Fidget Cube Lightpink school is fighting for the top ten places in the province of Xinghua places, if we were arrested, it is not what board meat, Will die miserable Who Hiding is also useless I have just heard the voice of the Really, tomorrow is going to start fidget cube lightpink school, you these students so late also came to school trouble Really no rules Woo sounds, we heard the voice of the school police seems to have more than one person too Bad This is the next thing is getting harder and harder School police holding a flashlight, according to Zhao Zhaozhao, want to find our hiding place. Suddenly, the yellow light flashlight to block in front of us when the bushes, actually stopped not good Is I we were found it. We forced to hold your breath, nervous heart straight sweating. Huang, that there is a long thin behind the grove, what is it A flashlight beam shook beside us, came a confused voice. Thin long things what not good Could it be said that the head of the heroes Zheng Zhaizhao crown that pull the rest of the feathers. I raised my eyes and looked up Ooo Really good, the heroes only to hide their own, actually forget the head of the feathers to be higher than the bush Others seem to have found this fact, have looked at me with extreme contempt of the eyes, of course, except for a good little holy. Thin long Do not know but we have a look in the past to know. Blah blah Blah blah Listening to the police footsteps getti.shrimp mentioned the name It turned out that this guy is the president of the students ah really disrespectful ah Hey I lugged his eyebrows, turned his head and exchanged a surprise in the eyes of Iraq, tiptoe, continue to follow up. Kou Sha thought for a moment, and answered in a low voice Well, anyway, would rather believe it has, not credible, and as far as I know, seven years ago, he has always been in accordance with the note that the work has never been biased, and now he should come back That would be the case. Well, indeed, this time he wanted something that was crucial to us, and it was absolutely right to take a look. Do not say so much time, almost time, we have to be faster. Kou Sha and Lin Lin suddenly accelerated with the pace, Today, if I Kou Sha caught him, he will die ugly. Strange They just said he in the end who is it Listen to their tone, as if very happy. In particular, the phrase die very ugly Although the heroes often say this, but do not know fidget cube lightpink why, this sentence from Kou Sha s mouth to say, I feel good cruel, and even smell the bloody taste But first do not want so much to continue the implementation of Devil action fidget cube 3d print matter Huchihuchihuchi Climb a layer and a layer along the stairs, turn around and around, and finally, the five of us finally panting climbed to the top fidget cube lightpink floor. Huh Boss, we have come to an end ah, the staircase above only a door ball three groups fearfully h.

tching raw pain ass, rubbed his sleepy eyes dim eyes, climb back on the ground, civet cat Civet cats This is not a general high school basketball club s warehouse There are so many civet cats You want to die Dare to call me civet cats In front of the black and white stripes big civet cats, punch knocked in the same as the turtles around the climb jump up my head, You fool I m here to save you help me. Hearing this sentence, still in a state of semi drowsiness I finally wake up, eyes wide turned around and saw Ah Bulb head is you Nonsense Zheng Zhizhi angrily agreed to. He suddenly covered my mouth, dragged me into the dark warehouse. Wow, this winter vacation is great You know what I heard that Sun will attend the opening ceremony this morning Really Then let s go Call good danger Listening to the sudden from the door after the voice of the two girls drifting away, I and Zheng Zhizhao greatly relieved. You this stupid woman Every time you almost killed As this continues, I Zhengzhao Zhao s life sooner or later ruined in your hands Cut Less nonsense I pouted and rushed Zheng Zhizhao Fei flew a supercilious look, stand up in the warehouse there is a high window on the outside looked out, Great now no one outside, we hurry out It okay Do not agree with me and Zheng Zhizhao views, the warehouse door gently opened a crack, eyes conspire door edge alert to look out. Woo no one a good opportunity I looked up and Zhe.words, Holy Night should be in this direction somewhere fishes Smelly girl Do not run Rogue panting shouting behind me, my head are too lazy to look back, just look at both sides of the side of the alley, while continuing to move forward. what and many more The right side of the alley seems to lay a man. I was surprised to suddenly stop the car, quickly slipped into the alley, lying in the alley next to the man squatting down. Soft maroon hair, slender neck, there is a touch of roses my heart thump thump thumping, gently to the ground turned a look My God Really he Holy Night Weekdays in the publicity of him, and now actually like a discarded puppet, wearing a dusty and gray does not slip off the footprints of the shirt, whole body is hurt to lay there motionless, looks So helpless. I squatted on his