Fidget Cube Kickstarter why this guy with this despised look at me ah. Well you are so superficial. A sentence from the nose light hum out into my ears. I praise you, you say I am superficial I call you, you have to hit my head You in the end how to ah I angrily jumped up from the ground against the holy night of the Ears cried. Holy night did not pay attention to me, gently took a sigh of relief, from the seat to stand up and went to the window, hand to open the window. I will win because I have a reason for not winning. Why do you Why do you still ask me if you are so confident Oh good excitement Just as I was angry St. night angry, drama club s door, squeaky sound was pushed open, a fat old pier of the white haired old man with a big beer belly, a shake came in Huh This fat old man is not the last night in the Holy Night s student president s office to see the principal it Ah is the principal How come you so late St. Leng Lengle, quickly trotted toward the fat old man walked past. Oh Oh Oh I did not come too much time, disturbing you this Fenglin high school famous couple quarrel Maple High School famous couple I and holy night one, scared almost did not put the teeth are sprayed. Hey, old man What are you here nonsense ah What is my name and Holy Night is a famous couple ah We are well known enemy is almost I angrily rushed to the principal side, crossed the waist and said loudly. Holy Holy Night disapproval of white at me. Oh Ha h.which, my heart suddenly sank The will not I took him to eat a cockroach to put the lunch later become so But but even if there are cockroaches, holy night will not be food poisoning ah I I was just trying to mischief it how could this be. Little Greek Last night I found my brother s lunch box demon D s note Note that our high school drama drama will lose no doubt What How is it possible That lunch box is I bought holy night ah How will Little Greek, do not worry, my brother is not eating lunch boxes of poisoning, because the food in the lunch box brother did not move too Why did not In addition to lunch, holy night also eaten what what correct Coke I remember holy night drinking the bottle of Coke Could it be that No No Do not make jokes Then fidget cube makers the cowardly snow may be how the devil D, usually she did not even speak loudly, how could make so many hateful things Little Greek fidget cube kickstarter youtube St. Iraq s voice choked more and more powerful, and I heard the tears fell on the microphone issued a fluttering sound, My brother has been very worried from last night s game today, this morning When I went to see him at the hospital, the nurse said that he had slipped away from the ward this morning because his brother was idolized and now the whole hospital was looking for him That fucker Why do not even comfortable running around ah I did not sound good sound in front of the microphone cried, the big sister.

in the clear sky, Pouring to the showers, Quietly staring at the sky, Whether to see the dream of hope. Ah Dominate the people, ah, Please lean on a railing to guide a bright future. Resist it, The darkness of evil will not fidget cube kickstarter cover the gorgeous light 1 The arrival of winter, so that the maple tree faded red gorgeous dress, it is particularly bleak. Bare branches shrouded in the dark shadows of the night, while a footsteps from far and near the sound of breaking the quiet around. This is really good here so terrible Even, what are invisible Why, he said, Oh, But also scraping this, such a big wind Squid pulled his cap. He was saying, a burst of north wind whistling blowing over, blowing the branches in the Maple hard desperately shaking, in the dark, looks like a demons Flurry. Suddenly poured into the neck of the cold, so I could not help playing a chill. To tell the truth, it seems really is a bit scary, to know that I fear that the devil heroes that will come and go in the shadow of the night will float floated Slightly Uh what sound. I support the ear to listen to, but suddenly there is no sound. Oh young people always easy to nervousness. M Giggle giggle bang A shadow from the sky, so my jumping moment has been excited, I hugged around a trunk, Guikulanghao up Ghosts there are monsters ah great big ghost Where Wow, m.denly felt difficulty breathing Yi Linxi you actually dare to tease me you are dead today I put like a cat in his mouth, like the mouse, his legs hanging in the air desperately struggling, President Kou Sha Oh You you do not get angry, I fidget cube kickstarter just do not clean the situation Love is not clean Keke What a mess of it But you actually dare to tease me, saying nothing is useless I pinch you Wow Do not do not pinch me Holy night president 6 sided fidget cube Save help ah Kou Sha looked angry purple face, I scared eyes, mouth screaming, desperately to the holy night for help. Well. Holy Night to see me scared pale, actually just quietly hum hum, his head written to the side Wow yeah Smelly stone Anyhow, we are the same school No fidget cube kickstarter need so unfeeling it