Fidget Cube Violetred competition in the accidental defeat, and was responsible for the drama club student fidget cube a vinyl desk toy president, Because of this blow, the college entrance examination mistakes.After the school to discuss, want to let him stay in school and repeat a year, but he suddenly disappeared, even his parents have no way to find him But what does it all have to do with the demon D I asked, puzzled. Head turned to look out the window, although I can not see, but can feel his sadness and regret. Alas Principal deeply sighed, Fenglin high school demon stone fidget cube violetred rumors, you must both know that, at the time, the night before the game, Yin received a small black stripes, above Wrote the current top ten drama, Fenglin high school will be defeated. Inscribed is the devil D. Is not this the same as the little black note we see No not the same Yin Ya received a small black stripes on the demon D special mark oh. Special Mark Oh, hehe Oh, ah, demon D is definitely not forget to stamped with that special mark, I know her. Here, the principal suddenly a mysterious smile. What You know her That That s so, you know who the devil D Hello The headmaster looked at me and nodded, but soon shook his head again. In short, I can assure you that this demon D, should be false, but her approach with seven fidget cube by ansty years ago, the real demon really like D, holy night you have been through this time things, seven Years ago Yinya have experienced. Hearing the headmaster, I and Holy N.burst out of the big King Kong was severely smashed a punch I am not a sandbag, why do so hard to hit my head I grieved to rub his head was shot King Kong has a large Mount Everest so high mountain bags, dissatisfaction to yell. Well Do you dare to have opinions The game is about to start The costumes for the better King Kong arm around his face staring at me anger. For good friends I pouted up from the ground up, dissatisfaction whispered, actually let the heroes wear such an ugly costumes, it is too no face what did you say Ahhh Nothing Woo King Kong this guy s fidget cube turquoise ear is the radar This heroes are so small voice actually heard her Humph Forget it Heroes do fidget cube violetred not fight with King Kong So that other people say that the heroes of cruelty to animals I quietly Chongjin spit tongue, turned and walked to the theater. big sister Huh big sister Is calling me I followed the direction of the sound came down a look wow Good cute little boy, his face flushed, like a big apple Children, you just call me I squatted, smiled and squeezed the little boy s face. Big sister, Zheng Tai would like to ask you to help me with the orangutan as a good The little boy holding a camera in his left hand, right hand pointing in the direction of water Linglong. Orangutan Orangutan. I was surprised to see the innocence of Zheng Tai, and looked at the whole body trembling big King Kong Puchi Wow ha ha ha ha The lovely children actually King Kong as a zo.

y happy because from small to large, no matter what are my brother in every possible way to take care of me, never let fidget cube violetred me suffer a little bit, but he was too tired to fall ill, although brother Deliberately concealed from me, but I accidentally saw him secretly in medicine that day Holy Night secretly taking medicine I can not believe to lift the raised eyebrows. Ah small Greek can not tell others Oh Brother do not want to tell others fidget cube violetred things if someone else knows, he will be very unhappy. Woo that I was very clear to me I remember the last time and Zheng Zhizhao found St. Eve and the secret of the twin saints, holy night that the same as the eyes of Hades, I still scared Whole body shivering Well, a little holy I said St. I support from my shoulders down, generous attempts to pat his shoulder, you, now back to the room to rest, your next work by the heroes Come and do it Little Greek You How do you not believe the strength of this hero you Looking at the eyes of the Iraqi suspicious, I could not conceal the pursed his mouth. Oh, no, no Sage quickly waved, I am afraid you are not familiar with these small files, but there are so many I m afraid Linxi, but Yushu Linfeng, God for Yang, the civil and military heroes ah Uh present with civil and military to describe the heroes seem to lack a little convincing ah But it does not matter Hey Because this heroes have a dedicated heart, c. to meet the curiosity of this heroes it Rest assured that the principal, I will not let you down, will win this time the top ten drama tournament champions. St. eyes firmly staring at the principal said. Oh Oh Oh That is really good The president nodded with satisfaction with a smile, his face like a ball of water was filled with water, as the frequency of a nod to shaking, and suddenly all of a sudden But also focus on long and looked at the distance, I would like to see the former Fenglin high school, vibrant you, rehearse every day rehearsal, fighting