Fidget Cube News ce emerged out slack toys fidget cube of a proud look. Students, we all know that our general high school has been able to enter the province of Xinghua top ten to work hard, our drama club in the past few years has made remarkable achievements, but also known for drama Fenglin high school because he was one of the top ten high school in Xinghua Province, dismissive of us, Maple students in our students in front of Prudence is arrogant and rude Yes ah That day I saw a few maple in the street students, they are really arrogant Fenglin high school is not already do not it What are they ah Fenglin s students really hate to die Kou Sha, then the same as the banana fan, the general repair high school students angry rage burning up the fans, almost the entire playground to give the fidget cube news red Kou Sha sneer cleared his throat, raised the microphone and then said Now the annual Xinghua High School Drama Top Ten tournament will begin, I have confidence, we will be able to win high school general high school again, to replace Maple High School to become one of China s top ten high school Wow, President Kou Sha is awesome President support you We support you Let Puxiu become one of the top ten high school See Kou Sha confident face, the playground burst burst of warm cheers. But at this time, Fenglin high school demon D appears in our student office Kou Sha said, his face suddenly sank, suddenly turned to the roar of the podium furious, the devil D has admitted that she is the holy.honorable, even bribes the teacher will not cover up Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh I look flattering smile, with the elbow gently poke Zhang s arm Oh, do not black face embarrassed, I know you want it boom Teacher Zhang finally exploded. You are here nonsense what My class is really so boring Every time you are not sleeping is skipping Examination on the test 250, I was hurt by other teachers laugh Recently it became that Inexplicable demon D, students will come every day to investigate me You and you How could you have such a difficult student in the world ah Zhang teacher wielded the pointer will knock on my head I am holding the unfortunate whip in the head, grabbed my baby bag, slipped and slipped out of the classroom on the slippery look. Oh, ah Yilin Xi Stop You want to skip class You give me back Zhang teacher furious voice behind me fluttering. Huchihuchihuchi Bastard what is the recent evil Chasing all day long to run, a student law enforcement team will be a monster, a teacher will be Zhang, in the end there are endless ah. Humph But it does not matter, the soldiers will come to the block, the water cover bring it on bring it on With you out of any tricks, the heroes will not be intimidated No class, and I also easily I put the bag to the behind a toss, humming a ditty, leisurely tour zai to the school gate. Recently, in order to investigate fidget cube news the devil D, the heroes fidget cube thistle tossing up the head of the brain up, but also to stro.

night of the instructions to fidget cube navyblue steal our high school drama High School Top Ten secrets of confidential information What, the devil D to steal our top ten secrets of confidential information No, she was instructed by the president of the Fenglin Senior High School. Oh my God How could this be I would have said, How can he do such a despicable thing Kou Sha heard the words, the whole Pu Xiu high school playground immediately exploded pot Rage like rising air from the playground, like rising from the rising And finally in the general high school over the rapid integration of the formation of a mass of dark clouds. what. I am the holy night of the instructions. Is this guy in the water. So outrageous story he could have compiled out. Watching the students on the playground more and more somber gloomy face and increasingly angry eyes, I finally could not bear to force a bite to stand up and Kou Sha theory, but it is hard to be Xiao fidget cube mediumseagreen Wu and Zheng Zhizhao pressed the head, crackdown Down. Small hope, do not be too impulsive, first look to say. Xiao Wu said with a low voice, gently patted me because of anger and undulating shoulders. Alas That bastard Kou Sha, is simply worse than smelly stone holy night even hateful Really want to spit out of his mouth, said ivory teeth severely beat on the punch Law enforcement team of students, the Fenglin high school demon D bring up In this heroes were advised to calm the mind a moment when Kou Sha su.ight are in deep thought. Ah I understand I suddenly enlightened like clapping his hands, his eyes lit up, No wonder drama club president of wood logs and secret library Xiaoru confession diary have been torn, it must be the devil D to study what happened seven years ago stolen There murderous Yi Linxi how do you see these two things Holy night black face to force forced me over. Do not be so angry holy night president I have to find clues to the devil D ah Then you found it No moron Ah Stinking stone Why do you call me St. night s face stretched like iron, staring at me hum hum, turned around and looked at the principal confused. On the principal, I heard that Fenglin High School