Fidget Cube Review s of the braids Hurry to let me go I was Zhizhao Zhao Zhu Zhao The painful ponytail turned and angrily stared at him, Why are you stopping me We have been waiting here for over an hour Pig head You do not see the holy night in a small St. room See him keep walking around, must be anxious If you appear this time, not be broken by his million pieces strange Zheng Zhizhao look, you are dead, the expression, white at me. But but if the little holy out of anything, even if the holy night without looking for my trouble, I have no way to forgive myself ah The more I said the more sad, tears actually out of control, crashed about fell off. Alas Recently the eyes of the heroes as if flooding, tears always go out stinking tears Roll me back into my eyes Zheng Zhizhao eyes wide open, like to see the same monster staring at me. The original you will cry cut The dead bulb head that inexplicable nonsense ah Well, too lazy to care about this guy, I went to see the little saint again. I thought, gulp about swallowing saliva, looked around, while the Holy Night turned Wow yeah See my heroes magic power dodge grass fly I am flying Feifei Ah Stupid Do not go ah Alas Well and so I Zheng Zhaoxiao see me rushing out and rushed out, had to bite fidget cube review the bullet with the up. Hei Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu Wa hahaha The heroes really dodge amazing, only a few minutes, on the fidget cube review clueless to climb the terrace along the water pipewords, like a satellite in my mind, like wandering around Turn I was almost crazy Asshole holy night This guy must be applied to me what Yaofa, so I can not forget how the situation last night, there there is the feeling of the kind of heartbeat A thump of thump. Wow Wow Wow Wow Again Again The thought of that feeling, I I feel high blood pressure, dizziness, breathing are some difficulties woo woo woo woo In the end in the end what happened This feeling This feeling is so terrible Ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah I could not help but to stand up to Teng, hysterically shouting Woo there are murderous I suddenly turned around and saw Ah ha ha ha Is Zhang teacher Long time no see ah Ha ha ha ha Thunder and lightning Thunder and lightning Woo you this guy you know we have not seen Zhang teacher stared at me, teeth. Wow yeah Too horrible Zhang teacher s face actually like Lei Gong, the eyebrows are all erected in the hands of the pointer holding creak creak straight, head still smoke Oh, right, now happens to be the World Cup, my father has collected the David Beckham of the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Oh, next time I steal a piece for you, how s it Zhang teacher trembling staring at me, eyes are holding out the bloodshot eyes. Class students are all secretly laughed out. cut Laugh what laugh. This heroine has always done.

or. No Sainty yelled, trying to stop me, but it was too late as soon as my fingertips touched the door, the iron gate creaked back. Flap Flap I and San Yi, ball three groups have not figure out the situation, the room lights suddenly big light, all of the same light shining towards us a few shot over. Why how the matter Why suddenly so many lights ah I was clutching his eyes were stabbed bright light, angrily shouted, my head burst of burst of straight hair halo, Little St., Are you all right Ah also okay I came behind them trembling voice. Ah ha ha ha ha We finally met, ah, demons D. behind the bright light suddenly Kou Sha burst of harsh sneer, my whole body suddenly startled What Devil D Devil D where I wore a light, facing the Kou Sha and Yan Lin asked loudly. Devil D where Ha ha ha ha You really will be a joke ah Kou Sha sneer hum hum, You do not is the devil D What I am the devil D Hey Kou Sha, you crazy ah Do not blame fidget cube review the eight wronged good ah I angrily facing the bright faintly shouted in the figure. How do you know my name Uh finished In desperation, the heroes actually missed the end of their own Who are you in the end Strong light came Kou Sha angry voice and a burst of rapid footsteps, I was about to turn to escape, but he was the first to tightly pinch the face. Haha, demon D, your taste is really strange, actually wearing a mask of the Monkey King, but it does not matter, today let me lo.a flashlight attentively to see Xiaoqiang, suddenly turned to excitement cried. This guy When action moves so fast What Found I and Zheng Zhizhao, St. Yi together, excitedly toward Xiaoqiang rushed past, along the flashlight beam toward demon stone on a look Holy Night Yes really is the name of that big bastard Bastard is bastard, the name looks so garish Ah Wait This how is this going I pointed to the top of the holy night name, where a knife engraved with a knife, and a rope tied to the lights, and Zheng Zhizhao, Sheng Yi exchange a frightened look, his face suddenly pale. I can not remember correctly, the last holy night on the name, absolutely no such things I try to make their own voice sounds less trembling. Zheng Zhi Zhao touched his chin, looked