Fidget Cube Green s of the braids Hurry to let me go I was Zhizhao Zhao Zhu Zhao The painful ponytail turned and angrily stared at him, Why are you stopping me We have been waiting here for over an hour Pig head You do not see the holy night in a small St. room See him keep walking around, must be anxious If you appear this time, not be broken by his million pieces strange Zheng Zhizhao look, you are dead, the expression, white at me. But but if the little holy out of anything, even if the holy night without looking for my trouble, I have no way to forgive myself ah The more I said the more sad, tears actually out of control, crashed about fell off. Alas Recently the eyes of the heroes as if flooding, tears always go out stinking tears Roll me back into my eyes Zheng Zhizhao eyes wide open, like to see the same monster staring at me. The original you will cry cut The dead bulb head that inexplicable nonsense ah Well, too lazy to care about this guy, I went to see the little saint again. I thought, gulp about swallowing saliva, looked around, while the Holy Night turned Wow yeah See my heroes magic power dodge grass fly I am flying Feifei Ah Stupid Do not go ah Alas Well and so I Zheng Zhaoxiao see me rushing out and rushed out, had to bite the bullet with the up. Hei Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu Wa hahaha The heroes really dodge amazing, only a few minutes, on the clueless to climb the terrace along the water pipey happy because from small to large, no matter what are my brother in every possible way to take care of me, never let me suffer a little bit, but he was too tired to fall ill, although brother Deliberately concealed from me, but I accidentally saw him secretly in medicine that day Holy Night secretly taking medicine I fidget cube green can not believe to lift the raised eyebrows. Ah small Greek can not fidget cube rose tell others Oh Brother do not want to tell others things if someone else fidget cube launch date knows, he will be very unhappy. Woo that I was very clear to me I remember the last time and Zheng Zhizhao found St. Eve and the secret fidget cubes of the twin fidget cube green saints, holy night that the same as the eyes of Hades, I still scared Whole body shivering Well, a little holy I said St. I support from my shoulders fidget cube kickstart down, generous attempts to pat his shoulder, you, now back to the room to rest, your next work by the heroes Come and do it Little Greek You How do you not believe the strength of this hero you Looking at the eyes of the Iraqi suspicious, I could not conceal the pursed his mouth. Oh, no, no Sage quickly waved, I am fidget cube greenyellow afraid you are not familiar with these small files, but there are so many I m afraid Linxi, but Yushu Linfeng, fidget cube midnight God for Yang, the civil and military heroes ah Uh present with civil and military to describe the heroes seem to lack a little convincing ah But it does not matter Hey Because this heroes have a dedicated heart, c.

the roar, the forehead was flying over the mud blocks and stones smashed red. I m furious I Yi Linxi heroes more than fifteen years of rivers and lakes, but also never received such a wronged gas Now, I really can not wait to throw a bomb to raid here Huh. Wait What is that. Just as I was ready to die like a hero standing on the podium, like a fork, a basketball so big shadow suddenly flew toward me flying over Is it comet to hit heroes. Be careful Before I react, holy night suddenly rushed fidget cube gray to hold me tightly in the arms Bang With a muffled, war torn general repair high school playground, suddenly quiet down, a silence A thump of thump. At the moment, my brain is frozen like a cement, eyes straight pestle in place, while a touch of rose flowers, my heart calm uh, no, it should jump more fierce, and feel the heart Have been jumping to the throat It felt like a century after so fidget cube green long, holy night finally gently pushed me, reached out and touched the back spoon. boom Blood blood Holy night bleeding Watch Holy Night was red blood stained fingers, I feel like a sudden feeling in the mine hack Yi Linxi heroes, family genetic haemolymphemia the outbreak Wow ah ah ah ah ah Blood ah Blood ah Bleeding Bleeding ah Help save lives I do not know when, Zheng Zhizhao suddenly rushed to the podium, tightly grasp the podium jump up and down on me. Ah, bald cats Zhaizhao Zhao did not understand how the matter, the hand has been bitte. the devil D snow I pouted like a toothache, looking over the ceiling. The cowardice was not even speak to the loud snow and the face of hateful, sinful evil, sinister and sinister the following omitted the heroes of the devil D billion words evaluation of the devil D look in my mind kept flashing alternately. These two people will be the same person woo how to think can not be ah Dong Dongdong Dong Dongdong what. So late, who is knocking at the door ah I am impatient to get up from the ground, opened the bedroom door, a shadow suddenly jumped up and flew on my body. Little