side, eyes wide open eyes can not believe in watching holy night, the brain for a time do not know how to react. Take me to the theater Huh Just that the wind as light as the sound is holy night talking Take me to the theater Is he really he I was surprised to see him as dry as the rose petals lips, slightly co authored, could not help but suck down a cold lump. St. night coughing a few times, struggling to open the still bleeding eyes, surprised at me. You Yi Lin Xi Ah Yes, yes I Hear my name, I suddenly wake up, nod the head of the force real fidget cube of the answer. Yi Linxi, fast, take me to the theater The.high school for so many years, the previous management of the entire school student president, is the holy night president of the best I believe him Uncle said, pilgrimage Iraq cast a praise of the eyes. what Holy Night is the best This strange uncle s mind Xiudian it Good or bad points are not clear, actually said that the stinking stone is the best cut Uncle St. Iraq surprised to see Uncle, eyes flashing. If you can not prove that they are not the devil D, live up to the holy fidget cube lightpink night president of your trust, my old bones will not let you Hearing it a fidget cube Uncle said, nostrils greatly flushed me and Zheng Zhizhao hum hum, fidget cube copper turned into the communication room, shut the door. Humph This old man really is a personality I served YOU I pouted, angrily climbed up from the ground, thump a bit of dust on the body, pulled the back of the bag. Little Greek, Chi chiu, you okay Little St. sorry to see us ask. Zheng Zhi Zhao bent arm, triumphantly out of a piece of muscle on the arm. Zheng Zhizhao, a small arm. Then we quickly go to the library now, and so will be under the class more than one, it is not easy to deal with. Little St. worried that some frowned. Well, then we ll go Zheng Zhi Zhao and I followed behind in St., walked into the top floor of a library of bronze in a small iron gate. Wow wow I did not expect our school there is such a beautiful place I looked up in surprise at the vaulted ceilings of the secret library, carved murals on the walls, an.

Fidget Cube Lightpink Silver moonlight path, Gorgeous Christmas fireworks, A blossoming fireworks, blooming in the festive night sky, illuminated the whole city, but also illuminated the city of Hongfeng, one of the four mysterious universities Maple High School. Tonight s Maplewood High School, without exception, was dressed beautifully by the students the iconic maple branches were dotted with sparkling lights, colorful balloons, and blessing cards tied with ribbons, everything seemed so Warm and romantic. After the fire burned white smoke rising, slowly drifting to the campus over, so that some of the original dark night sky is more complicated and confusing. The smell of smoke in the air, it is a little boring people get breath. The excitement of the cheers and blessings, far from the streets outside the campus to upload. However, at this moment, Fenglin high school auditorium was suddenly enveloped in darkness, caught in a panic What s the matter Who stepped on my feet Who pushed me Do not Kobayashi, where are you I am here Sudden darkness, so that this can accommodate 10,000 people into an unprecedented confusion in the auditorium. The clatter of the chair, the chaos of footsteps, the cry of the crowd, the curse, and the darkness of the darkness. Everyone in the panic to explore the way out, while screaming to find their own companions, who fidget cube with 10 color schemes did not notice a burst of rapid footsteps gradually disappeared from the stage. In the footsteps disappear a few s.glin high school students stared at the night looking at the excitement of the Holy Night, touched by a time speechless. Kacha Kacha Kacha Kacha Journalists have held a microphone, word of mouth to record the holy night just said, those who come to finding fault fidget cube lightpink Pu Xiu high school students, hear the words of the holy night just began to shake. No Song Yoon children broke the silence of a cry, In any case, I do not agree with the vice president of the holy night, president of resignation, not to mention the game has not lost are still not sure of it Words ah Oh Oh Oh Fat principal fidget cube pictures smiled and touched the stomach, turned around and looked at the Holy Night and Maple Leaf high school students, Well, because I was to fight the organizing committee to get us to get a To participate in the qualifying opportunity, then the Holy Night just now we have to retain the decision, the final results come out before the first night for the first time in the night of Fenglin High School Students Association duties, Kou Sha students, how do you think Kou Sha looked at the principal Lengle Leng, his face flushed because fidget cube gif of anger. Well Acting on the agent Even if you escaped this time, but if you meet us in the game Pu Xiu high school, we will still beat you the same We go Kou Sha finished, ferocious stare The holy night and I, turned to lead the general high school students left the maple high school entrance. Uh you stupid, but also by the heroes guess it I lo.