Fidget Cube Mediumslateblue ely biting his lips do not want to make a sound, the results gave the Bie out of the tears. Sheng Yi in fidget cube mediumslateblue the side to the Zhi Zhao Zhao cast a sympathetic look. Woo not good There murderous Although the three of us hiding behind the door, but still feel the holy night out of the body of the angry shock wave. Think of the holy night just goes on a very horrible face, I do not consciously touched the neck swallowed saliva, quiet down. Silence for a long time, holy night finally spoke. Well, I know, you go back first. Good Good night. good night. Squeak Bang With the sound of the door closed, the three of us finally relieved, stood up and walked out from the room. Well Song Yun children that guy actually want to slander this heroes, Shengming Shenwu Sheng night president will not believe her side of the word Ha ha ha I looked at the back of the silent night of the holy night, his face wandering put wrist. Silence silence silence Huh Really strange, fidget cube mediumslateblue we have just come out from the room to start, holy night has been standing there head down motionless, the body with the breathing together with a volt, like asleep the same Is he a horse Actually can stand to sleep Oh Oh Oh I muzzled the mouth, strange pilgrimage around the night moved to Norway, gently patted the shoulder of the holy night President, you do not want to be Song Yuner said nonsense to the gas dizzy woo wow OMG There there are hidden weapon My words stop the flow of the same, a silence. After a long time, holy night finally sighed. Call In fact, I have been suspected of this matter. What, then, my brother, you suspect that the devil D is a general person slightly Why do you have to say that the small Greek is the devil D it Yeah Really worthy of the heroes of the brothers thanks to the good This question is really very good Holy night this guy really want the communist private enemies, framed framed, obviously know that demon D may be general repair people, but also hard to charge the head of the deduction to the heroes, it is too abhorrent Because of the time and place of the demon D, Yi Lin Xi was the students will be caught on the spot, but also found the key from her pocket.Now students and students believe that she is a demon D, if She can not prove herself, even if I do not believe her. Humph Smelly Holy Night Usually face stretched like a toilet stone as stinky and hard, did not think so actually will find an excuse But my brother, so little is not very unfair to Greece And let the devil D impunity I have heard someone in the general high school student s office to see the picture we lost.This thing I have sent to investigate, and if things are true, perhaps Yi Linxi can elute his charges. Really Holy Eve heard the words, St. Iraq pleased clapping his hands. Well, but Even if Yi Linxi is not a demon D, she has violated the 11 high school rules, is the dictator.

, is a symbol. That meet is destined to ah, as to learn from our discussion I used to point to the dance machine, with a strong opponent to play extraordinary ah Oh Please enlighten Oh. Xiao Wu went to the dance machine above, dropped into the two game currency. readily This hero is like this straightforward person I chose the dance of the PK mode, transferred to the expert level of the stalls, selected the first degree of difficulty for the super five star song. This song, how Xiao Wu thumb pointing to the screen, turned around and winked at me. fidget cube darkred Oh, demon dance I love it One Two Three Go Bang just bang just bang just bang just Look at me Rooster independent Crane bright wings Sea fishing month Another invincible cyclone legs Wow ha ha ha ha The people around now should have been this heroes beautiful dance shocked it I Toumiao next to the small arms of the screen, the arrow down speed is super invincible fast, but he has a lot to step on the whole Look at this heroes trick invincible Fenghuo round Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Yeah Huchihuchihuchi but An end, Xiaowu or a full height of the hero than the 20 points Unfortunately, the heroes do not eat anything today, wash brush and tired to die soon, the physical has long been exhausted Little hope, you okay Xiao Wu came, his face conspire to my front. what It s him. I looked at now in front of me the large live version, this is not the recent period of time is always on the TV idol, as if.o in the zoo But speaking, it is like ah The heroes do not call her King Kong it. I laughed, forced tapped Zheng Tai s shoulder, No problem This heroes this to help you shoot Hey, you have a future Ah Cute little boy smiled and nodded happily, went to the water before the grinning grinning toward me than a V word. one two Three Kacha Ha ha ha As good I laughed the camera lens cover closed, returned to the small Zheng too. Thank you big sister Xiao Zheng took the camera too, suddenly the mouth pursed over my face and built a sweet chapter, Sister Hello beautiful Zheng fidget cube mediumslateblue Tai likes you Oh ha ha Haha small cake Small cake it Ha ha I am embarrassed to scratch his head, embarrassed smile. Woo now the child is fidget