Fidget Cube Update u understand Woo St. night fidget cube saddlebrown breathing heavily, struggling to raise his head, suddenly forced me to push forward, jumped down from my back, staggering forward two steps. Holy night What are you doing I looked at him with excitement and flushed face surprised. St. night weak leaning on the wall, slowly turned his head fidget cube maroom and looked at me firmly. I m going to the theater to play. You re crazy You simply can not play the game ah My word is finished, holy night shouted angrily interrupted me, I to go I absolutely can not lose Stight looking at the application of St. night, I puzzled to breathe a sigh of relief. Why do you want to be so obsessed To the principal s agreement, or to the treasure Holy night turned on the wall, desperately supporting trembling feet do not let yourself fall. He swallowed a panting breath, looked up at me. I to I love the people I promised her to give her happiness For your favorite people I stared, repeating the words of the holy night. This this guy is serious. By the way, I remember that he used to say similar words I am willing to pay for my favorite people all their own, and even life Why Who is his favorite people in the end Why the Holy Night to pay so much for her Thought of this, my heart suddenly burst of gratuitous sour, chest Biede uncomfortable. Woo hateful Why do I have to say this guy with you so much Holy Night to see me see holy night, please No Holy Night has just finished treatment Now rest You can not go in Woo the door of the animal girl in the news is really well informed, my forefoot to the holy night back to the hospital, their hind feet to the The most frightening thing is that a group of girls outside the door is a group of St. Justin s agent and the hospital security to coax a group, the gas had a chance to breathe, the next batch again Heard the screams of one after another outside the ward, holy night lying on the bed, frowning turned the body. Oh Ha ha holy night president, you eat apples I said, while his face to a crooked look at the apple cut respectfully handed the night before the holy night. Saint face lifeless lifted his eyes and looked at me, cold hum hum, turned his head to go. Eh St. night president does not like to eat apples That pears This pear looks good to eat fidget cube on sale the way ah hey hey hey I want you to eat, this heroes help you cut I pointed to the bedside table on the holy night FANS who sent the Flower and Fruit Mountain, or fidget cube blue Asked graciously. Holy night gently sighed, impatiently turned his head, staring at me sharp. Yi Linxi, in the end you want to say Woo cut into the question I laughed and scolded scratching his fidget cube shark tank head, my heart suddenly gloomy down. In fact, nothing put the cockroach in the lunch box is indeed the heroes do not, but I was unintentional I do not.

pilgrimage night fidget cube update s office rushed past Ya Ya Ya Yeah Asshole holy night You better not pray I will not meet you, or I will let you look good 4 Stop, Yilinxi, where are you going I was about to burst into the student office building, water suddenly jumped out from the next Delicate, blocking the door of the office building. Alas Is the water Linglong This guy is the holy night of the running dog, again hindered it Slip I suddenly a brakes to stop fidget cube adult down, crossed the gas bulging to stare at the water exquisite. Get out of here, I m going to the Great Swindler. You are now fidget cube update a public enemy of Maple High School, you actually dare to speak out on the holy night , Water Linglong eyebrows are all crowded in the eye. Together, facing me hum hum rip cried. I am too lazy to tell you that I fidget cube update want to go to the Holy Night to discuss a fair I am angry to the big one. I am so angry that I have to say to you, Roar, without any explanation to push water is exquisite, forcibly broke into the student union office building. I push I push I push the push Wow yeah Water Delicate This guy is to eat iron grew up The heroes struggling to push her to one side, the results most of the day, she was still in place to pestle. Yi Linxi, Yi Linxi, you do not in vain, and say I am also a judo black belt, and I want to fight you tender Water Delicate triumphantly laughing, turned toward the move behind the beckoned, you A few over, give me 24 hours a day to closely monitor Yi Lin Xi She i.his hand as heavy as iron can not move, and the face of St. is also becoming increasingly blurred vision. Suddenly a lukewarm object affixed to my lips, my chest pain is no longer so intense, and then I seem to be dragged to the shore. Keke cough Keke cough Air I finally breathe the air I pant with breath. Ooo Thank God Oh, little Greek Little Greek How are you Keke Sheng Yi while breathing heavily pushed me ashore, while worried to ask. I I m okay I looked awkwardly, dumped the wet hair, red holy Iraq grinned, Today, if not you, the heroes may be necessary Do not say that they are useless after the Oh St. Yi Yi Zheng, Leng Leng looked at me, his face showing a