Greek Is me Little St., hum hum I was surprised to see wrapped in a large cotton padded jacket, most of the face is hidden in the neck around the big scarf in the St. Iraq, Little St., it is now a small holy At midnight, yeah, what are you doing here Little Greek, I m so worried about his brother, how could not sleep St. Iraq sucking his nose, hung two lines of crystal bright tears, tears of tears at me. I probe looked outside the corridor to determine that no one found the whereabouts of St. Yi, one of the St. Iraq pulled in, gently closed the door. Little St., I thought you would accompany the Holy Night in the hospital it I want to accompany, but his brother s economic company sent a 24 fidget cube green hour care of him, I have no way to go St. Iraq said, sobbing twice, sadly lowered his head, and and I am a People.ed by a small scarf. Level You have a cold will be transmitted to me. Holy Night to solve their own scarf, around my neck. His scarf is so long Two people around the neck is just good too Xie This heroes just looked up to say thank you to the holy night, even found his face in my five centimeters away from me, I have felt his breathing temperature. How close so close to this hero also not accustomed to that that popular word is called What ignorant A thumping thump I actually have heard their loud heartbeat sound, really hell, this time my mini heart also want to play a march a fragmentation Heroes how can so easily tense rivers and lakes children, what big storms have not seen Yi Linxi, calm Steady A thump of thump. Holy night, you can start shooting Director of this cry really saved my life, I like to turn around and ran like an electric shock. Ah cough Keke I forget the holy night and around the same scarf, he does not move, I was anxious to run, the result is I was like a duck caught throat, face up into an eggplant. Stupid Fatal Holy Night gently off my neck scarf, if nothing had happened to walk through my side, However, as the scourge of life in general you are very long. Keke cough death holy night, you Card, good, very good, Holy Night you play too good cut The director s ass is really first class What is good, I Yi Linxi is not playing with.

Fidget Cube Green a flashlight attentively to see Xiaoqiang, suddenly turned to excitement cried. This guy When action moves so fast What Found I and Zheng Zhizhao, St. Yi together, excitedly toward Xiaoqiang rushed past, along the flashlight beam toward demon stone on a look Holy Night Yes really is the name of that big bastard Bastard is bastard, the name looks so garish Ah Wait This how is this going I pointed to the top of the holy night name, where a knife engraved with a knife, and a rope tied to the lights, and Zheng Zhizhao, Sheng Yi exchange a frightened look, his face suddenly pale. I can not remember correctly, the last holy night on the name, absolutely no such things I try to make their own voice sounds less trembling. Zheng Zhi Zhao touched his chin, looked serious nodded his head Well and if I m not mistaken, these things should be just engraved soon, because the powder around the notch has not yet completely fall In the end who is why so hate my brother St. Iraq looked at the stone was engraved on the devil s holy night s name, nervous was trembling. San Yi woo to see him look like this, my nose is actually some sour how I have become heroic shortness of breath, children love long You, you said that maple just that foot, footsteps will not be Squid said, afraid to swallow saliva. What is it I looked at the squid in confusion. Devil D. Zheng Zhizhao staring at the devil stone, sim.g He suddenly grabbed a microphone from the hands of Xia Mi, facing the playground roared Kou Sha Puxiu high school students, you are so afraid of our high school Fenglin it Dead dead Hear the holy night, general repair high school classmates all quiet down, staring at Leng Leng looked at him. Holy night What do you mean We are not afraid of Prudential high school repair it Kou Sha stood aside, angrily screamed. Are not you afraid of it, and what is the meaning of today s welcome party for me Kou Sha Yi Zheng You what are you talking nonsense What is specially prepared for you to welcome Well, you re very clear fidget cube green in your heart or do you want me to say all the thoughts in your heart Holy Night glanced at him, took a deep breath, his face to restore the placid expression. Everyone in high school students, first of all I want to say is that this time the top ten drama club tournament, we have confidence in Maple High School has the ability to win the championship, and I have sworn, if I can not, I Resigned from the position of the president of the Fenglin High School Student Union. The presence of all the people, hear the words of holy night, all shocked The audience desperately holding a microphone and voice recorder at holy night, wait for the holy night of the breathing sounds are recorded clearly. Fenglin high school will not lose, no matter who the opponent is, but we will not do something in order to win the disg.