Fidget Cube Lightslateblue u understand Woo St. night breathing heavily, struggling to raise his head, suddenly forced me to push forward, jumped down from my back, staggering forward two steps. Holy night What are you doing I looked at him with excitement and flushed face surprised. St. night weak leaning on the wall, slowly turned his head and looked at me firmly. I m going to the theater to play. You re crazy You simply can not play the game ah My word is finished, holy night shouted angrily interrupted me, I to go I absolutely can not lose Stight looking at the application of St. night, I puzzled to breathe a sigh of relief. Why do you want to be so obsessed To the principal s agreement, or to the treasure Holy night turned on the wall, desperately supporting trembling feet do not let yourself fall. He swallowed a panting breath, looked up at me. I to I love the people I promised her to give her happiness For your favorite people I stared, repeating the words of the holy night. This this guy is serious. By the way, I remember that he used to say similar words I am willing to pay for my favorite people all their own, and even life Why Who is his favorite people in the end Why the Holy Night to pay so much for her Thought of this, my heart suddenly burst of gratuitous sour, chest Biede uncomfortable. Woo hateful Why do I have to say this guy with you so much Holy Night to see me students, the water is exquisite Our president today, physical discomfort, if you have anything, please come back another day Koudha, with his arms, fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety raised his eyebrows and sneered, and looked at the water with a serene look, Oh, the holy night, even if the president does not want to honor his promise, he can not find such a bad excuse Kou Sha president, please do not be too fidget cube lightslateblue much of what you have to me See Kou Sha aggressive, the water would like to rush forward to find Kou Sha theory, but was holy night to pull back. President Kou Sha, what are you going to do today Ha ha ha ha Heard the holy night of the questioning, Kou Sha burst into a sudden burst of laughter, Do you remember the memorandum, you do not remember our agreement Heard Kou Sha s words, holy night whole body startled. I remember that Since I remember today is to see the holy night president is how to fulfill their commitments Kou Sha said, suddenly raised his finger pointing to the holy night of the nose cried, Holy Night You obediently Resign the resignation of the student union president Kacha Kacha Kacha Kacha Kou Sha s voice had just fallen, a group of reporters carrying a camera suddenly from the general repair high school crowd behind fidget cube creator the Chung out, facing the Holy Night is a Kuangpai Holy night watching the reporter suddenly came out, some unpleasant lift lift eyebrows, but did not speak. Hateful exquisite water forcefully holding fist, tightly staring.

Shua Shua to head turned to me, desperate towards the heroes launched hatred light. No Wrong The teacher stared at me bitterly, fiercely said, is Qin Hui The bad fidget cube amazon review guys will not have a good end Bad bad in the canteen Aunt I want green pepper fried meat, tomato scrambled eggs, pork feet and twice cooked pork, as well as braised eggplant Hangcha Hangcha Hangcha Hangcha Huh Aunt ears not good I just said she did not seem to hear the same, but self serving back to me, busy in the kitchen. Aunt I want to eat meat I took a breath, simply put his head into the window, facing the aunt shouting. Hangcha Hangcha Hangcha Hangcha Aunt enough Aha Great Aunt finally heard my call, turned his head But why she frowned so tight, but also exposed a disgusted look Aunt I want to eat meat I Leng Leng looked more and more rapid breathing aunt, voice said little. Well, we do not give you meat here Aunt angrily shouted at me, that posture as if I have a big hatred with her like the same. What No meat What are these I asked indifferently, pointing to a row of hot, spicy dishes in the window. Aunt looked at me contemptuously, humming a cold arm around. These Well These are high school children to Fenglin to eat I am not interested in the scourge of your high school Fenglin was raised in vain Actually want to harm holy night president, it is too much the scourge Mad at me, think of it I feel indignant resentment, but.him good looking Humph Just when my heart desperately struggling to take the opportunity fidget cube lightslateblue to escape, the purple people suddenly come up with a pair of cards from the cloak handed me in front. This is the Tarot card Today I use this to help you calculate the fortune Tarot Purple people did not bother my eyes, self serving to me according to his request out of the card on the table put on a strange formation, and then opened one by one. Call wonderful this fate is too wonderful Wonder There What is wrong with the place I heard the words purple people, I am curious to ask. Well little girl thorns wrapped in roses, Gemini in