Fidget Cube Limegreen y see the scene in front of, apart from anything else, turned to go out the door. Oh, do not know how, I suddenly want to go to the toilet again I, I also Box is good, so boring As we one, an hour later back, back I just want to see what Oh You just did not see anything Woo that the three pig s head, I really do not know what their minds in mind I angrily kick it Zheng Zhizhao to kick to the ground, depressed to sit up on the sofa, a lot of a bit of Zheng Zhizhao baby phone. Alas in the end is what the photo is so mysterious ah Dead bulb actually made a pair of desperate look to grab the phone but that fool is now dizzy, it is better to take a look now and say, great, so he woke up this heroes do not know what to install Hey hey I grinning mouth thief laugh a few times, thumbs slowly toward the phone press in the past fidget cube limegreen Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong what The phone rang I lifted his eyebrows, did not like fidget cube limegreen to press the answer button. Hey, I m Yi Lin Xi easy heroes, which is your friend on the road ah Huh Little Greek is your little Greek hope I am a small holy The phone came an urgent voice. Little St. is you So late oh Hello Little holy Is my ah I am wise Chi Chiu ah Ha ha ha Humph Strongly despise this idiot bald I heard small St. word, he actually like to eat the nine back to the soul of Dan, the same as wind look at the jump from the ground up, a hand from my hands.u understand Woo St. night breathing heavily, struggling to raise his head, suddenly forced me to push forward, fidget cube pink jumped down from my back, staggering forward two steps. Holy night What are you doing I looked at him with excitement and flushed face surprised. St. night weak leaning on the wall, slowly turned his head and looked at me firmly. I m going to the theater to play. You re crazy You simply can not play the game ah My word is finished, holy night shouted angrily interrupted me, I to go I absolutely can not lose Stight looking at the application of St. night, I puzzled to breathe a sigh of relief. Why do you want to be so obsessed To the principal s agreement, or to the treasure Holy night turned on the wall, desperately supporting trembling feet do not let yourself fall. He swallowed a panting breath, looked up at me. I to I love the people I promised her to give her happiness For your favorite people I stared, repeating the words of the holy night. This this guy is serious. By the way, I remember that he used to say similar words I am willing to pay for my favorite people all their own, and even life Why Who is his favorite people in the end Why the Holy Night to pay so much for her Thought of this, my heart suddenly burst of gratuitous sour, chest Biede uncomfortable. Woo hateful Why do I have to say this guy with you so much Holy Night to see me Len.

away, face Obviously, or angry, but the sound is sweet than cantaloupe Yes ah, Yi Linxi now with me What How could this be Good We ll come Pata Zheng Zhaoyuan heavy closed the phone, took a deep breath turned around and looked at me. Why What happened What happened I drank a big mouth Coke, confused asked. Zheng Zhi Zhao gently nodded his head. Holy Night disappeared. Holy night president Another turn Holy Night President Another turn Holy night president Another turn Woo Well, a small holy you have to go when ah I really could not bear to, and grabbed the chair has been seated on a dozen of the circle of St., low voice asked. Tweeted and tweeted Tweeted and tweeted St. Yileng Leng raised his head and looked at the ceiling, eyes into two small circles. Little hope my head there are a lot of birds flying in Oh Little Greek Song Yun Er heard that the holy Iraq so cordial call my name, jealous face almost distorted, Holy night president What is your day Why make his face so black, and Yi Linxi , Zheng Zhizhao so intimate The two of them but the dictatorship object ah And Yi Linxi or demon D Hey Song Yun children, you said enough is not What Song Yuner was surprised to look at my face sneer, covered in shivering. Let me and Zheng Zhizhao help to handle the affairs of the Student Union when the holy night president I mean, do you have any opinion I do not believe I do not the president of your school s student union honors his own promises, and he agreed with me the last time that he would lose his job as president of the Student Union after losing in the drama competition. Huh There is such a thing Fat head suddenly put the mention of the round bridge of the nose on the glasses, turned around and looked at the holy night. I m sorry the headmaster really have such a thing. Holy night head down, softly answered. Oh it is so Papan suddenly realized the headmaster nodded his brow, turned and looked at Kou Sha smiled and said, Kou Sha president, since it is holy I have no right to interfere with you in the agreement between the night and you, and I think it is up to the holy night to make up its mind to deal with it. You see that the attitude of the fat principal, Song Yuner and