Fidget Cube On Youtube y face blue, the body back a Yang, re fell into the water. Huh What is this guy doing Do you like winter swimming Actually bubble in the water is not willing to come up. But water is so cold, if the bubble for a long time cold Thought of this, holy night goes on like a horrible face Hades has surfaced in my mind. Wow yeah Not work I have to hurry up to San Yi called up Caixing Little St. Little St. Stop it Hurry up This will be cold In case of holy night to know your brother I would not life it Quiet quiet I lie on the shore in front of the water shouting, but it did not move a little. Woo probably because the small St. in the water below can not hear my voice Little St. Little St. This time, I cried, while his hand desperately tapping the water, hope that St. I can see my signal, hurry to float to the surface. But the water is still a silence. A bad premonition Chung up, holy Iraq that cold Wu Qing s face again in front of me Georgia Deng My heart suddenly like a big stone to suppress fidget cube dice the same, afraid to breathe. Little St. Little St. Do not scare me ah Where are you ah Little St. Little St. Hum whining I actually forgot the body of St. Iraq has been very poor This Do not Do not Do not have any accident, otherwise the heroes do not protect his life Get out of here Just as I can not wait to face a fan slap in the face when a figure forced me, splash about to stare at me. Go to Hayakawa City, of course, is to find the Holy Night it Looking for the holy night Looking for his brother I and St. Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi heard, then spontaneously exchanged a surprised look. Holy Night has to go to the morning boat city more than a week, but has not been associated with the small St. now finally have a chance to participate in fidget cube with case a drama contest, if the holy night is not, this is not easy to get the chance What is the meaning of it Hear the words of St. Chiu Chiu face a look of depression to his head. Woo you d say it makes sense, but no one of us had been to Chuanchuan City, but also from where to find it I know I know the location of my brother to shoot ads My voice just fell, Shengyi suddenly excitedly raised his hand and said loudly. I Leng Leng looked at the holy Iraq looked at him so anxious look, perhaps he has to worry about the mood of St. night suppressed in the heart for a long time it Well, since the small St. know where his brother shot advertising that there is nothing fidget cube on youtube to say Bulb head, you have made this a wise decision, we went to Hayakawa it Hey That is of course Zheng Zhaoxiao said, washed his vertical erect thumbs. St. Eyes hanging down to see me, but also to see Zheng Zhizhao, tears brush friends look on the Chung up. Little hope Chi chiu I m a good brother, is not it This little cake small cake cake it Hei hei I m so excited I poked a jabbing poke San.

to die I my waist straight not straight up I, Yi Linxi justice woman, and finally because of tired, clutching his waist about to fall to his knees in the ground. Yi Linxi You are dead not good Chase to catch up Is this heroic wise, today will destroy the ugly in this a few unbeatable monster hands it. I can not be reconciled ah be careful Uh what happened. My words have not had time to finish, a force suddenly pulled me up from the ground So I looked back and found the earth down the whole I, a man is carrying me on the shoulder, do not dash forward to fly It is you Bulb head I was surprised and looked at just to save my hero hero, moved to tears, it really is my good brother Are you to save me If I was four monsters to kill, just you block my way, I was too lazy to control you Bulb head while desperately flying, while turning around I threw an impatient look at me. What You are monster kill I looked up and looked surprised, and sure enough, the monster army has been transformed into four by eight, Why do they kill you Is sent to the water Linglong it Nonsense In addition to the iron King who I really hurt you by the misfortune Nothing to go devil stone knot What alliance ah Zheng Zhizhao regret can not wait to take the head to the wall. Yi Lin Xi Zheng Zhizhao You give me stop I watched the Monster Army closer and closer from us, refused to refute Zheng Zhaizhao s nonsense, struggling to beat his back b.competition in the accidental defeat, and was responsible for the drama club student president, Because of this blow, the college entrance examination mistakes.After the school to discuss, want to let him stay in school and repeat a year, but he suddenly disappeared, even his parents have no way to find him But what does it all have to do with the demon D I asked, puzzled. Head turned to look out the window, although I can not see, but can feel his sadness and regret. Alas Principal deeply sighed, Fenglin high school demon stone rumors, you must both know that, at the time, the night before the game, Yin received a small black stripes, above Wrote the current top ten drama, Fenglin high school will be defeated. Inscribed is the devil D. Is not this the same as the little black note we