Fidget Cube Lightsalmon into the water, splashing in the sea a big spray. One second two seconds A little bit of time in the past, I bite the lips looked at the north wind blew desperately beat the pier of the water, pulling the heart tightly. Crashed Just as I was nervous to suffocate, when a person holding a sudden rise in the surface of the sea of St. Little St. Little St. saved Wow Wow Wow Wow Because the spirit suddenly relaxed down, my tears like the flood gate to go out as hard as the flood. I shouted toward the embrace of the holy Iraq to go ashore the hero flew in the past This hero Thank you for saving my brother ah This hero is really not that newspaper, as we take this opportunity to worship a handle, since then when the difficulties with, blessed to share Easy Lin hope While I chatter to the hero to express the heroes of continuous gratitude, a familiar voice suddenly got into my ear, so I could not help but called a big shivering Uh I will not be wrong This cold even the sun will be the voice of the sun frostbite In addition to holy night there will be no others I panicked to look a little bit upwards Hero clothes and hair has been completely soaked in water, drops down the drops of water, hair attached to the face, covering half of the face, but from his eyes, frozen light emitted and The danger index is high to allow the heroes of the alarm system to explode. In addition to St. Iraq s brother, Fenglin high school stu.the janitor in the back with me and Zheng Zhizhao, his face was like a splashed gloomy Black ink, Kacha look to us in the door. Uncle, and so on Into the door of the St. Iraq surprised and quickly folded back, Uncle, the two of them are my friends Friends Uncle heard the words of St. Iraq, was shocked, St. night president, how can you make friends with the public enemy of Maple High School Demon D high school on the hazards and destruction of Maple, you do not know, we Absolutely can not tolerate the two scourges in the school for all kinds of evil ah Hey Dead old man What the scourge of the scourge You said enough is not ah Zheng Zhizhao finally could not resist, and lying on the iron gate on the gatekeeper uncle screaming angrily, tell you, we are today To investigate the clues of the devil D, to fidget cube lightsalmon prove our innocence Uncle heard Zheng Zhizhao, then burst into a burst of laughter, Well I am in Maple Leaf high school library for decades when the janitor, and you say is true or false, do not I listen to not Come out In this case, then you put us into ah I anxious, along with Zheng Zhizhao lying on the iron gate ghost shouting ghosts. it is good What Good Ah Before we return to God, uncle brush friends look at the iron gate opened There is no mental preparation of me and Zheng Zhizhao, a center of gravity instability, splash and the ground came a love KISS. You two small things, today I look at the holy night president s face, let you come in Fenglin.

uisite adults, can we change sets of good looking costumes to wear ah The heroes wear this set is too bad I firmly grasped his big cotton jacket, discontent with muttering, Want to do the final dying struggle. You can pair of virtues, wear the suit the most suitable for Hurry to me off Shui Linglong cried, holding fist would hit my head over it I know I pouted, the boss is not willing to pull down the coat of the zipper Bang You you Zheng Zhaoxu surprised to stare at the front of the eyes looking at the back of a green inflatable turtle shell, head also tied a red cloth of my eyes all mouth Into a big O , GOD fidget cube green Ninja Turtles Puchi wow ha ha ha ha Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtles I blushed, angrily Feiqi kick kicked on the DPRK toward the past, have the ability to put your costumes are also bright out, so that the big of the big bulb Do you want to die Man look Woo Zheng Zhixu hesitated a moment, write a look at me and looking serious water exquisite, tweak to squeeze to take off his coat Bang is heard, with Zheng Zhi Zhao s coat just landed, a red shell from his back to play out Wow ha ha ha Dead bulb You are not better than I go ah You dead crab And others are fried off Wow ha ha ha Smelly turtle Do not laugh at me You crabs dare to squeeze my face Look at my flying kick Ah, I ll kill you Woohoo You two bastards to stop me Water and saw me and Zhi chiu Chiu Chiu Chiu not fight a big fight, angry.other ah Next to the ball three people group suddenly like electricity to the eel, dragging heavy head, in the maple forest channeling to channeling. I was dying to pull their own help tree shivering. Hey pig From the top of my head suddenly drift down the sound, in exchange for my more tragic screams. what. How the trunks will speak, but also curse finished over, we must meet the Journey to the West inside the dead tree fine Stupid, I you see it a little bit just fall just one branch Zheng Zhizhao furious, so that the confusion in the maple forest was fixed, as fidget cube lightsalmon quiet down. Well I carefully looked up uh how my life saving tree into a bulb head. I carefully looked to the side Well that fall from the sky of the monster, a