Fidget Cube Video appear Uh how is it Why the more that the idea of the devil D, with the heroes of the plan to eliminate Holy Night surprisingly similar ah Woo there are murderous I suddenly turned around and saw Wow yeah hateful Holy night this guy seems to see through my mind, like staring at a pair of dead fish watching me, wore two head on the earth so much the word doubt. Wow Holy night What is your eyes ah Why use this dead look at me I fidget cube with 10 color schemes have said I am not a demon D Holy Night looked at me with an angry look of hot air, not pick to pick the eyebrows. Even if you are the devil D, I want to win is impossible. What Wow yeah This kid is so cocky I saw his eyes I can not wait to cover a big footprint in his face Holy night gently snorted, and turned back to the wall of the table sat down, blankly to aim at me. Well, you can go, and I ll revisit the script after dinner. Well, whatever Bang I shouted angrily, forced in the back of the drama club fell on the door. hateful hateful Damn holy night This world how there will be so annoying guy But the most abhorrent is, why the heroes will actually be his Woo mad at me 5 Get out of here, get out of here Wind Early the next morning, I stepped on the N did not play for a long time as the Fire Wheel on the streets like Spider Man jumped up and down, the DPRK Star Grand Theater, flying Yi Linxi You are late Bang My forefoot has just entered the door of the Grand Theater of Xinghua, they suddenly., is a symbol. That meet is destined to ah, as fidget cube vinyl toy to learn from our discussion I used to point to the dance machine, with a strong opponent to play extraordinary ah Oh Please enlighten Oh. Xiao Wu went to the dance machine above, dropped into the two game currency. readily This hero is like this straightforward person I chose the dance of the PK mode, transferred to the expert level of the stalls, selected the first degree of difficulty for the super five star song. This song, how Xiao Wu thumb pointing to the screen, turned around and winked at me. Oh, demon dance I love it One Two Three Go Bang just bang just bang just bang just Look at me Rooster independent Crane bright wings Sea fishing month Another invincible cyclone legs Wow ha ha ha ha The people around now should have been this heroes beautiful dance shocked it I Toumiao next to the small arms of the screen, the arrow down speed is super invincible fast, but he has a lot to step on the whole Look at this heroes trick invincible Fenghuo round Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Yeah Huchihuchihuchi but An end, Xiaowu or a full height of the hero than the 20 points Unfortunately, the heroes do not eat anything today, wash brush and tired to die soon, the physical has long been exhausted Little hope, you okay Xiao Wu came, his face conspire to my front. what It s him. I looked at now in front of me the large live version, this is not the recent period of time is fidget cube video always on the TV idol, as if.

the roar, the forehead was flying over the mud blocks and stones smashed red. I m furious I Yi Linxi heroes more than fifteen years of rivers and lakes, but also never received such a wronged gas Now, I really can not wait to throw a bomb to raid here Huh. Wait What is that. Just as I was ready to die like a hero standing on the podium, like a fork, a basketball so big shadow suddenly flew toward me flying over Is it comet to hit heroes. Be careful Before I react, holy night suddenly rushed to hold me tightly in the arms Bang With a muffled, war torn general repair high school playground, suddenly quiet down, a silence A thump of thump. At the moment, my brain is frozen like a fidget cube australia cement, eyes straight pestle in place, while a touch of rose flowers, my heart calm uh, no, it should jump more fierce, and fidget cube video feel the heart Have been jumping to the throat It felt like a century after so long, holy night finally gently pushed me, reached out and touched the back spoon. boom Blood blood Holy night bleeding Watch Holy Night was red blood stained fingers, I feel like a sudden feeling in the mine hack Yi Linxi heroes, family genetic haemolymphemia the outbreak Wow ah ah ah ah ah Blood ah Blood ah Bleeding Bleeding ah Help save lives I do not know when, Zheng Zhizhao suddenly rushed to the podium, tightly grasp the podium jump up and down on me. Ah, bald cats Zhaizhao Zhao did not understand how the matter, the hand has been bitte.tingy Cut And Quot I clutching his head on top of the smoke of the hill package, not convinced to retreat to the rostrum of the innermost corner. Alas Smelly stone But for fidget cube mistyrose you to see today to save the heroes of the copies, I have to fight you three hundred rounds Holy night president, you really is to the face, I casually talk about it, you really a person to general high school Kou Sha ring arm, grinning hum hum, Since you come today, I hope you can explain this to us. Holy Night brow slightly wrinkled, a few seconds later, he resumed that goes on the stone face. What Kou Sha was lugging his eyebrows, his eyes half squinting