Fidget Cube Neon facing the three behind the mouth of the guy is a head split How do you three so much nonsense Afraid of others do not know our middle of the night in the drama club investigation clues is not ah Hush Sainty turned round and gave us an index finger. I opened the cupboard I opened it Hey or small holy the most reliable I smiled happily, went to open the chest in front of the Iraqi Iraq, to look inside, woo here is the same old, empty, nothing did not Well Uh What is this Zheng Zhizhao blocked the cabinet was about to close me, opened the cabinet bottom a thin layer of dark. Good hidden place Do not look at the fundamental found not Zheng Zhizhao out of a thick, but has been worn curly piled book, up and down to get Woo drama club president log What is the president of the log Zheng Zhizhao heard the words, I suddenly look to the spirit, a book to grab over. Hey Smelly girl, when you can become a little gentle ah Zheng Zhi Zhao angrily Growl. Less nonsense I rushed Zheng Zhizhao fidget cube mediumslateblue throw a super big eyed, bowed his head and the sun together to study this hand on the log. Woo with the heroes of intuition, since the drawings are lost in the drama club, and demon stone in Maple High School has so long Of the history of the president of the log, there will be some clues about the demon D I thought, excited to open the diary, through the window projection into the faint light, softly read the diary of the text The weather was fine on Febother ah Next to the ball three people group suddenly like electricity to the eel, dragging heavy head, in the maple forest channeling to channeling. I was dying to pull their own help tree shivering. Hey pig From the top of my head suddenly drift down the sound, in exchange for my more tragic screams. what. How the trunks will speak, but also curse finished over, we must meet the Journey to the West inside the dead tree fine Stupid, I you see it a little bit just fall just one branch Zheng Zhizhao furious, so that the confusion in the maple forest was fixed, as quiet down. Well I carefully looked up uh how my life saving tree into a bulb head. I carefully looked to the side Well that fall from the sky of the monster, a section of the branches off the weakly lying on the ground. Oh ha ha ha, I used the speed of light time jump to the ground, is the so called horse will fall, people will fall, I just accidentally made a small mistake to judge. I finished quickly ass ass leave. but This small thing is not stop the pace of the heroes of the advance Now is 10 30 pm, the heroes of today s combat plan is Sneak into the maple forest, see the piece of evil that made this heroes evil evil stone, and then find clues fidget cube wheat to prove that they are not demons D Wrong ah I Yushu Linfeng, the total justice of God and women who worship, and now actually fell into the high school Fenglin days.

boss, of course, is the general repair high school Kou Sha and Yan Lin two student president Shrimp on the side began to proudly tell the two heroes have never heard of first name. Yi Lin Xi Jiang Xueyin see I was caught, scared tears in the side of a group. Stop A voice let everyone freeze up the same. How to save ah How do I forget to just make a brother Xiaowu it, I like to seize a straw as a cry for help. How are you How can you be here Xia Mi put away the arrogant expression, stand respectfully. fidget cube neon Is Xiao Wu and shrimp is recognized. Xia Mi, you do is to lose the face of Pu repair. Xiao Wu went to the front of the shrimp, looked at him coldly. You you let her. Xia Mi seems to be afraid of Xiao Wu, quickly let his friends who have let me go. Xia Mi, you first go back, this matter later to say. Yes. Prawn rice with his group of shrimp gray to leave the game city. Yi Lin Xi, are you fidget cube lightslategray okay Jiang Xue Yin holding her ball, eyes and tears in turn ah turn. I turned around and directed at Xiao Wu a Baoquan, Thank you brother help, and I hope you will be able to do it. I do not know what the heroes do not know, small CAKE Author Hurricane Khan The heroes must repay Do not thank, small hope, has always been Xia Mi they do wrong. Xiao Wu, you know them I scratched his head, waiting for Xiao Wu s answer. I am also a general high school, ah Xiao Wu smiled, as if nothing happened the same. Wow it s SUN, my idol Ah SUN handsome ah A grou.easy to Linxi, but known as the goddess of justice heroes ah, how fidget cube brown can it become a villain. This is really ridiculous Yes, she is What Yilin Shi still face This is the devil D is really abhorrent what happened. what happened. I just went to the playground, he was stunned by the sight The original ball three group they say is not an exaggeration, the entire campus bulletin boards, trunks, walls, teaching building walls As long as the place can stickers, demons are everywhere to denounce the big poster D, large and small, colorful, far from looking, like a layer of candy on the campus to wrap a coat of paper The students around me to see me, just like to see the fly from the toilet out of the green head flies, one by one pull the old face, but also