see No not the same Yin Ya received a small black stripes on the demon D special mark oh. Special Mark Oh, hehe Oh, ah, demon D is definitely not forget to stamped with that special mark, I know her. Here, the principal suddenly a mysterious smile. What You know her That That s so, you know who the devil D Hello The headmaster looked at me and nodded, but soon shook his head again. In short, I can assure you that this demon D, adult fidget cube should be false, but her approach with seven years ago, the real demon really like D, holy night you have been through this time things, seven Years ago Yinya have experienced. Hearing the headmaster, I and Holy stop the flow of the same, a silence. After a long time, holy night finally sighed. Call In fact, I have been suspected of this matter. What, then, my brother, you suspect that the devil D is a general person slightly Why do you have to say that the small Greek is the devil D it Yeah Really worthy of the heroes of the brothers thanks to the good This question is really very good Holy night this guy really want the communist private enemies, framed framed, obviously know that demon D may be general repair people, but also hard to charge the head of the deduction to the heroes, it is too abhorrent Because of the time and place of the fidget cube on youtube demon D, Yi Lin Xi was the students will be caught on the spot, but also found the key from her pocket.Now students and students believe that she is a demon D, if She can not prove herself, even if I do not believe her. Humph Smelly Holy Night Usually face stretched like a toilet stone as stinky and hard, did not think so actually will find an excuse But my fidget cube on youtube brother, so little is not very unfair to Greece And let the devil D impunity I have heard someone in the general high school student s office to see the picture we lost.This thing I have sent to investigate, and if things are true, perhaps Yi Linxi can elute his charges. Really Holy Eve heard the words, St. Iraq pleased clapping his hands. Well, but Even if Yi Linxi is not a demon D, she has violated the 11 high school rules, is the dictator.

Fidget Cube On Youtube Really anti I do not overdo it, throw him a supercilious, and then clear the throat against the crowd, waved his hands, the general general control of the audience situation. Looked quiet a few people, I nodded with satisfaction, heroes is to have such a deterrent. Today s emergency meeting is about the day s drama, why the knife into a real My words an export, we are caught in a burst of meditation I can see how the problem is the depth, meaning wow ha ha ha You fool ah If we know why, that is not know who is the devil D Just also thoughtful thinking head bulb suddenly jumped up, shouting at me up I warn you, no longer call fidget cube 3d printer me a fool I was confused by Zheng Zhizhao momentary shortness of breath, it has become stormy up. Boss do not get angry we have we have a new discovery Boss you see Ball triple group trembling voice, trembling to come up with a small DV. Boss, we asked the bedroom next door next door across fidget cube purple the side fidget cube hotpink of the small thin brought this DV, they shot in the drama that day What Quickly take a look Jiang Xue Yin even more impatient than I am, really is dedicated ah Oh Oh Oh Ball triple open DV put up, all the heads are tightly together in the together Bump bang Bulb head, your head is iron and steel ah Because too much input, six head hit again and again, are waiting to see the remains of the devil D traces That there is a shadow Yeah yeah Listen the sound of a good lighthy do so Holy Night while coldly said, while fidget cube on youtube the gloomy face toward me and Zheng Zhizhao slowly walked over. Why do you want to ah and many more Is holy night in the misunderstanding that the knife was replaced by the props and that drop down the chandelier is I and Zheng Zhi zhao do. Oh Oh I look flattering side desperately waved, while groping backwards retreat. Ah Oh, ah right ah That really is not the two of us dry Zhizhao Zhao said, thought, and make up on the one, Anyway, I absolutely did not do anything Oh What Dead bulb What is this you say ah But at the beginning, but you say to the drama club to bring down the ah Woohoo The dead bulb, actually want to sacrifice the big I sake of his small I split Zhaizhao rubbing by the heroes of this invincible iron sand palm Pichu a big bag of the head, cried tears of water wah wah cried out, I do not know what to do, What do you mean to destroy the drama club ah Obviously you say to break into the fidget cube on youtube enemy inside, as long as the drama club in the top ten lost on the Holy Night on the finished Hey Do you have the hero of the heroes of this plan have objections Was in the devil stone, but we swear on the day to form an alliance to overthrow the Holy Night, and you are also very much agree with my plan ah fidget cube hk I am not convinced Fork with the waist, Zheng Zhao Zhaizhe nose. Well, if you had said badly, I would not be ashamed today if it were not for your bad plan Enough You two shut up I Z.