Fidget Cube Green And Black ce emerged out of a proud look. Students, we all know that our general high school has been able to enter the province of Xinghua top ten to work hard, our drama club in the past few years has made remarkable achievements, but also known for drama Fenglin high school because he was one of the top ten high school in Xinghua Province, dismissive of us, Maple students in our students in front of Prudence is arrogant and rude Yes ah That day I saw a few maple in the street students, they are really arrogant Fenglin high school is not already do not it What are they ah Fenglin s students really hate to die Kou Sha, then the same as the banana fan, the general repair high school students angry rage burning up the fans, almost the entire playground to give the red Kou Sha sneer cleared his throat, raised the microphone and then said Now the annual Xinghua High School Drama Top Ten tournament will begin, I have confidence, we will be able to win high school general high school again, to replace Maple High School to become one of China s top ten high school Wow, President Kou Sha is awesome President support you We support you Let Puxiu become one of the top ten high school See Kou Sha confident face, the playground burst burst of warm cheers. But at this time, Fenglin high school demon D appears in our student office Kou Sha said, his face suddenly sank, suddenly turned to the roar of the podium furious, the devil D has admitted that she is the holy.f us. And how suddenly around the dark. St. Iraq frightened face seems to be farther and farther away from me, I want to shout at him, but how could not pronounce the sound Zheng Zhizhao how the sound from far away where the floating over. Fool, how can I hear you crying clear what I want to stretch out the hand to grasp what is around, but only in the dark before coming to see a thing The rose fidget cube green and black ring in my hand Darkness, endless darkness Oh strange Why I can not hear anything, I can not see anything Trance, I suddenly saw a Gemini halo around the bright rose, with red bleeding in general, staggering St. Iraq, Zheng Zhizhao, you must not be something ah.

night of the instructions to steal our high school drama High School Top Ten secrets of confidential information What, the devil D to steal our top ten secrets of confidential information No, she was instructed by the president of the Fenglin Senior High School. Oh my God How could this be I would have said, How fidget cube mediumvioletred can he do such a despicable thing Kou Sha heard the words, the whole Pu Xiu high school playground immediately exploded pot Rage like rising air from the playground, like rising from the rising And finally in the general high school over the rapid integration of the formation of a mass of dark clouds. what. I am the holy night of the instructions. Is this guy in the water. So outrageous story he could have compiled out. Watching the students on the playground more and more somber gloomy face and increasingly angry eyes, I finally could not bear to force a bite to stand up and Kou Sha theory, but it is hard to be Xiao Wu and Zheng Zhizhao pressed the head, crackdown Down. Small hope, do not be too impulsive, first look to say. Xiao Wu said with a low voice, gently patted me because of anger and undulating shoulders. Alas That bastard Kou Sha, is simply worse than smelly stone holy night even hateful Really want to spit out of his mouth, said ivory teeth severely beat on the punch Law enforcement team of students, the Fenglin high school demon D bring up In this heroes were advised to calm the mind a moment when Kou Sha su.tching raw pain ass, rubbed his sleepy eyes dim eyes, climb back on the ground, civet cat Civet cats This is not a general high school basketball club s warehouse There are so many civet cats You want to die Dare to call me civet cats In front of the black and white stripes big civet cats, punch knocked in the same as the turtles around the climb jump up my head, You fool I m here to save you help me. Hearing this sentence, fidget cube dice stress still in a state of semi drowsiness I finally wake up, eyes wide turned around and saw Ah Bulb head is you Nonsense Zheng Zhizhi angrily agreed to. He suddenly covered my mouth, dragged me into the dark warehouse. Wow, this winter fidget cube green and black vacation is great You know what I heard that Sun will attend the opening ceremony this morning Really Then let s go Call good danger Listening to the sudden from the door after the voice of the two girls drifting away, I and Zheng Zhizhao greatly relieved. You this stupid woman Every time you almost killed As this continues, I Zhengzhao Zhao s life sooner or later ruined in your hands Cut Less nonsense I pouted and rushed Zheng Zhizhao