Fidget Cube Feldspar u understand Woo St. night breathing heavily, struggling to raise his head, suddenly forced me to fidget cube feldspar push forward, jumped down from my back, staggering forward two steps. Holy night What are you doing I looked at him with excitement and flushed face surprised. St. night weak leaning on the wall, slowly turned his head and looked at me firmly. I m going to the theater to play. You re crazy You simply can not play the game ah My word is finished, holy night shouted angrily interrupted me, I to go I absolutely can not lose Stight looking at the application of St. night, I puzzled to breathe a sigh of relief. Why do you want to be so obsessed To the principal s agreement, or to the treasure Holy night turned on the wall, desperately supporting trembling feet do not let yourself fall. He swallowed a panting breath, looked up at me. I to I love the people I promised her to give her happiness For your favorite people I stared, repeating the words of the holy night. This this guy is serious. By the way, I remember that he used to say similar words I am willing to pay for my favorite people all their own, and even life fidget cube feldspar Why Who is his favorite people in the end Why the Holy Night to pay so much for her Thought of this, my heart suddenly burst of gratuitous sour, chest Biede uncomfortable. Woo hateful Why do I have to say this guy with you so much Holy Night to see me Len.f us. And how suddenly around the dark. St. Iraq frightened face seems to be farther and farther away from me, I want to shout at him, but how could not pronounce the sound Zheng Zhizhao how the sound from far away where the floating over. Fool, how can I hear you crying clear what I want to stretch out the hand to grasp what is around, but only in the dark before coming to see a thing The rose ring in my hand Darkness, endless darkness Oh strange Why I can not hear anything, I can not see anything Trance, I suddenly saw a Gemini halo around the bright rose, with red bleeding in general, staggering St. Iraq, Zheng Zhizhao, you must not be something ah.

genetic an excited to hit burp Uh alas Damn This problem in the end to entangled heroes wrapped around when to Bored to death me I really want to draw a slap in the face against his face Uh you are afraid of it Uh do not want to be in their own schools Er , but today I can hardly meet your little wish uh Kou Sha every word, I take a burp, than punctuation symbols and spiritual, it seems that my language is also good to learn the broken sentence ah. Woo bad There murderous Yi Lin Xi you have asthma Why interrupt the old to speak Kou murderous face flushed, shouting at me wow. You uh who said asthma, uh you think I uh want to hit belch uh really ugly uh Yi Lin Xi Well, uh Why I turned to look irritable St. night. If you catch a burp hurry to make you look good Woo Cold and cold Holy night this guy really sick He just stared at me shot to the frozen rays, almost to the heroes of the nose frozen out I insist on ineffectively playing a greatly chilled mouth, closed his fidget cube make noise mouth as far as possible not to sound a burp, but the body is still with a hiccup on a bit about to twitch. Stand, holy night behind the water Linglong fiercely stared at me, turned and walked up a look of serious look at Kou Sha and Pu Xiu high school. I am not a good friend, Of the students. President Kou Sha, I am the captain of the law enforcement team of Fenglin high.upil of the general repair, simply ignore my excuse, one grabbed the ground of the soil, do not want to want to force me to throw over Bang Bump bang Hateful demon D Quickly apologize to President Kou Sha Fenglin high school guy Not allowed to step on the land in general high school Do not hold your hand down Wow yeah Are these bastards in high school Are they crazy. Actually all with Kou Sha that guy a kind, indiscriminate hateful This hero will not be scared of you by these despicable fidget cube steelblue tricks Want this heroes apology Humph Doors are not stop Just when I thought I was about to die when a figure suddenly shouted from me next to jump out, block in front of me what who is it. The gods come. The chapter of justice below 4 At this point, the sun has been from the general high school teaching building behind the secretly revealing half a face, golden light trembling toward the direction of the podium radiation. The sun across the block in front of me, so he seems to shine with golden shine, like an angel from heaven, like, open golden wings to protect me tightly I Leng Leng looked at the angel back Maroon hair, white neck, slender body, there is a hint of roses fragrance I whole body