Fidget Cube Red And Black I nodded his head and touched the chin nodded. Yes, on here, there is an interesting legend Oh St. Iraq said, smiled at me and Zheng Zhizhao blinked, It is said that in this library there is a mysterious diary, as long as you Write down your declaration of love in your diary, and you will be able to be together Woo this kind of thing really boring, I can not interest I pretended not to scratch a scratch cold, in fact, curiosity has long been boiled water, like bubbling bubbling. Mysterious diary Not this, right Zheng Zhaoxiao said, casually draw fidget cube yellowgreen a purple diary from the shelves, opened a look, ah Not so right Yay What You really find a mysterious diary I can not believe that the holy Iraq and quickly walked over, scrape together the first look True Yeah Is a girl wrote to a boy s love letter Girl s name is Xiaoru Xiaoru How it seems very familiar ah President of the log A second later, the three of us unanimously to say these four words I know Yesterday, when the drama club saw the president also referred to the Xiaoru This is probably the same person I said with surprise and exclaimed. Brush Lala La Alas Stinky light bulb and the two saints of St. Iraq is not to face it too much, I heard this heroes such a brilliant analysis, actually not at all excited, just looking hard to turn fidget cube red and black the diary Snapped A few minutes later, Zheng Zhizhao forced closed the diary, and the exchange of a surprise in the eyes of Iraq, h.ight are in deep thought. Ah I understand I suddenly enlightened like clapping his hands, his eyes lit up, No wonder drama club president of wood logs and secret library Xiaoru confession diary have been torn, it must be the devil D to study what happened seven years ago stolen There murderous Yi Linxi how do you see these two things Holy night black face to force forced me over. Do not be so angry holy night president I have to find clues to the devil D ah Then you found it No moron Ah Stinking stone Why do you call me St. night s face stretched like iron, staring at me hum hum, turned around and looked at the principal confused. On the principal, I heard that Fenglin High School experienced seven years ago, a turn of events, like a curse as a year as a year, is that refers to this thing The headmaster sighed, nodding his head. Yes because Fenglin High School drama club in the province of Xinghua considerable fame, so as a high school drama Fenglin high school drama characters no reason not to be concerned about all the people.As a result, Failure and missing, then in the whole province of Xinghua caused a sensation And this time, if the long awaited general high school Fenglin high school on the outside say that should not be said, Maple High School will be a great impact Well, holy night holy night has not finished, the principal suddenly stood up from the stool interrupted him, carrying his hand to.

the devil D snow I pouted like a toothache, looking over the ceiling. The cowardice was not even speak to the loud snow and the face of hateful, sinful evil, sinister and sinister the following omitted the heroes of the devil D billion words evaluation of the devil D look in my mind kept flashing alternately. These two people will be the same person woo how to think can not be ah Dong Dongdong Dong Dongdong what. So late, who is knocking at the door ah I am impatient to get up from the ground, opened fidget cube red and black the bedroom door, a shadow suddenly jumped up and flew on my body. Little Greek Is me Little St., hum hum I was surprised to see wrapped in a large cotton padded jacket, most of the face is hidden in the neck around the big scarf in the St. Iraq, Little St., it is now a small holy At midnight, yeah, what are you doing here Little Greek, I m so worried about his brother, how could not sleep St. Iraq sucking his nose, hung two lines of crystal bright tears, tears of tears at me. I probe looked outside the corridor to determine that no one found the whereabouts of St. Yi, one of the St. Iraq pulled in, gently closed the door. Little St., I thought you would accompany the Holy Night in the hospital it I want to accompany, but his brother s economic company sent a 24 hour care of him, I have no way to go St. Iraq said, sobbing twice, sadly lowered his head, fidget cube red and black and and I am a People.boss, of course, is the general repair high school Kou Sha and Yan Lin two student president Shrimp on the side began to proudly tell the two heroes have never heard of first name. Yi Lin Xi Jiang Xueyin see I was caught, scared tears in the side of a group. Stop A voice let everyone freeze up the same. How to save ah How do I forget to just make a brother Xiaowu it, I like to seize a straw as a cry for help. How are you How can you be here Xia Mi put away the arrogant expression, stand respectfully. Is Xiao Wu and shrimp is recognized. Xia Mi, you do is to lose the face of Pu repair. Xiao Wu went to the front of the shrimp, looked at him coldly. You you let her. Xia Mi seems to be afraid of Xiao Wu, quickly let his friends who have let me go. Xia Mi, you