, she was still in place to pestle. Yi Linxi, Yi Linxi, you do not in vain, and say I am also a judo black belt, and I want to fight you tender Water Delicate triumphantly laughing, turned toward the move behind the beckoned, you A few over, give me 24 hours a day to closely monitor Yi Lin Xi She i.

Fidget Cube Early Bird arse, the audience can not be quiet down. Until the water exquisite with law enforcement team appeared in the center of the stage, barely control the scene. On behalf of the drama club tonight, I would like to express my profound apologies to fidget cube early bird all of you, and today s fidget cube mistyrose party is over Song Yun Er s words so just quiet crowd blasted the pot again. No, we are going to see the holy night Yes, just what happened in the end, holy night president of his The audience again focused on the stage of the stage lights and knives, the atmosphere suddenly become dignified. Song Yun Er standing beside the water Linglong forward a step forward, strong for calm and said Will the students in accordance with the vice president said to do, what happened tonight, the students will be responsible for processing, tomorrow will give you an answer Hope that members of the law enforcement committee under the exit, thank you Delicate as the face of water, like a hammer fist, talking voice to the small phase. Students in the student law enforcement team members of the organization, and slowly withdrew from the hall. When the last classmate s back disappeared in the hall door, auditorium sounded a dull sound. I just heard a scream like, followed by a loud noise, and then what can not see the very strange rope, as if what is cut off the weapon And the other end of it is with the lights fell to the ground together, and now it s location, just where is the holy.rise to Couguolian carefully took a look. I am proud to lift some of the fingers in the air waved. This is a purple robes of the Supreme gave the heroes, and said to be able to bring luck to the heroes The purple robes of the Supreme Hear my words, St. Yi and Zheng Zhizhao confusedly blinked his eyes. Well, the Supreme said he is a diviner, yes, he also helped me to use the Tarot card divination that day Say what rose, staggered Gemini Staggered Gemini Hear my words, St. suddenly Iraq whole body startled, replied complexly softly I just said. Huh Small St. you fidget cube saddlebrown Ah not good Just when I want to say something, the car suddenly heard the driver in front of a loud cry Rumbling rumbling Before we come to understand how the matter, with a loud noise, the whole body suddenly turned to the right side of the doubled My whole person was suddenly thrown to the glass, the body of the most body suddenly sank down bad A car accident When I came to understand how the matter, I almost all the blood coagulation Help ah ah ah ah ah Wow ah ah ah ah ah At this point, the entire compartment has been chaotic into a ball, screams, crying, so I had been confused into a soft brain now almost completely collapse Little hope Yi Linxi Little St. Panic, I seem to hear the Shengyi and Zheng Zhizhao s cry, I was about to open their eyes to find them Bang Suddenly, a hard thing fidget cube early bird to fall down, impartial hit in my head what How suddenly a lot of stars in front o.