Fidget Cube Palegodenrod facing the three behind the mouth of the guy is a head split How do you three so much nonsense Afraid of others buy the fidget cube do not know our middle of the night in the drama club investigation clues is not ah Hush Sainty turned round and gave us an index finger. I fidget cube palegodenrod opened the cupboard I opened it Hey or small holy the most reliable I smiled happily, went to open the chest in front of the Iraqi Iraq, to look inside, woo here is the same old, empty, nothing did not Well Uh What is this Zheng Zhizhao blocked the cabinet was about to close me, opened the cabinet bottom a thin layer of fidget cube darkslategray dark. Good hidden place Do not look at the fundamental found not Zheng Zhizhao out of a thick, but has been worn curly piled book, up and down to get Woo drama club president log What is the president of the log Zheng Zhizhao heard the words, I suddenly look to the spirit, a book to grab over. Hey Smelly girl, when you can become a little gentle ah Zheng Zhi Zhao angrily Growl. Less nonsense I rushed Zheng Zhizhao throw a super big eyed, bowed his head and the sun together to study this hand on the log. Woo with the heroes of intuition, since the drawings are lost in the drama club, and demon stone in Maple High School has so long Of the history of the president of the log, there will be some clues about the demon D I thought, excited to open the diary, through the window projection into the faint light, softly read the diary of the text The weather was fine on Febat the president of your school s student union honors his own promises, and he agreed with me the last time that he would lose his job as president of the Student Union after losing in the drama competition. Huh There is such a thing Fat head suddenly put the mention of the round bridge of the nose on the glasses, turned around and looked at the holy night. I m sorry the headmaster really have such a thing. Holy night head down, softly answered. Oh it is so Papan suddenly realized the headmaster nodded his brow, turned and looked at Kou Sha smiled and said, Kou Sha president, since it is holy I have no right to interfere with you in the agreement between the night and you, and I think it is up to the holy night to make fidget cube set up its mind to deal with it. You see that the attitude of the fat principal, Song Yuner and water Linglong all the panic, You know the game failed is an accident, and you are not fighting for our maple to re participate in the preselection Race Oh Ha ha ha The head of the head of the fat head of Song Yun Er and water Linglong waved his hand, Do not worry, I believe that the fidget cube toy Holy Night will pull this thing handled by the good. I decided that, in accordance with the agreement, dismissed the duties of the President of the Student Union. what Holy night, then it is like a bolt from the blue, so that the presence of all the people perplexing, froze in there. Holy night slowly raised his head, turned and looked at t.

appear Uh how is it Why the more that the idea of the devil D, with the heroes of the plan to eliminate Holy Night surprisingly similar ah Woo there are murderous I suddenly turned around and saw Wow yeah hateful Holy night this guy seems to see through my mind, like staring at a pair of dead fish watching me, wore two head on the earth so much the word doubt. Wow Holy night What is your eyes ah Why use this dead look at me I have said I am not a demon D Holy Night looked at me with an angry look of hot air, not pick to pick the eyebrows. Even if you are the devil D, I want to win is impossible. What Wow yeah This kid is so cocky I saw his eyes I can not wait to cover a big footprint in his face Holy night gently snorted, and turned back fidget cube palegodenrod to the wall of the table sat down, blankly to aim fidget cube palegodenrod at me. Well, you can go, and I ll revisit the script after dinner. Well, whatever Bang I shouted angrily, forced in the back of the drama club fell on the door. hateful hateful Damn holy night This world how there will be so annoying guy But the most abhorrent is, why the heroes will actually be his Woo mad at me 5 Get out of here, get out of here Wind Early the next morning, I stepped on the N did not play for a long time as the Fire Wheel on the streets like Spider Man jumped up and down, the DPRK Star Grand Theater, flying Yi Linxi You are late Bang My forefoot has just entered the door of the Grand Theater of Xinghua, they suddenly.tell you afterwards Woo what it Smelly stone Just so good atmosphere, actually what he was cold expression to destroy it I have just lost my heart jumped two jump, I really did not mood cut I dissatisfied with the back of the night directed at the holy Pielepiezui Pakistan, but my heart was like a large stone floor like a sudden down at ease. Aha Let me see who is coming Kou Sha saw the sudden emergence of the holy night, first Lengle Leng, Hui Guoliang after a bad smile picked to pick eyebrows, went to St. next to the night Maple High School s holy night president, really welcome your visit what What is it really holy