Fidget Cube Now This Future ll out stroll, relax Hey to do so 5 Little hope Little hope Yi Lin Xi Huh Who is calling me I was about to come to the edge of the wall when the wall at the end of the corner suddenly came a cautious voice. Little hope, is me, ah, a small holy Little St. I was surprised to turn the direction of the sound coming out of the place went. Small St. There Zhengzhao Zhao You two in this corner of the shrinkage Why I looked at them two puzzled, and some uncomfortably pout a pout, is not a good thing, intends to conceal me Yesterday the devil D appeared again Zheng Zhizhao looking solemnly said to me. What And there Ah St. Iraq whispered to explain, Yesterday the Law Enforcement Team also found a second demon invitations, in the drama club s office What I shouted in disbelief. That s not all people think of all the things that I do Zheng Zhizhao and St. Iraq a look of That is, of course, the expression looked at me, forced nodded his head. However Little St. said the library has a secret library, which has a maple forest high school secret history , might be able to find clues about the devil D. Zheng Zhaoxuan some excitement rubbing palm, low voice said. The original is so I take the hint and nodded, But the small St., I and the first light bulb is the dictatorship of the object, the last time to go to the library to blow heating, are uncle to the janitor of the gatekeeper out. Today, he should I m very serious, not like a joke. Small St., why Do you hate the school Uh but to speak, I can understand your feelings it School classes all day to have to test, there are a lot of homework, really exhausted Hey I do not have the heart to see the expression of St. difficult, and quickly changed the subject, also deliberately angrily held a fist, to express my order a fidget cube approval. No because I think I am a superfluous person should not appear in this world Suddenly, the light in the room made me feel gloomy and dreadful, and the saint was shrouded in darkness, lowered his head, so that I could not see his expression. Only a slight trembling of the body, to pass me his pain. Holy and Holy fidget cube 3d printer Night in their body what happened Staring at the soft hair of the maroon chest, helplessly on the forehead, I suddenly could not help but have a urge to cling to him Call I turned around and looked out the window and found a white thing Akira falling to the window, and then melted. Is it snowing yet Thought of this, my eyes, bass to a light, rushed past the door to drag the holy Iraq rushed, forced open the door Small small Greek you you want to take me to where St. Iraq followed me panting to ask. Hey I take you to see RINBOW I turned my head, grinning red thumbs up. 2 Huchihuchihuchi Twenty minutes later, I took the Saint stood in the map of the wharf, the shore, looked at the wrist on the t.

not finished, I clutching a sudden some of the fingers of raw pain back a bomb How how is it. I my fingers just hit the shoulder of the holy night, it feels like a glacier encountered years, like a burst of cold gas instantly spread throughout the body, I almost almost frozen to loss of consciousness This you should know, right Holy Night down voice said, slowly raised his right hand shook toward us, and in his right hand means, fidget cube pictures fidget cube now this future pinching turned out to be Black note Devil D The three of us invariably screamed. How could this be St. Iraq surprised walked quickly, took the hands of the night of the night a black note, his face suddenly pale, note the note said in a semester to eliminate brother Destroy holy night. Wow ha ha ha Devil D is too great it Hearing this, I am happy dancing, and sent the fireworks did not put celebration Little hope St. Iraq behind me gently pulled my clothes angle. Uh just happy with, almost forgot the holy night is Saint s brother Look at the sad look of St., I picked the eyebrows, quiet down, but the fidget cube insider mouth still could not help desperately to the upturned. Yes, fidget cube now this future that night, when I and Zheng Zhizhao where the alliance in the demon stone, there is a girl broke into Maple, the devil stone engraved the name of the holy night, and the holy night to death. Demon Stone is really called out of the devil, to achieve the girl s pledge it. How could This.shrimp mentioned the name It turned out that this guy is the president of the students ah really disrespectful ah Hey I lugged his eyebrows, turned his head and exchanged a surprise in the eyes of Iraq, tiptoe, continue to follow up. Kou Sha thought for a moment, and answered in a low voice Well, anyway, would rather believe it has, not credible, and as far as I know, seven years ago, he has always been in accordance with the note that the work has never been biased, and now he should come back That would be the case. Well, indeed, this time he wanted something that was crucial to us, and it was absolutely right to take a look. Do not say so much fidget cube now this future time, almost time, we have to be faster. Kou Sha and Lin Lin suddenly