water Linglong all the panic, You know the game failed is an accident, and you are not fighting for our maple to re participate in the preselection Race Oh Ha ha ha The head of the head of the fat head of Song Yun Er and water Linglong waved his hand, Do not worry, I believe that the Holy Night will pull this thing handled by the good. I decided that, in accordance with the agreement, dismissed the duties of the President of the Student Union. what Holy night, then it is like a bolt from the blue, so that the presence of all the people perplexing, froze fidget cube grey in there. Holy night slowly raised his head, turned and looked at t.shrimp mentioned the name It turned out that this guy is the president of the students ah really disrespectful ah Hey I lugged his eyebrows, turned his head and exchanged a surprise in the eyes of Iraq, tiptoe, continue to follow up. Kou Sha thought for a moment, and answered in a low voice Well, anyway, would rather believe it has, not credible, and as far as I know, seven years ago, he has fidget cube slategray always been in accordance with the note that the work has never been biased, and now he should come back That would be the case. Well, indeed, this time he wanted something that was crucial to us, and it was absolutely right to take a look. Do not say so much time, almost time, we have to be faster. Kou Sha and Lin Lin suddenly accelerated buy the fidget cube with the pace, Today, if fidget cube limegreen I Kou Sha caught him, he will die ugly. Strange They just said he in the end who is it Listen to their tone, as if very happy. In particular, the phrase die very ugly Although the heroes often say this, but do not know why, this sentence from Kou Sha s mouth to say, I feel good cruel, and even smell the bloody taste But first do not want so much to continue the implementation of Devil action matter Huchihuchihuchi Climb a layer and a layer along the stairs, turn around and around, and finally, the five of us finally panting climbed to the top floor. Huh Boss, we have come to an end ah, the staircase above only a door ball three groups fearfully h.

Fidget Cube Limegreen ople around do not pay attention, secretly slipped off the podium. Yi Lin Xi you want to fidget cube limegreen go I have just gone two steps, Kou Sha suddenly came to me to seize my hand, afraid to face reality Woo let go Let go of my hand This photo is not me and holy night Is the holy Iraq is good I cried, in my heart to fill the sentence. Yi Linxi You struggle to no avail I have these pictures washed a few hundred, let everyone enjoy it Shrimp said, suddenly put a pile of photos to the podium in the hands of throwing down This is the king of holy night He actually and the devil D late at fidget cube springgreen night in the quay side of romance Also came to the water of the kiss of love it Their relationship, absolutely not the case, general Kacha Kacha Kacha Kacha KISS King Holy Night and Yi Lin Xi My God Yi Linxi is not the devil D Holy Night how and she Is it true that the holy night directed demon D I do not believe I do not believe it Shut up Shut up and shut up I have said I am not a demon D Looked at the audience one by one was surprised to fall to the ground almost chin, my face red to desperately shouting, This is not Holy night This is Yi Linxi, do you want to die Shut up Ranging from my words finished, holy night at my roar, he just put the words to the mouth to force back. Ah, really, yeah, the people in the photo are really holy nights and easy. My God Holy night actually I can not stand this blow Ooo Get photos.ould not help but secretly slipped out because of playing too happy, accidentally slip down a hillside in the time I was about to fall brother appeared promptly pulled me, but he was rolling down the hill, fell into a coma. the next day I went to the same hospital to visit my brother, my brother suddenly like a changed man, sullenly all day long, and very Less laughing Must have broken my mind I Pielepiezui walked in front of a buy fidget cube kickstarter edition small holy, Little St., you first break the body of this broken apron come No not Shivering Huh what happened Like a sudden saint like a very painful, tightly holding fist, whole body desperately shaking, the eyes of the tears will drop down immediately Little saint you I looked helplessly at the shivering of the holy Iraq, you like to wear this apron Oh no, give you, give fidget cube limegreen you Saint like to escape from a nightmare, like a long sigh of relief, head down to say Since then, my brother often talk to himself, saying that we must fidget cube discount find RINBOW. RINBOW What stuff How to listen to our family s antique mentioned. Little Greek you do not know RINBOW it St. Iraq surprised and staring at me. Oh of course I know ah I may not know how dignified heroes quick to talk about, you know the version is not the same with me I look guilty look to the holy Iraq. Listen to the tone of a small St., RINBOW does not seem to know is a very humiliating thing. How can that heroes do not know, le.