for the honor of Maple, Holy Night, ah, if you see Seven years ago, Maple, will certainly be like me I stared at the headmaster looked happy smile filled with memories of his face, the mouth Zhang became a 0 font. Seven years ago then what is the difference Maple it Well, tomorrow s game please refuel it The principal has finally come back to the gods, Xiao Hehe turned to me, Oh, yes, Yi Linxi students please refueling Oh I heard you are the devil D, I also Scared it Ha ha ha Old man, even you say Tell you I m not a demon D Listen clearly I angrily grimace in pain. I believe you, because that the devil D is simply a fake note. Oh, oh What Fake Hearing this news, I was stupid and holy night staring a light bulb so big I have been in Fenglin High School when the principal has more than a decade Seven years ago, we Fenglin High School in the drama ten.which, my heart suddenly sank The will not I took him to eat a cockroach to put the lunch later become so But but even if there are cockroaches, holy night will not be food poisoning ah I I was just trying to mischief it how could this be. Little Greek Last night I found my brother s lunch box demon D s note Note that our high school drama drama will lose no doubt What How is it possible That lunch box is I bought holy night ah How will Little Greek, do not worry, my brother is not eating lunch boxes of poisoning, because the food in the lunch box brother did not move too Why did not In addition to lunch, holy night also eaten what what correct Coke I remember holy night drinking the bottle of Coke Could it be that No No Do not make jokes Then the cowardly snow may be how the devil D, usually she did not even speak loudly, how could make so many hateful things Little Greek St. Iraq s voice choked more and more powerful, and I heard the tears fell on the microphone issued a fluttering sound, My brother has been very worried from last night s game today, this morning When I went to see him fidget cube violetred at fidget cube scarlet the hospital, the nurse said that he had slipped away from the ward this morning because his brother was idolized and now the whole hospital was looking for him That fucker Why do not even comfortable running around ah I did not sound good sound in front of the microphone cried, the big sister.

Fidget Cube Violetred Why do you why the key holy night president Why framed our drama club Hey King Kong You quickly let go Just this time, but the hero saved the holy night president ah I did not sound good gas cried, desperately want to pull the hands of exquisite water, Hey Help me to say a word You saved the holy night president Delicate water heard me, then Lengle Leng, but half a second later, she resumed goes angrily apes face, I am an idiot when you do I will not believe you From the first day of your high school to Maplewood, Fenglin High School every day back you get upset You will save the holy night president Do not make fun of Hey Water Delicate, you do not go too far Even if Lin Yi is bragging, but you have no evidence that the holy night is her harm into such ah Zheng Zhizhao side to see the situation, suddenly rushed up, push Open water Linglong, block in front of me. Woo you this guy And so on Just as the water exquisite fist raised his fist intended to put the heroes on the spot Dafa, Holy Night finally gently raised his head and took a breath, Ladies and gentlemen, this time things and Yi Lin nothing to do What Hear the holy night, everyone was surprised. I proudly smiled buy fidget cube kickstarter edition and patted the hands of exquisite water, water, exquisite eyes stare, angrily to handle the back of the hand. Hey Hey, how big Just take your paws off Holy night write me a look, turned anxiously watching Song Yun children. Today s drama compe.smiled, Congratulations to you ah civet cats, you finally find a small Greek Do not call me civet cats Zheng Zhaizhao head down, low voice said. On the small Greek, you fidget cube gif do not know, Mr. civet cat heard that you were arrested last night in the Prudential High School to find you for a long time Met me this morning when I told him you were locked in the basketball club s warehouse Woo Xiaowu not finished, suddenly Zheng Zhizhao to tightly covered his mouth. Choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting Woo bulb head in the general repair to find me one night I looked at some doubts Zheng Zhaizhao, smiled at him fidget cube grey blinked his eyes. Thank you Hey Good brother Really hard you ah Also thank you Shua Uh how is it. Zheng Zhaoxiao this guy to eat the wrong medicine yet. I just thank him, his face suddenly suddenly become even more than the monkey buttocks red Hey, Zheng Zhizhao, are you okay I looked at him, some worried to reach out and touched the forehead in Zheng Zhizhao. Zheng Zhizhao suddenly shouted angrily, forced to block my hand, Yi Lin Xi You then look at me, you re dead Do you think I would like to see your bulb head ah less to his face gilded Zheng Zhi Zhao What do.