serious nodded his head Well and if I m not mistaken, these things should be just engraved soon, fidget cube slategray because the powder around the notch has not yet completely fall In the end who is why so hate my brother St. Iraq looked at the stone was engraved on the devil s holy night s name, nervous was trembling. San Yi woo fidget cube review to see him look like this, my nose is actually some sour how I have become heroic shortness of breath, children love long You, you said that maple just that foot, footsteps will not be Squid said, afraid to swallow saliva. What is it I looked at the squid in confusion. Devil D. Zheng Zhizhao staring at the devil stone, through it Black, strange and afraid of people I thought, shivering chilly, U turn go the direction of the school. Little girl little girl here here Who so and so called Benben called this heroes Although I have been scared spine cold, but still can not control their curiosity, turned toward the sound came in the direction of the past I my God That that tree under the shadows of the tree that what is looming something. Looks like fidget cube neon a floating in the air skirt like a long hair I would like to call for help, but the throat sound like a fishbone stuck like, how are unable to pronounce the sound The two feet seem to be frozen by the same with the cement, just do not move a step Little girl Do not be afraid I m not a ghost That as the wind, like the erratic voice once again wore from the shadows, I feel a whole hemp, the whole person rigidly fell to the ground. You you you Who are you I desperately squeezed out from the throat of a hoarse voice, Shivering asked. Brush pull My voice fell, shadows suddenly jump out of a group of Hushanhuoshan the flame, in that weak light against the background, I saw a pair of dead as dry as a dry hand from a purple cloak out Little girl, do not be afraid I am a diviner Oh Oh little girl, you do not call yourself heroes Why so timid to intend to escape it Purple people hehe smile, li.

Fidget Cube Review t still have to act when the captain of the night fidget cube black and green Zheng Zhizhao angry flushed, in front of me as monkeys desperately dancing. How do you have opinions You have the ability to lead the way ah I forked his waist, not convinced staring Zheng fidget cube gif Zhizhao, Anyway, at least I also know that a mark on the maple, if it is you, it is estimated Next life can not find demon stone The last time it was a few hundred years ago, do you think your clumsy footprint will be on the maple tree Wow ah What clumsy footprints you say ah Zheng Zhi Zhao and I grew more and more angry, like the end of the two angry bullfighting, his eyes wide rounded, nostrils Zhang big, and each other desperately breathing heavily. When I and Zheng Zhizhao ready to come to a life and death battle, Shengyi suddenly come to our middle, desperately waved his hand. what Someone. The students will not be the law enforcement team of monsters who have found our whereabouts, came Fenglin kill us Thought of this, my vindictiveness vanished at once, erect ears listening to Fenglin came the seemingly no sound that is, people step on the maple leaves on the sound. Yes In addition to six of us outside, there are indeed people into the Maple But listen to the sound, should be only one person correct Will not be the last night of the curse of the girls, and today to Maple it. Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu I gently toward the five behind the Nugu Nu mouth, to indicate to them to kee.a cover your mouth You are a frog Has been here to quack quack Outside the people come in Alas Smelly bulb, actually dare to say that the heroes are frogs Well, but for someone outside, you are dead Holy night president See you is really good, just really scared me This Jiao Di drops to win the fidget cube demonstration honey to the sound, one to know is Song Yuner. Well, how about the party. Smelly stone really is not covered, Song Yuner blatantly send the autumn wave, even hiding behind the door I felt, but he was completely unmoved. Evening party, ah, I and the organization to return to the bedroom to rest ah, Song Yun Er see holy night is not on the road, some lost to hum. Tomorrow, the students will be organized law enforcement team to open a meeting, I will talk to you about this evening s situation. Holy Night is still cold and said. Yes, holy night president. Water Linglong firm to answer. fidget cube review To the president, there are things I do not know if you should not say Song Yun Er said here, the voice suddenly become hesitant up, We are in the auditorium on the stage picked up this and I exquisite doubt, This evening things and Yi Linxi a relationship what. Song Yun Er that girl in the end picked up what. Actually so sure that this heroes and a relationship Even so, that Zheng Zhaoxuan should also not get off ah. The more I want to heart more unbalanced, simply open the mouth of the mouth of the fidget cube darkviolet lamp head is one Bulb head surprised eyes buy fidget cube stared at me, desperat.