Fei flew a supercilious look, stand up in the warehouse there is a high window on the outside looked out, Great now no one outside, we hurry out It okay Do not agree with me and Zheng Zhizhao views, the warehouse door gently opened a crack, eyes conspire door edge alert to look out. Woo no one a good opportunity I looked up and Zhe.his opponent play, how do not praise me. We are ready to the next shot the kiss under the Ferris wheel What. Ferris wheel under the kiss. I incredibly glanced holy night, the face actually uncontrolled red up I actually thought of that jelly like kiss, there is a touch of aroma thump I am floating I float Da da da da Thump Holy night that guy is really dead shameless ah, this kind of thing actually can be so calm. Holy night went straight to me, handed the hands of a roll of things handed in front of me. Through transparent tape. To this thing to do Please paste the mouth up. A cold voice drifted down from my buy fidget cube kickstarter head. Stick up Why let me paste up ah I jumped up and shouted. Do you want to kiss me Holy Night turned, his face quietly throw out such a sentence. The devil would like to How can this heroes just give their first kiss, I angrily tear open the tape, posted on the paste Kacha VERY GOOD The KISS is simply the ultimate romantic The director s face is like a flower like smile, Holy Night, hard today, early rest, but also to start tomorrow. Well hard people should be me the mouth was sticky taste really uncomfortable However, does the fidget cube make noise just the moment, when the holy lips kiss on my lips, of course, is across the tape, the sky even a rainbow, surrounded by the holy night behind him like an angel, quietly closed eyes This is how I How heroes can easily tempted Not to me.

Fidget Cube Green And Black ddenly smashed in the back of my head on the spoon Bastard Who hit me with something This is not Fenglin high school student president holy night Alas This sound is familiar You Shrimp I looked up at his grin on the face of Xia Mi and his two little brother behind his teeth to scream. Hey, Yi Linxi Why call so loud Want me Xiayi ring arm, a look of contempt at me smiled. Hey, little Greek, they are your friends St. Iraq looked Xia Mi, politely nodded, Hello, I fidget cube magenta am a small Greek friends. Why do you say hello to him I said to him as a friend I snarled at the head of Saint Uri and showed him my cold, cold eyes. Oh, oh You become terrible You are still angry with me St. Iraq biting his lips, his eyes looked at me with tears. This stupid ah This expression is to the enemy to see it , but this heroes with their hatred, light this is not enough I said, hand to pull the fidget cube desk toy mouth was big, doom to keep your eyes, fidget cube marketing nostrils Also Zhang was big, like a cow like breathing heavily. Oh to be so But oh St Iraq looked at my face hesitated, and finally a bite of teeth, and I put on a similar shape. Wow ha ha ha Wow ha ha ha Xia Mi and behind the two little brother, I saw the way fidget cube green and black and St. Iraq, laughing tears are out. Rumors Fenglin high school student president holy night, is not only a superstar idol, it is a king who has the style, I would only think that rumors a bit exaggerated, did not expect really well deserved reputation ah It seems holy night pre.and sons and daughters sloppy Do you want to be that a fidget cube green and black few monsters have been chasing this death Zheng Zhizhi surprised a moment, gnashing teeth to roar There s no way, then we ll go Chong ah ah ah ah ah Bang Huchihuchihuchi Three minutes later, Zheng Zhizhao carrying me flying into the teaching building next to a female toilet, backhand forced closed the door. Also Fortunately, this now no one here I was lying on the floor breathing heavily, red Zheng Zhaoxiao said. Huh Is not it. I now see the light bulb is it Zheng Zhizhao stood close to the door straight, while tightly closed his eyes, pretend nothing can not see. His face is stuck fidget cube green and black into a discoloration bulb, burst of red burst of white. I snapped I waved the palm of a hand, forced toward his shoulder shot in the past, Oh Ha ha ha Rare rare, you this thick line kid, actually still shy Less less long winded, really really lost dead Zheng Zhaizhao I was almost did not take a picture shot, punch will come over. Yi Lin Xi Zheng Zhizhao You two guys come out for me Do not think that hiding here we take you no way Monster Legion on the outside while desperately hammer the door, while shouting. This is how the boys how ah Actually hit the girls toilet door Oh, it s strange, it s not a strange hobby. At this time, the door came a few girls disgusted voice. Hey Hey great, these girls come at exactly the right time Uh I m sorry I m sorry, we.