cube demonstration really open ah but this little guy said I pretty hey His honest personality, this heroes like Zheng Tai What are you doing here I am everywhere looking for you Just as I and small Zheng too hot, my head to upload a familiar voice. I turned my head, surprised to see Zheng Zhizhao picked up a Zheng Tai, Huh You two know Zheng Taizhao to Zheng Tai on his shoulders, proud to pick the eyebrows, Zheng Tai, not to your grandmother to you, how do you run out of their own Zheng Tai is just and the orangutan according to a picture Oh This is a beautiful sister to help me according to Zheng said too, standing against the wall pointed to the water Linglong. Do not talk to me to change the topic Orangutan Zhe.denly felt difficulty breathing Yi Linxi you actually dare to tease me you are dead today I put like a cat in his mouth, like the mouse, his legs hanging in the air desperately struggling, President Kou Sha Oh You you fidget cube skyblue do not get angry, I just do not clean the situation Love is not clean Keke What a mess of it But you actually dare to tease me, saying nothing is useless I pinch you Wow Do not do fidget cube mediumslateblue not pinch me Holy night president Save help ah Kou Sha looked angry purple face, I scared eyes, mouth screaming, desperately to the holy night for help. Well. Holy Night to see me scared pale, actually just quietly hum hum, his head written to the side Wow yeah Smelly stone Anyhow, we are the same school No need so unfeeling it I am dying while struggling, while shouting at the Holy Night moron. Wow ha ha ha ha Yi Linxi Even the holy night does not help you You obediently by the death of it Kou Sha saw the night without expression to stand on the side, did not fidget cube amazon intend to hand the idea of fidget cube mediumslateblue rescue, Have to laugh, law enforcement team Bring this stinky girl down I looked at the already angry mad Kou Sha, a look of despair sigh. Oh It seems this heroes have to die off today, the skin Ooo Holy night that guy actually so ruthless Wait a minute. Just when the guys at the general law enforcement team rushed to the rostrum, St. Sud suddenly grabbed Kou Sha s hand, Let go of her. Holy night presiden.

Fidget Cube Mediumslateblue up. Huh Is a small holy There are bulb head how are you two How to breathe like this Earth to explode you Is not it friends is not a small Greek Sheng Yi excitedly desperately flapping two Jingjing shiny eyes, suddenly rushed toward me, arms around my neck and shouted, Song told you Song Yun told me, the principal Call her last night and say we re eligible for the drama contest again Huh Really Listen with the news, my snooze hula all flew to the Clouds I was pleasantly surprised to see San Yi and Zheng Zhizhao, gently scratched his head, I is now dreaming pinch real fidget cube Oh yeah Bulb head dead guy actually take advantage of this heroes do not pay attention, suddenly shot Chezhu this heroes face, like pulling sugar, like the sugar to desperately pull on both sides I am angrily facing Zheng Zhizhao shouting, but a word that is not a standard helpless, saliva, like waterfall crashed down as the same. Yi Linxi Little St. You see this fidget cube 3d Zheng Zhaoxiao loosen my face, his face taken out of his pocket three tickets. Tickets This is I gas drums to rub Zheng Zhao was squeezed by the raw face of pain, and St. Yi looked confused with Zheng Zhizhao. I just heard the good news, immediately go to the school near the ticket agent point to buy Zhizhao Zhao proudly around the arm, said, I do not know, Feed the bulb, you eat the wrong medicine ah Nothing to buy three tickets to Hayakawa City Why ah Zheng Zhizhao nose with a look of contem.holy night and St. Eminimus long two exactly the same face, why is a cold than the big iceberg, and the other is like a sunflower as bright and lovely This is really too far too far You promised not to make the Christmas party public that night, why do you want to break the agreement I looked back, facing the holy night angrily questioned loudly. I do not, holy night replied affirmatively. You do not have In addition to you and Song Yuner, the water outside the Linglong, no other people know this thing Do you want to deny it See the holy night did not recognize the death of my anger burned the more prosperous. St. night frowning glanced at me I said, I did not do that. Then you tell me, if it was not you, who did it I Ah I just heard the voice of Yi Linxi It came from the hillside Wow Miserable miserable Just an angry call was too loud, monster army guys have heard Smelly Holy Night Are victims of this guy Well, holy night is like a mosquito to the bite, an impatient hum hum, and turned to go down the hillside. Stinky holy night Do you want to escape I angrily shouting against the back of the holy night, but the holy night is not head back to continue to move fidget cube now this future forward. Alas mad at me This guy actually dare look down on me Just when I intend to rush to beat him a good fist, lessons learned this no one, arrogant smelly stone, the hillside suddenly came under the holy night in the air full of majestic voice. Law Enforcement team of students. Ah.