Fidget Cube Lightcyan ddenly shouted at the rostrum, fidget cube darkred the playground of the students also will burst out of cheering roar Well, not good Just grab my two guys screamed rushed to the rostrum, Yi Linxi she ran away What Escape Kou Sha looked at the two guys panic, angry almost did not put the microphone fell to the ground Devil D escaped How could this be It must have been rescued by Maple High School people Really rude guys I am more and more hate Maple High School Looking at the playground students disappointed expression, Kou Sha s side of the mouth suddenly Qiao up, exposing the teeth shining white dense coldness Oh students, Yi Linxi escape, just to prove her guilty conscience Her insignificant face, is the best illustration of Maple Leaf high school students Pilipala boom Shut up Shut up Shut up Things simply is not the fidget cube amazon case I finally unbearable, as detonated detonated explosives, like, suddenly jump out from behind the flower beds roared against Kou Sha, Kou Sha Who told you the Heroes escape 3 Ah Devil D She is the devil fidget cube mintcream D Yes, she is Fenglin high school Yi Linxi Last time I was in the snack street, also saw her eating King meal snack shop owner to recover it My God, how are the students in Maple High School so bad You guys give me a shut I crossed my lap and frowned at the boiling playground. Hmmm The heroes really magical I was such a roar, the fidget cube for anxiety pupils on the playground repair all closed his mouth, staring at me. I bit his teeth cold hum hum, stop the flow of the same, a silence. After a long time, holy night finally sighed. Call In fact, I have been suspected of this matter. What, then, my brother, you suspect that the devil D is a general person slightly Why do you have to say that the small Greek is the devil D it Yeah Really worthy of the heroes of the brothers thanks to the good This question is really very good Holy night this guy really want the communist private enemies, framed framed, obviously know that demon D may be general repair people, but also hard to charge the head of the deduction to the heroes, it is too abhorrent Because of the time and place of the demon D, Yi Lin Xi was the students will be caught on the spot, but also found the key from her pocket.Now students and students believe that she is a demon D, if She can not prove herself, even if I do not believe her. Humph Smelly Holy Night Usually face stretched like a toilet stone as stinky and hard, did not think so actually will find an excuse But my brother, so little is not very unfair to Greece And let the devil D impunity I have heard someone in the general high school student s office to see the picture we lost.This thing I have sent to investigate, and if things are true, perhaps Yi Linxi can elute his charges. Really Holy Eve heard the words, St. Iraq pleased clapping his hands. Well, but Even if Yi Linxi is not a demon D, she has violated the 11 high school rules, is the dictator.

ed by a small scarf. Level You have a cold will be transmitted to me. Holy Night to solve their own scarf, around my neck. His scarf is so long Two people around the neck is just good too Xie This heroes just looked up to say thank you to the holy night, even found his face in my five centimeters away from me, I have felt his breathing temperature. How close so close to this hero also not accustomed to that that popular word fidget cube lightcyan is called What ignorant A thumping thump I actually have heard their loud heartbeat sound, really hell, this time my mini heart also want to play a march a fragmentation Heroes how can so easily tense rivers and lakes children, what big storms have not seen Yi Linxi, calm Steady A thump of thump. Holy night, you can start shooting Director of this cry really saved my life, I like to turn around and ran like an electric shock. Ah cough Keke I forget the holy night and around the same scarf, he does not move, I was anxious to run, the result is I was like a duck caught throat, face up into an eggplant. Stupid Fatal Holy Night gently off my neck scarf, if nothing had happened to walk through my side, However, as the scourge of life in general you are very long. Keke cough death holy night, you Card, good, very good, Holy Night you play too good cut The director s ass is really first class What is good, I Yi Linxi is not playing with.pilgrimage night s office rushed past Ya Ya Ya Yeah Asshole holy night You better not pray I will not meet you, or I will let you look good 4 Stop, Yilinxi, where are you going I was about to burst into the student office building, water suddenly jumped out from the next Delicate, blocking the door of the office building. Alas Is the water Linglong This guy is the holy night of the running dog, again hindered it Slip I suddenly a brakes to stop down, crossed the gas bulging to stare at the water exquisite. Get out of here, I m going to the Great Swindler. You are now a public enemy of Maple High School, you actually dare to speak out on the holy night , Water Linglong eyebrows are all crowded in the