desperately at me pointing, deliberately talking fidget cube neon loudly. A burst of north wind blowing, did not make my mind a small flame dissipation, anger in my chest expansion Expansion Hateful it is too abhorrent Is this all students of the guys do it. Holy Night you big bastard I Yi Linxi swear with you endless I angrily shouted to the sky, refused to back the pain, hiss La La to post on the campus of the poster A tear official fidget cube free to the ground down, the students around to see me angry look, all scared retreated from the distance of 10 meters away from me. Huchi Huchi Huchi Huchi I firmly pinch the hands of the posters, eyes staring at the direction of the student office buildings, do not want, in order to be able to rehabilitate, regain a new life, this hero is now worth it is hard Wow haha I put the back of the holy night gently down, forced to wipe a sweat on the forehead, looked toward the theater in the past. Huh what happened Theater troops empty, only a few theater workers busy cleaning site Has the game ended so soon. I crossed my lap and looked around for a week what I saw them Sitting under the stage that a bunch of people, like Fenglin High School drama club people I put the holy night president to bring it I tiptoed, while excitement shouting while the crowd waving desperately. Hear my cry, the water Linglong and litigation children suddenly looked up over the direction of my over. Zheng Lin Zhao wearing crab costumes, took a look of fear of Zheng Tai, loudly clamoring ran to my side. What is it When he saw the fidget cube neon whole body limp sitting Halloween seat, scared suck down air conditioning. Holy Night Holy night president Why do you hurt like this What happened, holy night president The snappy water, Song Yun er, and other people in the drama club, surrounded the almost holy night of the holy night. Yi Linxi Is not you Is not you holy night president harm into this See holy night half did not speak, Song Yuner suddenly stood up, angrily pointing to my nose shouting. What Me I have no time to excuse, water Linglong suddenly jumped up from the ground, rushed over a grabbed my collar, nostrils with a hot spray of anger

Fidget Cube Neon St. Yip flashed a bit tired of the big eyes, tilted his head and smiled at me smiled. Not a small Greek, these files are not all I approved, Chi chiu also have to help Oh , Zhi Zhaoyi just go back soon What The bulb head I heard the words of St. Iraq, I was surprised to jump on the sofa, fidget cube silver But But since he came, why not call this heroes come Little hope St. Iraq gently grabbed my hand, Zhi Zhao said that you were too tired back, these days want you to rest, so did fidget cube neon not call you, Chi chiu is very Care for you fidget cube maroon Care for me Cut Do not think that the heroes do not know, the bulb is deliberately want to support the opening of the first heroes, so good with Santa alone, the small holy, you have not been tofu bulb head to eat it No, no Sainty shook her head with a smile. On the small holy, I listen to King Kong said, you do not have a break for several days, is it true I looked at the face of St. haggard, asked with concern. Not so exaggerated Sheng Yi some embarrassed smile scratched his head, Although this day is very hard, but very happy little St. Oh Happy you tired of silly it Batch of this document is what a good happy ah Is not a treasure map I m not angry, said, poke the head fidget cube neon of the poke Saint Seeds. Little Greek, good itch Oh St. Iraq side of the back shrink, while exposed a bright smile, I know that the best small Greek, and small Greek is very concerned about the small St., but little Greek do not worry, small St. these days is say Yilin Xi You Puchi Whispered Oh You such a big row, will be the students will find To the time it Watching me and Zheng Zhizhao fighting to upgrade, Xiao Wu smiled than the index finger to We are quiet. I angrily stared at the inexplicable Zheng Zhizhao one, turned and sat on the ground. He actually does not lead the heroes of the situation This hero will not just thank people Do not know how to cherish, after your bitterness to eat 2 Today is the day of general high school, I first of all on behalf of the students will wish you a happy new semester I would like to thank all the students, Kou Sha s voice suddenly rang up in the playground, the voice just fell, the playground will burst into a burst of overwhelming applause. Wow, Kou Sha, president of a good cool Oh Did not see a winter vacation, so sad ah SUN SUN how not Really Yeah Unfortunately, oh would have wanted to see him say Xiao Wu, opening ceremony, you do not it does not matter I turned around and looked at his face leisurely crouched beside me Xiao Wu. Oh, no problem Xiao Wu smiled at me than a V word, blinked, because the identity of idols, so I often want to participate in media activities, sometimes two or three months are not in school Appearance, it is only the opening ceremony, there will be no problem Oh Is that so When the idols have such benefits ah I was surprised to see Xiao Wu, envious of his eyes desperately take the stars. Hus.