section of the branches off the weakly lying on the ground. Oh ha ha ha, I used the speed of light time jump to the ground, is the so called horse will fall, people will fidget cube release fall, I just accidentally made a small mistake to judge. I finished quickly ass ass leave. but This small thing is not stop the pace of the heroes of the advance Now is 10 30 pm, the heroes of today s combat plan is Sneak into the maple forest, fidget cube update see the piece fidget cube adult of evil that made this heroes evil evil stone, and then find clues to prove that they are not demons D Wrong ah I Yushu Linfeng, the total justice of God and women who worship, and now actually fell into the high school Fenglin days.fist will be punched in the top of our head punched out two big hills. Water Delicate Water Delicate Holy night to the president Huh Song Yun children Strange, what happened Song Yun children look like a very scared look, cold sweat flow out. I covered the head of the mountain, but could not cover the heroes than the Galaxy even greater curiosity. fidget cube lightsalmon I picked pick eyebrows, ears toward the Song Yun Er and the direction of the water scrape together Minato. fidget cube bronze There are ten minutes the game is about to begin, we are the first appearance, but the holy night president has not yet. Song Yun children looked at the watch, said impatiently. I ve been calling him from now on, but nobody in his room, the phone is closed. This can be how to do Hearing the water Linglong, Song Yun Er anxious straight stomping. Suddenly, Song Yun Er s eyes lit up Delicate You say St. night president will be out of anything You mean demon D Water Linglong voice faded, Song Yun children and the eyes will be exquisite water, like the needle stabbed at me over. I hesitated, and quickly waved and fidget cube lightsalmon shouted. Hey, you do not talk nonsense, this is nothing to do with me Song Yun children almond eyes round stare, hard to punch me hum hum. In case the holy night will grow out of something Yi Linxi, you must not get off the line Well Delicate we go, go to the holy night president of the phone it is good. what. These two unreasonable guy What is certain that I can not get away.

Fidget Cube Lightsalmon Shua Shua to head turned to me, desperate towards the heroes launched hatred light. No Wrong The teacher stared at me bitterly, fiercely said, is Qin Hui The bad guys will not have a good end Bad bad in the canteen Aunt I want green pepper fried meat, tomato scrambled eggs, pork feet and twice cooked pork, as well as braised eggplant Hangcha Hangcha Hangcha Hangcha Huh Aunt ears not good I just said she did not seem to hear the same, but self serving back to me, busy in the kitchen. Aunt I want to eat meat I took a breath, simply put his head into the window, facing the aunt shouting. Hangcha Hangcha Hangcha Hangcha Aunt enough Aha Great Aunt finally heard my call, turned his head But why she frowned so tight, but also exposed a disgusted look Aunt I want to eat meat I Leng Leng looked more and more rapid breathing aunt, voice said little. Well, we do not give you meat here Aunt angrily shouted at me, that posture as if I have a big hatred with her like the same. What No meat What are these I asked indifferently, pointing to a row of hot, spicy dishes in the window. Aunt looked at me contemptuously, humming a cold arm fidget cube lightpink around. These Well These are high school children to Fenglin to eat I am not interested in the scourge of your high school Fenglin was raised in vain Actually want to harm holy night president, it is too much the scourge Mad at me, think of it I feel indignant resentment, but.e law, there is one is not allowed to fall in love. Did not think you not only take the lead in violation, but also and Maple High School public enemy smell congenial Oh do not know this thing was Fenglin students know, how will What Pilipala Pilipala You just said who is the public enemy of Maple Who said that the devil in the holy night and fall in love ah I head down the wind, his face asked aloud evil spirits. Xia Mi s brother looked at me cool to bubbling shape, excitedly holding the face screaming. You two shut up original fidget cube for me fidget cube lightsalmon Xia Mi angrily knocked at their heads on both fists, turned a bad grin staring at me, I just said is not you How do you want to fight me Less nonsense Than what, hurry up I brush friends, the heroic lofty threw the warm coat to the St. Iraq. Oh yeah Well cold I called a big shiver. Shrimp looked at me, his eyes flashing thief light, the hand suddenly toward the pier next to the sea a means, If so, we will lively bones, then we come to swimming than Hey, do not you Who can swim long in the water, even who wins Little Greek No it Now so cold, you This is the heroes must win you Ranging from the words of St. I finished, blood on the Bay of my flap two kicked off the shoes. Look at my dolphin type jump I co palm high leaps in the snow to draw a beautiful color of the arc. Uh and so on I always feel as if forgotten what What is it I quickly fell to the surface of the water, while.