Fidget Cube Retail p ah Chair so that the chair by a rely on the heroes I stretched out the weak hands, want to drag a chair next to. Ok No way How is fidget cube maroom the wooden chair fixed Is this heroic skill suddenly been abolished You want to sit down Help St. Iraq also hammer What Smelly stone really when the heroes of the paper paste is not a I bass to jump up, facing the Holy Night while a roar Brother forget no Had wanted to scare holy night, but the side of the St. Iraq listening to my rage, but like a withered fidget cube retail eggplant, the first did not dare lift Hey, chivalrous devil heroes heroes how I will ignore the disadvantaged groups Little St., come, I help you hammer I lowered the voice, for a personal, grinning against the San no longer stand the threat of St That s it Oh Yes Yes Smelly stone actually still said that sarcastic This heroes can really be too humiliating Actually still so good to answer forbearance I endure 2 Wow yeah That big bastard holy night, yesterday clearly accepted the heroes of bribery to help him and St. Iraq each hammer for two hours of the back, hammer the hands of the heroes are not even lift the strength of the But in the end, that fidget cube retail the devil finally still want me to write a day today, one million words of the review book to him MY GOD Ten thousand words This hero is to take life to write also can not write ah Ooo this punishment means only the holy night that the devil wo.tell you afterwards Woo what it Smelly stone Just so good atmosphere, actually what he was cold expression to destroy it I have just lost my heart jumped two jump, I really did not mood cut I dissatisfied with the back of the night directed at the holy Pielepiezui Pakistan, but my heart was like a large stone floor like a sudden down at ease. Aha Let me see who is coming Kou Sha saw the sudden emergence of the holy night, first Lengle Leng, Hui Guoliang after a bad smile picked to pick eyebrows, went to St. next to the night Maple High School s holy night president, really welcome your visit what What is it really holy night God Is the king holy night I do not think I can be so close to see him Wow holy night handsome Oh I adore you Oh Wow ah ah ah Heard Kou Sha reported the name of the holy night, had anger raging pupils general, suddenly burst into a burst of screaming Filled with smoke on the playground, suddenly a group of animal in nature peach heart matrix to rinse away Look at the playground suddenly warm up the atmosphere, Kou Sha s eyebrows twisted into a knot, you Pu Xiu high school students, you do not forget, he is the idol king of holy night, but the Also the student president of Maple High School Is our enemy The enemy but he is holy night Yeah Oh, in trouble Holy night is our enemy Ooo, I do not Heard Kou Sha, general repair high school on the playground Aihong one, the girls one by one biting his fingers.

But I will try to Linyi heroes get it hand Wait and see Little Greek is not a demon D Please let her go Sheng Yi suddenly rushed up from the next, desperately beat Kou Sha grabbed my hand, Kou Sha, you are not general high school student president Can be so violent Little a small St Eh Little girl, who are you Demon D s men To hear the words of St. Yi, Kou Sha picked his eyebrows turned his head, fidget cube saddlebrown red sigh snorted hum hum. Uh little girl. I was surprised to turn around and looked at wearing a colorful feather mask of St Ah the original Kou Sha to wear women s holy Iraq as a girl This is the best, if he saw the face of St., that he is the president of Maple Leaf high school students holy night, it is dangerous I said I was not a demon D But if you must doubt me, what is directed at this heroes come I m not afraid of you I bit bite scared to fight the teeth, Kou Sha shouted at the front. Ooo, ooo but do not know where the scalp is blowing to the cold wind blowing waves of tingling. The little girl behind the three guys are just come with the lively people, nothing to do with me You let them go, do not embarrass them Oh Lin Yi, do not see you quite generous attempts Kou Sha looked at me sneer pick pick eyebrows, grabbing my hand suddenly a collar force, put me to the air, But you made a mistake that is, I am a general high school student president You are not eligible to talk to me.. nonsense Can can not red it How sudden the sudden process of sudden pro others ah There What funny ah Wow it hurts I suddenly suffered a great stimulus, not only speak desperately knot, but also a bite of his tongue But small hope, because I want to thank you for your pro you do not like it St. Iraq with some injured eyes, pouting mouth looked at me pitiful. Who told you pro is the meaning of thanks ah You fool Speaking of pro word, my voice suddenly small down, face bass to become red Shining Woo can not stand this guy, again Although I am now angry like the outbreak of the volcano, but the St. that Iraq s poor pathetic light a hit, Hu La La burning is fierce anger immediately die. Oh forget it You should remember later ah, are not allowed to pro other