experienced seven years ago, a turn of events, like a curse as a year as a year, is that refers to this thing The headmaster sighed, nodding his head. Yes because Fenglin High School drama club in the province of Xinghua considerable fame, so as a high school drama Fenglin high school drama characters no reason not to be concerned about all the people.As a result, Failure and missing, then in the whole province of Xinghua caused a sensation And this time, if the long awaited general high school Fenglin high school on the outside say that should not be said, Maple High School will be a great impact Well, holy night holy night has not finished, the principal suddenly stood up from the stool interrupted him, carrying his hand students, the water is exquisite Our president today, physical discomfort, if you have anything, please come back another day Koudha, with his arms, raised his eyebrows and sneered, and looked at the water with a serene look, Oh, the holy night, even if the president does not want to honor his promise, he can not find such a bad excuse Kou Sha president, please do not be too much of what you have to me See Kou Sha aggressive, the water would like to rush forward to find Kou Sha theory, but was holy night to pull back. President Kou Sha, what are you going to do today Ha ha ha ha Heard the holy night of the questioning, Kou Sha burst into a sudden burst of laughter, Do you remember the memorandum, you do not remember our agreement Heard Kou Sha s words, holy night whole body startled. I remember that Since I remember today is to see the holy night president is how to fulfill their commitments Kou Sha said, suddenly raised his finger pointing to the holy night of the nose cried, Holy Night You obediently Resign the resignation of the student union president Kacha Kacha Kacha Kacha Kou Sha s voice had just fallen, a group of reporters carrying a camera suddenly from the general repair high school crowd behind the Chung out, facing the Holy Night is a Kuangpai Holy night watching the reporter suddenly came out, some unpleasant lift lift eyebrows, but did not speak. Hateful exquisite water forcefully holding fist, tightly staring.

Fidget Cube News tely brought me and the holy night of the convention that day just the presence of general students They can testify Kou Sha said, turned around and asked the students behind the general repair asked, You say right Support Kou Sha president Holy night abdication Request the Holy Night to honor the promise Resign from the post of the President of the Student Union Kou Sha heard the questioning, general repair students have raised his arms high, hard cried. Let s go, everybody While the high school students in Maple High School students were impulsive fear of fear, Song Yuner took the fat principal from the Fenglin high school crowd crowded out. I am the vice president of Maplewood High School Students Song Yun Er, this is the president of Maple High School You as a general high school student president, actually with the students runway Maple High School to make trouble, will Not too much Song Yun Er staring eyes, panting loudly asked. Headmaster See the fat principal, Kou Sha obvious convergence a lot. But even so, his arrogant face, or let the hands of the heroes straight itch. Oh Oh The original is the general high school Kou Sha president, you are welcome to Maple High School ah Fat side of the side of the pants from the fidget cube goldenrod pocket fidget cube news handkerchief wiped his sweat on the forehead, while kindly to Kou Sha played Waving. Kou Sha ring arm, directed at the fat that the president of the same belly as the bath pick eyebrows. Principals, I come today to hope th.s Rao us fidget cube news Do not talk Wow, ah, ah, it hurts Yi Linxi Wow ah ah ah ah ah Well good effort Zhang teacher that soon as the roar is definitely better than the heroes of this invincible lion roar less My ears are almost deafened You you guys It is too much This winter you do not have to rest, give me all to the school to fidget cube news participate in group tuition What ah Not so Humo hum good cruel 2 What are the stinking stone St. night out of the law Had a free life, how to restore the examination, the hero is now the pocket money all do not say, have to make up classes in the holidays Want to come is a belly of grievances The latest news, he also let the teacher specific care me. I kill I kill I kill to kill Blah Teacher Zhang took the pointer, heavily knocked on the blackboard a few times. Yi Linxi, you come to answer my question. what Want me to answer I rubbed his eyes bleary eyed, stretched a lazy waist, full of classrooms, failing Corps under the watch, lazily stood up from the seat. Minus four plus three is equal to how much. Mount Fuji of course equal to Mount Fuji ah I called a ring, confidently replied. cut This problem can be stumped how this heroes. Mount Fuji Zhang could not believe to look at me. Wow ha ha ha ha Minus four plus three is equal to Mount fidget cube 2017 Fuji The answer is strange ah Yi Linxi only want to come up with such funny answer Ha ha ha Laughing me This guy is a comedy artist Wow ha ha fidget cube thingiverse ha ha My voice just fell, do not pa.