Yi Chan The chaos of the brain suddenly awake over Holy Holy Night Yes Yes Yes Yes You St. night slowly turned his head, like the glance like a knife in my face stabbed a few severely Yi Linxi today s things back to the mapleigh high school and then.hesitant to hesitate. I hid behind the holy night, with his arm gently stabbed his back, thieves smiled and squeezed his eyes squeezed. Hey, I do not think you have two sons Woo good cold A sneeze Although the holy night did not speak, but I clearly saw his body emits cold My words have not spread to his ears, they were cold in the air in the air, and then fell to the ground fell smash Ooo, ooo although Kou Sha is also very terrible, but with the holy night so a ratio, it became a poor level of a few small BOSS Kou Sha, I have a person in accordance with the requirements of your general high school, and please let Yi Linxi with me to leave. Holy Night deadpan looked at Kou Sha, his voice is not, but it is not So that everyone around you hear clearly. what. Holy Night by Kou Sha s request to a general repair high school. But also to I. Woo suspicious suspicious I pouted, with my hand on the eyes of the arbor, like a monkey around the holy night jump up and down I look down to see the next look at the right to see Woo from the professional and professional point of view of this heroes analysis, Holy Night may be the brain into the water today Bang St. night brow wrinkled, facing the squatting on the ground is broken I read a head split Yi Linxi you think I am because who wants to come here early in the morning You restlessly a little try I I know it Casual talk is also angry, really s.

Fidget Cube Feldspar e It s true, fidget cube retail price but it s a fidget cube amazon place where you do not need high school Just as I angrily picked up and crushed my mud block, a few students in high school suddenly raised his neck and shouted at me, with the roar, the mud as the bullet from the podium, like fidget cube graphite flying over to me Humph That this will be able to scare the heroes. dream Look at my heroes magic power Lingboweibu I hide I hide hide Yi Linxi Woo Zheng Zhaoxu behind the flower beds trying to rush to the podium, he was Xiaowu tightly stopped and squatted in situ can not move. Bump bang Bump bang Wow yeah Pain pain Alas it is too abhorrent Although the heroes amazing magic, but I did not expect the mud actually hide more and more, cold head or a few pieces in the stray bullet And my poor Qitian great holy armor, has long been fidget cube feldspar mud splashed ash does not slip away. Kou Sha standing on the side, face expressionless to enjoy the heroes on the rostrum jumped up and down fidget cube toys r us the embarrassed look, his face float comfortable smile. Down with the Devil D Put the enemy out of high school Puxiu high school win General students while shouting, while more and more hard to try hard to throw mud at me It looks like anxious to make their anger made of explosives, I blasted the same pieces I have said that I am not a demon D You deaf I have been hit by mud clogged bruised, while trying to avoid breathing heavily in the gas, bullet , Shouting angrily at the podium. However, Kou Sha has been inflamed by the red eye see holy night, please No Holy Night has just finished treatment Now rest You can not go in Woo the door of the animal girl in the news is really well informed, my forefoot to the holy night back to the hospital, their hind feet to the The most frightening thing is that a group of girls outside the door is a group of St. Justin s agent and the hospital security to coax a group, fidget cube feldspar the gas had a chance to breathe, the next batch again Heard the screams of one after another outside the ward, holy night lying on the bed, frowning turned the body. Oh Ha ha holy night president, you eat apples I said, while his face to a crooked look at the apple cut respectfully handed the night before the holy night. Saint face lifeless lifted his eyes and looked at me, cold hum hum, turned his head to go. Eh St. night president does not like to eat apples That pears This pear looks good to eat the way ah hey hey hey I want you to eat, this heroes help you cut I pointed to the bedside table on the holy night FANS who sent the Flower and Fruit Mountain, or Asked graciously. Holy night gently sighed, impatiently turned fidget cube maroon his head, staring at me sharp. Yi Linxi, in the end you want to say Woo cut into the question I laughed and scolded scratching his head, my heart suddenly gloomy down. In fidget cube feldspar fact, nothing put the cockroach in the lunch box is indeed the heroes do not, but I was unintentional I do not.