Fidget Cube Japan ng Zhizhao along Zheng direction of the fingers looked at the past, scared whole body of the miso bass miso all erected, dumb That is a dangerous animal Absolutely not close Huh Is that so Zheng too scared to scratch his head. Rumbling rumbling Huh what happened. Earthquake. How do I suddenly feel a burst of earth to shake. You say who is the dangerous animal Uh bad Just a small Zheng with too much to play, even forget the King Kong is still behind it Zheng Zhizhao Yi Lin Xi you two dead Wow Help See angry red flushed with water, like angry monsters claws toward us rushed over, I and Zheng Zhaoxao scared apart from anything else, flee Wow Monsters Monsters You two bastards Stop me 6 Smoke smoke I and Zheng Zhaizhao one wore a Himalayan peak group , a look of frustration in the background waiting nervously waiting for the game Fenglin high school students. Water aloof that guy is really hard to start Death of the heroes of the Oh I just miserable Actually be my brother to see me this embarrassing kind Woohoo You two have opinions Woo not good There murderous I turned a hard look Ah ha ha ha Delicate boss How can there be opinions We are discussing how the two play a good fidget cube japan role today This is the best Water Linglong glared at us, his face black and angry at me and Zheng Zhizhao hum, How do you two also wearing casual ah Hurry off The game is about to begin But the exq.ply to say the answer. Heard the demon D these three words, all of us involuntarily covered in a chilled That footsteps are demon D Woo think about it, indeed there is such a possibility If it is his words, then demon D is now perhaps in the Maple Lane Wow ha ha ha ha Wow ha ha ha ha Just when I think of this, the devil at the top of the stone suddenly came a burst of strange laughter Demon D All of us invariably raised his head, facing the place where the sound came screaming horror. Brush it fidget cube white Dim light, we saw the devil stone across a silver arc, and then a burst of rapid pace towards the depths of the footsteps of Maple Lin Maple again quiet down, only a group of distant scared the crow fluttering wings quack barking. All of us like the point of the same point as a motionless standing in situ, looking livid to see the top of the stone stone demon. I am I dreaming We just saw the devil D. 2 Little Greek, you determine the last time the devil D is to open the cabinet St. Iraq pointed to the cabinet in front asked in a low voice. Well, I m sure, I nodded affirmatively. We saw the demon stone in the red maple forest, and then secretly came to the devil D has come to the second address drama club office. The voice in the maple is really demon D Sounds like a woman s voice Why do I feel like a boy s voice Alas like boys and girls must be a Simon Snapped Snapped Snapped I angrily turned around.

N city. Long time without dancing, and heard such a high dance music, my feet involuntarily into the game city. Into the door I straight dance machine, ah, dance king Huh Today fidget cube japan s business is a little lonely thing, only a boy wearing a baseball cap dancing. Is it to know the heroes to come out on the first seat out of it, ha ha ha ha Ding My eyes seem to stay in the dance of the boys who, because his action is really handsome ah Let the people praise the dance king has not yet He just turned that action is particularly beautiful, from my professional and dedicated fidget cube marketing point of view he is an expert This hero is like to make friends, so a good chance to miss. Hey, brother When his music was over, I went over and patted him on the shoulder, Good jump Wow Oh, or a handsome guy God is really a little unfair it, but also made a world envy jealousy and admiration for the perfect character The author of the cold sweat Yi Linxi s voice is this hero is a envy fidget cube peachpuff jealousy and admiration of the perfect figure Oh, the prize. Handsome smile toward me, revealing white teeth, really nice. My name is Yi Linxi, everyone is known as I heroes , was once a junior high school street dance competition champion. I proudly press the nose with the thumb. Give you a Xiaowei, so too arrogant. Hip hop champions Oh The handsome guy laughing eyes bent, My name is Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu Strange name it Oh, my good friends are so called me. Xiao pressure baseball cap pressure. Name Well.s from the high school rushed down from the ground up, grabbed the San Yi and ball three groups. I struggled to stand up from the ground, his hands tightly pressed fidget cube bisque his own shaking his feet shouting non stop. Little hope Boss Well, Yi Linxi, you have no guarantee of their help but also to help them Funny. Kou Sha looked at me disapprovingly, coldly smiled, turned toward the law enforcement team waved his hand, these Fenglin high school s spy first off to the basketball club s warehouse. Seeing the three groups of St. Iraq and the ball to be taken away, I am anxious sweating, cursed against the Kou Sha, Kou Sha You big bastard, smelly goose Eggs, bad eggs, have the ability you singled out with me Yi Linxi What do you say I appeared in front of a grim face. Kou Sha really is too abhorrent, and this heroes will not forgive fidget cube japan you on the day off the charges The chapter of justice on Star of the class of angels Jin Yu Yu Everlasting commitment, Watering the garden of happiness, Gently close your eyes, Whether the smell of the sweet roses. what Brave man, ah, Please hold the sword in your hand to defend the faith of justice. Go ahead, The splendor of the starlight is the eternal symbol of justice. 