moving smile. Little hope Hey I smiled and rushed to the thumbs of St. Iraq, Well, okay You have to bubble in the water how long ah Come on Oh Good St. Iraq smiled and nodded, his hands on shore ready to climb. Uh Yes, do not know how the kind of shrimp that stupid here from the pier just a short distance, that guy should not know what happened just now. Hey this Yehao, as long as the heroes as soon as possible, not by his discovery has been ashore, in the end I swim in the water for a long time, is not the heroes themselves the final say Wa hahaha I really is a genius ah Well, just do it Little St thump As I turned to prepare to call on the holy Iraq together to leave, I suddenly found that should have been ashore the holy Iraq suddenl.morial. Reflect it, Crystal tears will open the world s festival 1 My brother is very charming, is not it Little Greek, like his brother, is not it Yi Linxi, you like me, is not it Impossible Death metamorphosis you give me shut up I suddenly shouted, bass to look from the seat and stood up. Dead dead I rubbed his head dizzy, looked around, full of classmates all staring eyes staring at me. Zhang on the podium is open with a big mouth flying spittle, like an angry whole body like a motorcycle engine desperately shaking a non stop Ah ha ha Wrong wrong, I had just been in a dream ah Impolite rudeness I grinned with an apologetic smile, is preparing a ass to sit down on the bench Yi Linxi You this guy Exam test zero Make up classes or skipping or sleep Now also shame abuse teacher Going two days is make up If you do not pass, I will call the holy night president of you Excuse No I was holding the head was quickly knocked into the wooden fish, as soon as possible to the direction of the bedroom to flee. I know Expelled Be careful to be expelled Zhang screams chasing me behind, in the air echoed echo Call speaking, recently I really is back enough Beauty has been unwittingly in the past week, but St. that day to say every day in my mind around to go around, causing me a bad mood every day Coupled with the things to find no progress in the devil D Oh I.

Fidget Cube Update school students, the water is exquisite Our president today, physical discomfort, if you have anything, please come back another day Koudha, with his arms, raised his eyebrows and sneered, and looked at the water with a serene look, Oh, the holy night, even if the president does not want to honor his promise, he can not find such a bad excuse Kou Sha president, please do not be too much of what you have to me See Kou Sha aggressive, the water would like to rush forward to find Kou Sha theory, but was holy night to pull back. President Kou Sha, what are you going to do today Ha ha ha ha Heard the holy night of the questioning, Kou Sha burst into a sudden burst of laughter, Do you remember the memorandum, you do not remember our agreement Heard Kou Sha s words, holy night whole body startled. I remember that Since I remember today is to see the holy night president is how to fulfill their commitments Kou Sha said, suddenly raised his finger pointing to the holy night of the nose cried, Holy Night You obediently Resign the resignation of the student union president Kacha Kacha Kacha Kacha Kou Sha s voice had just fallen, a group of reporters carrying a camera suddenly from the general repair high school crowd behind the Chung out, facing the Holy Night is a Kuangpai Holy night watching the reporter suddenly came out, some unpleasant lift fidget cube ebay au lift eyebrows, but did not speak. Hateful exquisite water forcefully holding fist, tightly staring.high school for so many years, the previous management of the entire school student president, is the holy night president of the best I believe him Uncle said, pilgrimage fidget cube update Iraq cast a praise of the eyes. what Holy Night is the best This strange uncle s mind Xiudian it Good or bad points are not clear, actually said that the stinking stone is the best cut Uncle St. Iraq surprised to see Uncle, eyes flashing. If you can not prove that they are not the devil D, live up to the holy night president of your trust, my old bones will not let you Hearing it Uncle said, nostrils greatly flushed me and Zheng Zhizhao hum hum, turned into the communication room, shut the door. Humph This old man really is a personality I served YOU I pouted, angrily climbed up from the ground, thump a bit of dust on the body, pulled the back of the bag. Little Greek, Chi chiu, you okay Little St. sorry to see us ask. Zheng Zhi Zhao bent arm, triumphantly out of a piece of muscle on the arm. Zheng Zhizhao, a small arm. Then we quickly go to the library now, and so will be under the class more fidget cube update than one, it is not easy to deal with. Little St. worried that some frowned. Well, then we ll go Zheng Zhi Zhao and I followed behind in St., walked into the top floor of a library of bronze in a small iron gate. Wow wow I did not expect our school there is such a beautiful place I looked up in surprise at the vaulted ceilings of the secret library, carved murals on the walls, an.