people Especially girls Know Know St. I see I do not get angry, and his face immediately resumed a brilliant smile, but also naughty to spit my tongue. Woohoo really Last time because of a super accident and holy night to a baffling KISS, the heroes pure and beautiful kiss on the first so inexplicably gone, this time it is the turn of the St. Iraq woo woo woo woo I really doubt that these two brothers is not the hero of the evil star The Reversed Chapter Part 2 3 Bang clatter bang Lang bang Lang Oh, what a hell What a ghost thing Just as I was holy Iraq s shining light exposure was covered in cold sweat, a hard thing su.ight to a shopping guide in front of Miss, with a finger at me. I I opened my mouth, pointing to his nose, What do you want in the end The old, the boss, we are to give you to do packaging, ah, you, you are going to display their beauty, beauty meter ah Squid loudly clamored, the whole store fidget cube slategray echoed his voice, all of them To the same vision, as if I was a big Martian. You give me shut up I grabbed the squid from the collar, mercilessly taught him Do not say something, they can really think I was HELLO KITTY. Less nonsense, and quickly to change clothes, time to be too late Zheng Zhizhao said while pushing me into the dressing room, for our wonderful plan, you have to know how to sacrifice ah Miss clerk gave me a low cut sequined T shirt and a short miniskirt, Wow This, this can be called a skirt it. I do not bother to change the clothes, head down out of the dressing room how like Dead dead You talk ah In the end how ah This heroes for the first time was forced to wear, these fidget cube retail people actually have this expression I roared loudly staring at the front of the five stunned people. In particular, that the first light bulb, the heroes blush, he blushed like a tomato Well, well, I have halo friends. I directed Zheng Zhaoxiao shouting, bulb head, what is your expression ah This heroes, but the jade tree, the gods were Yang Your hair to clean up, ugly Zheng Zhizhao this guy not only did not praise the image of t.

Fidget Cube Retail t Yi Linxi just so rude, do you want to shield her Kou Sha has been angry eyes almost to explode, but hard to suppress the anger watching the holy night. I m sorry, just over Lin Yi I m sorry. I am sorry Holy night fidget cube instructions he actually would say I m sorry. But also for me God I I am dizzy I have completely do not understand the I hung in the air, can not believe in looking at the holy night, just like seeing a bolt from the blue sky Kou Sha looked holy night, trembling with anger, covered with fidget cube mediumseagreen anger burned fidget cube retail red. Woo holy night president, Yi Lin Xi last night to Puxiu high school steal, and today I make a fool of public, can it be said that all this depends on your I m sorry three words can be solved That President Kou Sha want to do Holy night really worthy of the heroes of the closure of the millennium iceberg man in Kou Sha burned a mountain so high in front of anger, is still not wrinkled eyebrows look, just like a cat is playing the same temper. I want to how Heard the holy night of the questioning, Kou Sha suddenly eyes lit up, As long as the holy night opening of the mouth, then I will bluntly, as long as you put the drawings and keys to my custody, I On the past without letting go. Dream. Kou Sha s voice has also declined, the Holy Night will not hesitate to throw out the two as hard as a stone word, the Kou Sha smashed face straight cramps, only as the top ten provinces of Xinghua One o.raceful things, because even so the victory is the biggest failure because Yi Linxi very impolite manner, I would like to apologize to you in the name of the President of the Fenglin High School Student Association, and I will ask her to write a written review to General Education after returning to Maple High School. Holy night here suddenly paused, the voice suddenly lowered down But if anyone wants to hurt anyone in Maple High by slanderizing and throwing mud, I am the president of the student council of Maple High School, absolutely not allowed Shine shine At this point, the sun has climbed fidget cube white to the zenith, the sun shines without shade on the holy night of the body, holy night, the whole body shining dazzling golden light A gust of wind blowing, set off the amount of holy night before the hair, holy night like a majestic king, like inviolability Well, you think you say so, we will believe you Has been holy see fidget cube retail through the conspiracy of Kou Sha, Buyiburao shouted. Kou Sha Holy Night turned to face, staring Kou Sha blankly, You dare to play with me a gamble What what bet If this time drama tournament, we who lost, who would resign fidget cube firebrick the president of the student union. Resigned as president of the office Watching the holy night firm expression of self confidence, Kou Sha began to feel guilty, the sound suddenly dropped a few decibels, the chest burning flames of anger began to shake up the flame bet on the gambling High school, this tim.