eye. Together, facing me hum hum rip cried. I am too lazy to tell you that I want to go to the Holy Night to discuss a fair I am angry to the big one. I am so angry that I have to say to you, Roar, without any explanation to push water is exquisite, forcibly broke into the student union office building. I push I push I push the push Wow yeah Water Delicate This guy is to eat iron grew up The heroes struggling to push her to one side, the results most of the day, she was still in place to pestle. Yi Linxi, Yi Linxi, you do not in vain, and say I am also a judo black belt, and I want to fight you tender Water Delicate triumphantly laughing, turned toward the move behind fidget cube joystick the beckoned, you A few over, give me 24 hours a day to closely monitor Yi Lin Xi She really are not afraid of ah, you see, last semester skipping students in the 80 of the roster is your name Water Linglong roar, towards me still a black notebook. Eighty percent So exaggerated you I remember many times, this heroes are unconscious, with my Octopus God hook over the wall out of ah I pouted, with a look of suspicion rolled the Notepad. Yi Linxi Yi Lin Xi Yi Lin Xi Yi Lin Xi Wow yeah No way King Kong really no exaggeration, so thick a notebook, which actually are basically Yi Lin Xi these three words Originally the name of the heroes so attractive ah Oh Oh Oh But hum This hero is now different now King Kong Ok You do not make a mistake Is the holy night president personally said to the heroes to help him deal with the affairs of the school I now approve myself, Yi Lin Xi, out of school what Looked at the look of water Linglong surprised look, I triumphantly lugging the eyebrows thrown off the ponytail, chest rise to go outside the school gate I can not let you continue to destroy the law fidget cube lightcyan of the school You look at this week, Feng Lin High school have become what it This week Hey, King Kong, you see everyone this week have been very happy Fenglin high school should have been like this, ah What is the 13 rules that somehow it I disagree from the water thrown a supercilious look, his hands to a pocket of a plug, turn the direction of the water from the side will go near the Delica.

Fidget Cube Lightcyan ess flash, I kicked him kicked out, and then quickly remove the crown, thrown to his side. What people School police heard the news, and immediately ran in the direction of Zheng Zhizhao past. Wow Yi Lin Xi I m not finished with you Ah He s running I and San Yi, three groups of balls hiding in the corner of the dark, listening to Zheng Zhizhao screams and school police gradually gone footsteps, greatly relieved. Little hope, do so Zhizhi him St. Iraq looked at the direction of Zheng Zhizhao escape, do not worry to ask. Rest assured that the small holy Zheng Zhizhao himself said to protect you, ah He is just to achieve his promise I bad laugh red St. blink fidget cube lightcyan blink of an eye, say, sacrifice one or fidget cube set two on the road of revolution Comrade is inevitable it Moreover, Zheng Zhizhao is the fastest in all of us, to do bait, he is the first to bear the brunt of it Woo fidget cube deeppink small Greek seems to be very reasonable but I still worry about Well, you do not worry about it We have to continue to complete the devil action it Right ah, the ball three groups I turned to the lucky oneself was not selected to do bait ball three Pick pick eyebrows. Ah right ah Boss put it very reasonable Ha ha ha Well, first regardless of so much, we quickly go to the student union office, find Maple throwing the drawings to say it I said, stood up and rushed the others vertical vertical thumb, turned along the wall to move forward. Little hope Little hope Look ove.ntion the death of my opponent holy night That assistant, I just want to go back to rest, the director does not play out of play, You see, this is just making pictures of the posters, very beautiful, right fidget cube lightcyan This gives you Our holy night Ah, really handsome Oh nausea This heroes do not want this kind of woman thing but That against the background of the rainbow in the rainbow of the two handsome beauty really really is that I stink with that stone Scarf wrapped in a sweet kiss the first explosion was the wind seemed to be a natural level of the really really the United States My hand involuntarily took over, so I had to return to God when the embarrassed to say I that I that The toilet over there director for me a thoughtful direction. woo woo woo woo Miss, I ll take you here, you go back and have a good rest. Oh, thank you Oh, the driver brothers After a period I directed the driver a Baoquan, watched his car to leave. That holy holy night is really not a little conscience, after the use of the heroes kicked me back, to catch the next notice of their own. Humph This account I will come back I angrily directed at fidget cube lightcyan the air waved his fist. Little Greek you finally back Mom I just turned and saw a snowman sitting in the doorway. Little hope is me ah Little St. Snowman stood up at once, the body of the snow flu.