first go back, this matter later to say. Yes. Prawn rice with his group of shrimp gray to leave the game city. Yi Lin Xi, are you okay Jiang Xue Yin holding her ball, eyes and tears in turn ah turn. I turned around and directed at Xiao Wu a Baoquan, Thank you brother help, and I hope you will be able to do it. I do not know what the heroes do not know, small CAKE Author Hurricane Khan The heroes must repay Do not thank, small hope, has always been Xia Mi they do wrong. Xiao Wu, you know them I scratched his head, waiting for Xiao Wu s answer. I am also a general high school, ah Xiao Wu smiled, as if nothing happened the same. Wow it s SUN, my idol Ah SUN handsome ah A grou.know how this will harm you food poisoning I You guilt Holy night sneer pick pick eyebrows, eyes looked at me ask complex. Woo I just do not want to be misunderstood by others. I Du Zhuozui bowed his head, not convinced hum hum. moron What Why do you call me ah Do you think a cockroach can harm me into the hospital Do not know why, holy night said the tone of fidget cube red and black this sentence, even fidget cube images let me feel a bit baffling helplessness and sentimental. Woo See me bowed his head not to speak, Holy Night funny glanced at me, back to the body to go. I m not a fool like you, think so big only cockroaches will not be found Well makes sense, then I put a little better next time Ah ha ha ha ha Joking joking See holy night rising behind the murderous, I scared quickly waved. In short this thing I will go to find out, before that, I will not make any conclusions to you. Holy night finished, gently pulled the quilt, I want to rest you Come on. okay 6 when when when when Hongfeng Central Plaza, the clock struck 12, has been so late But I still do not sleep a little. I am unable to sit on the ground, relying on the edge of the bed, looked at the hands of the already empty Coke cans. If Holy night is not because I ate him to buy lunch and poisoning, then that only a can of Coke Coke it is not a snow to buy holy night it Is that snow has always wanted to harm the holy night of the fake demon. Woo

Fidget Cube Red And Black you want, then give you it The heroes have always been very generous Wow ha ha ha Really a lovely girl purple people with a smile to fidget cube vinyl desk put the soft stone into their own robe, Well, little girl, you will become a happy person I thank you ah Hei hei fidget cube in stores I waved his hand waved goodbye purple people. Wearing a ring, my mood suddenly look good up, thrown back of the head of the ponytail jumped towards the school Thought of this, my heart suddenly a sour, guilty of the emotional pressure I could not lift the head. The original water Linglong said is true to kill such a large pile of documents Hill, if not day and night to reply, it is impossible within a week to complete the Uh and fidget cube red and black so on In this case, Xiaosheng should now be in this office fishes ah But a small St Thought of this, I flustered fidget cube vancouver in the hands of the file after a lost, shouting in the office Little St. Little St. Where fidget cube vinyl desk are you Little St. Small Crash it Huh what sound. I heard the sudden sound behind me, I quickly turned around and saw Eh Is a small Greek so late how do you come St. Iraq rubbing Xingzhong sleepy eyes, from the pile of documents that the office behind the mountain exposed half of the face, his head also wore a stack of documents. Little St. You have been here to stay in the batch file So many documents Why do not you call me to help I rushed past, propped up the station almost unsteady St. Yi, sitting on the sofa Downt coat mopping up, dressed in a dark micro fidget cube floralwhite volume hair, covered in dazzling flashing in the light. I have been waiting for you for a long time St. Oh Oh, a little frozen hand, smiled and blinked at us, In fact, last night I know you and Chi chiu outside the balcony, deliberately put the Prudential High School I m sure you will do it tonight, and you ll sneak in here and want to join you What and we meet No Absolutely not Hear the words of St. Iraq, my face suddenly become pale, shaking like a rattle rattle. What a joke. Maple two days ago in the terminal thing, almost let my dear head told me to say goodbye Little hope, do not worry St. like to guess the Iraqi mind in my mind, out from behind a mask made of colored feathers to cover their own face, Look This is the last time I attended the fancy dress party wearing Wear this mask, plus my shape, no one will recognize who I am Yes ah yes ah, small holy, I sacrifice myself will protect you. Zhizhao Zhao into obsession, his eyes kept a lot of pink peach heart. but Hush Xiaoqiang a look of nervous look at us, I heard someone say, the general high school patrol police school patrol a lot, will be found Who Who in the garden to speak Is not it, Xiaoqiang this super invincible broom star, when the words become so effective Hiding Sainty took us, trotted forward, trotted behind a row of half tall bush. Woo I remember correctly, St. I said last night that Fenglin high school and Pu Xiu high.