I am dying while struggling, while shouting at the Holy Night moron. Wow ha ha ha ha Yi Linxi Even the holy night does not help you You obediently by the death of it Kou Sha saw the night without expression to stand on the side, did not intend to hand the idea of rescue, Have to laugh, law enforcement team Bring this stinky girl down I looked at the already angry fidget cube desk toy kickstarter mad Kou Sha, a look of despair sigh. Oh It seems this heroes have to die off today, the skin Ooo Holy night that guy fidget cube kickstarter actually so ruthless Wait a minute. Just when the guys at the general law enforcement team rushed to the rostrum, St. Sud suddenly grabbed Kou Sha s hand, Let go of her. Holy night presiden.genetic an excited to hit burp Uh alas Damn This problem in the end to entangled heroes wrapped around when to Bored to death fidget cube kickstarter youtube me I really want to draw a slap in the face against his face Uh you are afraid of it Uh do not want to be in their own schools Er , but today I can hardly meet your little wish uh Kou Sha every word, I take a burp, than punctuation symbols and spiritual, it seems that my language is also good to learn the broken sentence ah. Woo bad There murderous Yi Lin Xi you have asthma Why interrupt the old to speak Kou murderous face flushed, shouting at me wow. You uh who said asthma, uh you think I uh want to hit belch uh really ugly uh Yi Lin Xi Well, uh Why I turned to look irritable St. night. If you catch a burp hurry to make you look good Woo Cold and cold Holy night this guy really sick He just stared at me shot to the frozen rays, almost to the heroes of the nose frozen out I insist on ineffectively playing a greatly chilled mouth, closed his mouth as far as possible not to sound a burp, but the body is still with a hiccup on a bit about to twitch. Stand, holy night behind the water Linglong fiercely stared at me, turned and walked up a look of serious look at Kou Sha and Pu Xiu high school. I am not a good friend, Of the students. President Kou Sha, I am the captain of the law enforcement team of Fenglin high.

Fidget Cube Kickstarter t irradiation, the ring is a slight trace of the slightest purple light, do not know what the fidget cube philippines ring is made of material, as if crystal clear look The most chic is that the front of the ring carved A very delicate rose Huh This ring really want to give me I looked up and looked surprised people ask purple. Of course it is true the ring has been looking for it to find the next owner of the master fidget cube kickstarter for a long time The next owner What do you mean I was surprised tilted my head looked completely covered with robe cover the purple people. Well, do not ask too much you will understand remember, do not lose this ring Oh Oh Oh, good That being the case, that heroes on the blunt I said, grinning happy to ring in the index finger on the set, as a gift, as to take advantage of this opportunity to let the Heroes and the Supreme You worship a handle, sworn fidget cube darkorenge brothers From the blessed to share, there are difficulties with when the high sense of how ah Wow ha ha ha Oh do not have to sworn, as you send me the same thing as your body Purple people said softly with a smile. Just send me something I pout the whole body touched the upper and lower touched, and finally took out from his pocket a goose soft stone goose handed the hands of purple people. This heroes put this to you This is the heroes picked up on the road, was originally intended to make it into bullets after the whole person s time, but since the Supreme.about the conditions I looked at Kou Sha suddenly approached the face, scared face blue, like a short brain, as there is no sense Wow There murderous Good terrible murderous From the heroes of professional and dedicated perspective, just like the sandstorm in the desert as ruthless Little Greek Kou Sha, you let her Let go of small hope Just as I was scared like a fossil as stiff, Shengyi tightly clinging to my waist desperately pull and pull, you want me Kou Sha s hands to save down. Little girl Kou Sha impatiently frowned, looked down at the desperately breathing heavily in the St. Iraq, You really like to trouble it in. That being the case, then let me see what you really face It. Seeing Kou Sha s hand stretched out to San Yi s feather mask, I tried to break the hand of San Yi, one pushed him to the ball three groups there, you a few Also made what to stay Hurry to me run But little hope Boss We Little Misty Run Wow ha ha ha Do not be so impatient, you have escaped. Kou Sha ring around the arm, watching the ball downstairs to run down the ball three member group and St. Iraq, Yan Lin has just law enforcement team with the students by phone , They have come. what. Student Union law enforcement team. Hear the name of my mind suddenly emerge out of King Kong s face, do not know why, and now I actually would have thought of her Ooo Sure enough, Kou Sha s voice was falling, a group of high school students wearing black uniform.