accelerated with the pace, Today, if I Kou Sha caught him, he will die ugly. Strange They just said he in the end who is it Listen to their tone, as if very happy. In particular, the phrase die very ugly Although the heroes often say this, but do not know why, this sentence from Kou Sha s mouth to say, I feel good cruel, and even smell the bloody taste But first do not want so much to continue the implementation of Devil action matter Huchihuchihuchi Climb a layer and a layer along the stairs, turn around and around, and finally, the five of us finally panting climbed to the top floor. Huh Boss, we have come to an end ah, the staircase above only a door ball three groups fearfully h.t of this rain a big hole. Small hope Chi chiu I am a bit afraid wearing a long wig, wearing a blue dress of St. Iraq looked at him sitting on both sides of me and Zheng Zhizhao, a look of concern that Know fidget cube now this future why, I seem to have a kind of not a good feeling Little St., do not worry about it There are heroes in the sky, I also help you withstand the sky I said, forced patted the chest, rushed to squeeze the eyes of St. Eyre. You do not boast You like that carrot like body also want to the top days Zheng Zhaoxiao in the side of the acid does not slip lost a glance at me, suddenly turned his head and looked at the light shining St. Iraq, small St., you Do not worry I Zheng Zhizhao will lay down their lives to protect you Well cowhide sugar I do not agree with Pie Zhuozui whispered hum hum. Woo Yi Lin Xi You really hate this guy Hush Chi chiu, whisper, we all look at our side of it Little St. said, sorry to us to vote against the eyes of the passengers nodded. Those guys suddenly like St. Ish the magic, one by one suddenly became flushed, excitement was two desperately to take the stars, wait for them from our near point, and then a little closer, more recently we go Alas Can not stand, fairy sister, the power really is strong enough Oh, little Greek, your hand good chic Oh, before you have not seen with you too St. suddenly found my fingers on the set of Rose rings, to interest, surp.

Fidget Cube Now This Future t to answer. That if the small St. is because someone else s injury Listening to the holy night of the answer, I almost dilated the pupil to the mouth foaming. Or death. Holy Night said, eyes very vicious stare at me and Zheng Zhizhao. Gulp I swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his eyes burst white. GOD Who by my shoulder by a rely on I want to cry woo woo woo woo Holy night completely ignored me and Zheng Zhizhao a sky down the expression, turned and looked at the wall clock. You two two minutes from my room disappear. From there. Holy Night Shelley stretched out his hand, pointing to the front. what balcony Did you shoot DV is not a good climb Holy Night cold glance to me, blocked my protest. Wow wow wow Holy night that big bastard Storm, the heroes at the foot of my skid, falling abruptly from the balcony fell a dog eat shit The most miserable is that I actually also when that fool bulb head pad Alas where can i buy fidget cube That fool guy jumped from the balcony, sat on my body, causing me almost died young Oh yo yo No, no, although the heroes finally retrieve a little life, but fidget cube scarlet the gas waist hurt Oh in the end I carry a what kind of fate ah The world is fidget cube coupon code more unlucky than me heroes do. The Magical Chapter Part 2 3 Early the next morning on the clear, I was like a lame old woman like teeth, eyes choking tears, rubbing sour and painful waist limped to the classroom. I walk, walk Woo and so on Someone tracking From the beginning of my out of the bedroom, I have.them dry gentle Holy Night said, We cast a bunch of trust in the eyes. Right and right I and Zheng Zhizhao moved to his eyes suffused with tears, desperately nod. Even if it was not for them to do it, they did not do anything bad, said the holy night of the stinking stone face. In short, you will never fidget cube now this future be close to them in the future. But my brother, they are my friends gentle holy night sad flapping his eyes, stubbornly staring at the stinking stone face holy night. When I once again saw two identical faces in front of me quarreling, my mind seems to be touched by a certain organ, as a picture of the ups and downs flooded up Do not be stunned, hurry up Danger here You look so beautiful, are not you You see, your face is red, and blush means you like it Pull her out feed the pigs Tonight you are beautiful If I fail, I will leave the post of president of the student union. In fact I really do not like the feeling of fleeting, really annoying In fact, all along, my dream is to become a good actor, but for me, this dream is too far away So I heard you want to participate in drama club, I like Their participation in the same happy Chaos chaos My brain is completely chaotic Er two two holy night president, I I can ask Look at the two holy night, I finally could not help but risking the question. Asked. Stinking stone face holy night cold stare at me, impatiently f.