the protection of staggered, can be traced to the first pious happiness Woo the Supreme, you say too deep, fidget cube lightslateblue and the heroes do not understand it Trouble you clear that good or bad I have some crazy to scratch his head and said. You will fidget cube lightslateblue understand little girl, as long as you follow your own soul, I believe you will make fidget cube plum genuine fidget cube the best choice Follow your own mind Finally, there is a sentence of this hero Daoshi listen to understand, and that is why they want to chant But so also Little girl purple people see me still hesitated to look hesitantly, from his fingers off a ring to me, This ring you receive well, he will bring you lucky Oh I took the ring and sat by the light of the candle and looked right to see. Woo in the of the dead, Deadly arm around his neck, pulling the throat desperately screaming woo woo woo woo I Yi Linxi, nicknamed the invincible thunderbolt, the gods of justice, justice and justice, only one weakness is family genetic hemifacia. Bang Oh Alas bastard holy night, count you ruthless This guy saw me crazy look, actually apart from anything else, arm waved how to use fidget cube back, facing my forehead to the strokes of this heroes stunt head split This guy that does not know Lianxiangxiyu it. Thump My forehead braved a ray of smoke, the whole portrait was crushed as the frog splash fell to the ground, his eyes turned into two big black fork Call is really a stupid Holy Night on the ground looking at me, reluctantly sighed. Warmth warm Strange now is not winter Why do I feel so warm dizziness, dizziness to continue Do not know how long, I struggled, eyes opened a seam Ah holy night He actually took off his coat off to cover my body, wearing only a white sweater, holding me against the north wind down the hill to go A thump of thump. The original Holy Night arm so powerful even the last time Zheng Zhizhao carrying me to escape, the shoulder is a bit swinging, but he was effortlessly holding me in the arms And, although usually always a cold face, but his arms are really warm and his heart, like a beautiful drum, rhythmically beating Coupled with a hint o.

Fidget Cube Lightslateblue g high to set off, blown window frame flap straight ring. The air in the room seems to be solidified, the dull was some breathless, even the wall clock pointer, walk up all seem so difficult. Silence silence silence Zheng Zheng Zhizhao you and you you you see I stood rigidly in place, any curtains kept playing in my body. I was tightly buckled arm Zhizhao Zhao, as if I was waking up what a whole Jiling, frightened eyes wide open, his face turned lividly turned at me. I see see fidget cube mintcream the Holy Night there are two Zheng Zhi Zhao finished the last word, almost to cry out. You you you you see that then that that I was not dreaming Ah Zheng Zhi Zhao hard to hold back the word, forced nodded his head. boom A super mushroom cloud on my head exploded, and blown my eyes to take Golden Flower. Mother Two holy nights Actually there are really two holy nights How could there be two holy nights. Usually a holy night has been enough for me a headache, and now they jumped out of a surprise I looked at the holy night with a wistful face and gently placed another in a coma on fidget cube lightslateblue a bed covered with light blue sheets, and then slowly turned his head, his eyes as cold as ice picks towards me and Zheng Zhaizhao stabbed over. Squeak A burst of biting cold wind got into my neck, I seem to hear the door of hell behind me slowly open the sound You two W.uisite adults, can we change sets of good looking costumes to wear ah The heroes wear this set is too bad I firmly grasped his big cotton jacket, discontent with muttering, Want to do the final dying struggle. You can pair of virtues, wear the suit the most suitable for Hurry to me off Shui Linglong cried, holding fist would hit my head over it I know I pouted, the boss is not willing to pull down the coat of the zipper Bang You you Zheng Zhaoxu surprised to stare at the front of the eyes looking at the back of a green inflatable turtle shell, head also tied a red cloth of my eyes all mouth Into a big O , GOD Ninja Turtles Puchi wow ha ha ha ha Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtles I blushed, angrily Feiqi kick kicked on the DPRK toward the past, have the ability to put your costumes are also bright out, so that the big of the big bulb Do you want to die Man look Woo Zheng Zhixu hesitated a moment, write a look at me and looking serious water exquisite, tweak to squeeze to take off his coat Bang is heard, with Zheng Zhi Zhao s coat just landed, a red shell from his back to play out Wow ha ha ha Dead bulb You are not better than I go ah You dead crab And others are fried off Wow ha ha ha Smelly turtle Do not laugh at me You crabs dare to squeeze my face Look at my flying kick Ah, I ll kill you Woohoo You two bastards to stop me Water and saw me and Zhi chiu Chiu Chiu Chiu not fight a big fight, angry.