at me and holy night body glanced. Holy night president, why do you want to instruct the devil D, that is, Yi Lin Xi, last night came to our general high school student office to steal it I did not instruct Yi Lin Xi, and now there is no conclusive evidence that Yi Linxi is the devil D. brush Holy night voice faded, Kou Sha will once again raised the demon D goes black small note. I know the holy night you will certainly deny the president, but this note, you should know it Black D paper demons Holy night to see a black note, frowning turned around and looked at the corner of the squat I, eyes puzzled to flash a bit. Nah Not me I desperately with the eyes of holy night to launch the innocent innocent light waves, the first to be like a wave drum. Ah ha ha ha Yi Linxi, fidget cube deeppink you are head is broken is useless Kou Sha looked at.ntion the death of my opponent holy night That assistant, I just want to go back to rest, the director does not play out of play, You see, this is just making pictures of the posters, very beautiful, right This gives you Our holy night Ah, really handsome Oh nausea This heroes do not want this kind of woman thing but That against the background of the rainbow in the rainbow of the two handsome beauty really really is that I stink with that stone Scarf wrapped in a sweet kiss the first explosion was the wind seemed to be a natural level of the really really the United States My hand involuntarily took over, so I had to return to God when the embarrassed to say I that I that The toilet over there director for me a thoughtful direction. woo woo woo woo Miss, I ll take you here, you go back and have a good rest. Oh, thank you Oh, the driver brothers After a period I directed the driver a Baoquan, watched his car to leave. That holy holy night is really not a little conscience, after the use of the heroes kicked me back, to catch the next notice of their own. Humph This fidget cube video account I will come back I angrily fidget cube video directed at the air waved his fist. Little Greek you finally back Mom I just turned and saw a snowman sitting in the doorway. Little hope is me ah Little St. Snowman stood up at once, the body of the snow flu.

Fidget Cube Video heng Zhizhao quarrel was severe, holy night suddenly a minefield, we scared a bomb later Uh just look at the quarrel with the idiot lamp head, actually completely forgot the holy night still next I watched the holy night, holding a straight clap of the two big fist, abruptly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. According to the professional and professional insight of the heroes of the analysis, the two fists implied the value of the grudge is definitely more than 9,999 points It is very thunderbolt ah I thought, not consciously touched his neck still alive in the head. You two all this is really the two of you do Iraq will become like this you are the two victims Holy Night head down, like the sound of the sea like a dark fidget cube tumblr stone ,deep. Small Iraq Holy Night is the coma that he. No, no, it s not really the two of us I leaned back as I continued to struggle, I swear, if I had done such fidget cube video a shabby thing hack Pilipala boom Wow what happened Also really thunder Do not even believe me, God. woo woo woo woo A thriller of lightning across the window, the wind outside the window the more fierce, the curtains of the French windows are simply opened, the white light of the dark room to see a pale. Cold white light map in holy night cloudy face, so he looks like just drilled out of hell, like the devil I and Cheng Chih chao like two cats into a dead end of the mouse, his face livid holding tightly, the upper and lo.standing next to me was shocked. I guess brother must not want to lose the game today, so he rushed to the Grand Theater of the Little Greek Little Greek You must help me find my brother Must take him back to the hospital safely Ooo Do not worry, I ll go to him now Click I forced to hang up the phone, a second without hesitation on the rushed out of the communication room Why is this so That damn demon D actually framed this heroes twice, in the end what motives. Also Why do I hear the Holy Night accident I will feel so heavy Heart is like what was grabbed the same, so sad You want to race where you go Is from the doorway through the doorway Jiang Xue Yin, I saw the ass like a fire from the communication room rushed out, surprised to loudly asked. Snow I pantically grabbed the arms of Jiang Xue Yin, exclaimed, listen to me, holy night out of trouble, food poisoning He just ran out from the hospital, is estimated to be here to catch you Song Yun children to go with them to say, let them with the Organizing Committee of the people to map our high school in the order of playing But small hope, I Do not me and me Go Now is an emergency Jiang Yueyin words ranging finish, I whipped about to turn the direction of the DPRK s door rushed out. Why just Jiang Xue Yin s eyes make me feel that some hidden secret 2 I guess brother must not want to lose the game today, so he rushed to the Grand fidget cube demonstration Theater of th.