1 Yi Lin Xi Wake up Yi Lin Xi Woo Who. Early in the morning to bother this heroes to rest, really sick of it I muttered impatiently and frowned and rolled over. Dead pig You re going to be slaughtered, and you re still asleep Wake up Bang Wow It hurts I clu.d Maple s special envoy, really is lucky Jiang Xue Yin smile a bit, looked at me and shook his head. What is the meaning of the special envoy of General and Maple Small hope, you do not know Do not know when to start, general high school and Maple Leaf High School has become a dead end rival.From then on, Maple Leaf high school and general high school will choose a special envoy For the two school students exchange some instruments like things But, who is the envoy of Maple High School ah Really is a hapless ah Wow ha ha ha Ah Jiang Xue Yin one, his face suddenly dark down, Feng Lin high school envoy fidget cube how much does it cost I What is you I was surprised to jump back, staring at the look of frustration Jiang Xueyin, wow ha ha ha I was just joking Snow, you The small Greek hope, I have been accustomed to. Jiang Xue Yin wry smile shook his head, because the contradiction between the two schools is very intense, so every time I went to Puxiu high school, general repair students will bully me What How can the generalist be so excessive I said, the anger of justice was burning in my chest. But why do not you refuse to be a special envoy Because the envoy s identity is the pro president of the Student Council, so I can not refuse and everyone says I am most suitable for the envoy, because the envoy is usually the most humble people, even if Is suddenly one day disappear, no one will notice Snow

Fidget Cube Japan n, I even have nine like a cat life is not enough to play it But but fidget cube japan little hope St. Iraq said, two like crystal tears fidget cube japan in the big eyes flutter flash fluttering. Soft hearted shake struggle Wow I surrender I surrender I have no choice but to give white flag to surrender. Little St. this guy must know that I can not how to order fidget cube resist his delicate and charming offensive, so I decided to eat it Ooo, ooo Sooner or later I will be the worship of the brothers to kill. If holy night to know, then that I Think of the holy night that murderous expression, I scared Gulp about swallowing saliva. Always feel that my head in the neck rickety recently, not very strong ah woo woo woo woo Little hope Why I laughed, turned around and looked at the holy Iraq. In fact, my brother is not so fierce, he just want to protect me brother every day before the happy smile, he said to me, small Iraq has been as happy as my brother Oh Not it Holy Night love to laugh My mind emerge out of a stone to open a mouth, desperately laughing look, could not help but suck down a cold lump. I was very naughty when I was a child, every time my brother came out to help me back the blame. St. Iraq looked down at the floor, long to spit a sigh of relief. Oh, that he is good for you But to others is simply a demon Alas And when did he become so cynical That day, had an appointment with his brother at home with the back script, but I c.easy to Linxi, but known as the goddess of justice heroes ah, how can it become a villain. This is really ridiculous Yes, she is What Yilin Shi still face This is the devil D is really abhorrent what happened. what happened. I just went to the playground, he was stunned by the sight The original ball three group they say is not an exaggeration, the entire campus bulletin boards, fidget cube for sale amazon trunks, walls, teaching building walls As long as the place can stickers, demons are everywhere to denounce the big poster D, large and small, colorful, far from looking, like a layer of candy on the campus to wrap a coat of paper The students around me to see me, just like to see the fly from the toilet out of the green head flies, one by one pull the old face, but also desperately at me pointing, deliberately talking loudly. A burst of north wind blowing, did not make my mind a small flame dissipation, anger in my chest expansion Expansion Hateful it is too abhorrent Is this all students of the guys do it. Holy Night you big bastard I Yi Linxi swear with you endless I angrily shouted to the sky, refused to back the pain, hiss La La to post on the campus of the poster A tear free to the ground down, the students around to see me angry look, all scared retreated from the distance of 10 meters away from me. Huchi Huchi Huchi Huchi I firmly pinch the hands of the posters, eyes staring at the direction of the student office buildings, do not want to.