night God Is the king holy night I do not think I can be so close to see him Wow holy night handsome Oh I adore you Oh Wow ah ah ah Heard Kou Sha reported the name of the holy night, had anger raging pupils general, suddenly burst into a burst of screaming Filled with smoke on the playground, suddenly a group of animal in nature peach heart matrix to rinse away Look at the playground suddenly warm up the atmosphere, Kou Sha s eyebrows twisted into a knot, you Pu Xiu high school students, you do not forget, he is the idol king of holy night, but the Also the student president of Maple High School Is our enemy The enemy but he is holy night Yeah Oh, in trouble Holy night is our enemy Ooo, I do not Heard Kou Sha, general repair high school on the playground Aihong one, the girls one by one biting his Oh Strong people, ah, Please bring the osmanthus to continue to look for the prophecy of happiness. Wait, Germination of the faith will eventually withstand the test of wind and rain 1 Headache headache After a few days, I and San Yi, Zheng Zhizhao there are three groups, one to eight thirty in the evening on my bedroom in the collection, to discuss the devil D, until the dawn was asleep. Oh a few days down, the heroes of the remaining brain cells on the death of all the dead light Why every time the emergence of the devil D, will appear fidget cube palegodenrod with me so coincidence The demon invitations on the icon and what does that mean As well as president of the diary fidget cube dodgerblue and the mysterious diary of the reference buy a fidget cube to the devil D, is this seven years the devil D has been there My head that pain ah Oh Or to sleep ZzzZZz sleep At noon this day, I was awakened by a burst of noise in the school, rubbing about to split the head from the bed to climb up. Woo stomach hungry Since the heroes become a public enemy, the cafeteria Aunt never gave me meat, my collection of rations has also been that several glutton guy to steal light Oh, give me meat give me meat ah Well, I see I still go out for food, eat and then come back to sleep I thought, clutching like a cuckoo, like the only cuckoo barking of the stomach, pushed the bedroom door toward the dining hall went over. Huh.

Fidget Cube Palegodenrod oon Beloved Matilda s best friend You say that is like the second place Su Youhui it Angel baby You Hui is not very like the second thing, but each time a little bit worse than the night just And ah, Xiao Ying told you Oh, Suji said the night and Yu Yu are like it Unfortunately, you do not know you Hui Month darling woo What a mess this heroes are not cold it Angel baby Huh Strange yo Small Chihi so beautiful, and dance so great, do not boys like fidget cube uae you Month Beloved cut Do not mention it This hero is now a lot of enemies, ass flames every day, like the East to escape the West channeling How can there be time to say what the situation Love love ah But a good brother touches handed a few Which is called a small holy, super handsome Oh But also very cute too A small shadow The character a bit like it hey Better fidget cube palegodenrod to let the heroes to match the match Angel baby hee hee Small Greek hope badly, but people have a small Hyun Hyun it Hyun Hyun is the world s most handsome correct Little Greek Xiao Ying Enrolled in the Ming s drama club, but also through the Milan qualifier it Maybe in the future when the final can see the small Chihi it Month Beloved Alas Do not mention this matter with the heroes depressed OK Time is not early, the heroes to homing it Angel baby small Greek hope to go hum hum Chapter of the World Looking for the disappearance of the bright Apollo Sudden Impact of the wishes of the clou.I nodded his head and touched the chin nodded. Yes, on here, there is an interesting legend Oh St. Iraq said, smiled at me and Zheng Zhizhao blinked, It is said that in this library there is a mysterious diary, as long as you Write down your declaration of love in your diary, and you will be able to be together Woo this kind of thing really boring, I can not interest I pretended not to scratch a scratch cold, in fact, curiosity has long been boiled water, like bubbling bubbling. Mysterious diary Not this, right Zheng Zhaoxiao said, casually draw a purple diary from the shelves, opened a look, ah Not so right Yay What You really find a mysterious diary I can not believe that the holy Iraq and quickly walked over, scrape together the first look True Yeah Is a girl wrote to a boy s love letter Girl s name is Xiaoru Xiaoru How it seems very familiar ah President of the log A second later, the three of us unanimously to say these four words I know Yesterday, when the drama club saw the president also referred to the Xiaoru This is probably the same person I said with surprise and exclaimed. Brush Lala La Alas Stinky light bulb and the two saints of St. Iraq is not to face it too much, I heard this heroes such a brilliant analysis, actually not at all excited, just looking hard to turn the diary Snapped A few minutes later, Zheng Zhizhao forced closed the diary, and the exchange of a surprise in the eyes of Iraq, h.