Fidget Cube Wheat econds later, snapped is heard, the auditorium of the lights was finally once again opened. Song Yun Er s voice in the light to reach that moment in time, a little to appease everyone s emotions, so that the entire hall began to quiet down slowly. Do not you check the line before the show How could this happen A classmate after the emotional stability stood up, facing the face of sincere Song Yuner began to question. Yes, in the end how is it and so on President of it Another classmate joined the team to denounce, but his last sentence to the auditorium of all the people screaming back to the stage again Originally arranged in a lively and gorgeous stage, this time has been messy, props and scenery set in disorder on the ground. The stage s iconic gorgeous lanterns do not know when to fall on the stage, glass fragments scattered in every corner of the stage. And above it, a rope hanging in the air, fidget cube wheat like in the mockery of who like, triumphantly to shake. The middle of the stage has been invisible to a figure. Just still passionate performance of the three actors actually disappeared out of thin air Only a stained blood knife, occupy their original position, in the light bursts of coldness. What the hell is this happening Holy night president of people There Yi Lin Xi and Zheng Zhizhao it How all gone Ah, good terror Auditorium once again into a panic among. You students, please be quiet Quiet No matter how the Song Yun children Oh Strong people, ah, Please bring the osmanthus to continue to look for the prophecy of happiness. Wait, Germination of the faith will eventually withstand the test of wind and rain 1 Headache headache After a few days, I and San Yi, Zheng Zhizhao there are three groups, one to eight thirty in the evening on my bedroom in the collection, to discuss the devil D, until the dawn was asleep. Oh a few days down, the heroes of the remaining brain cells on the death of all the dead light Why every time the emergence of the devil D, will appear with me so coincidence The demon invitations on the icon and what does that mean As well as president of the diary and the mysterious diary of the reference to the devil D, is this seven years the devil D has been there My head that pain ah Oh Or to sleep ZzzZZz sleep At noon this day, I was awakened by a burst of noise in the school, rubbing about to split the head from the bed to climb up. Woo stomach hungry Since the heroes become a public enemy, the cafeteria Aunt never gave me meat, my collection of rations has also been that several glutton guy to steal light Oh, give me meat give me meat ah Well, I see I still go out for food, eat and then come back to sleep I thought, clutching like a cuckoo, like the only cuckoo barking of the stomach, pushed the bedroom door toward the dining hall went over. Huh.

sident in the Harlequin Do not have experience on the ah, no wonder Fenglin high school to collapse it I think so I look serious nodded his head, Chong Xia Mi thumbs up, but we no matter how bad Maple High School, but also better than you Puxiu high school because the general high school training Come out, are like you like an idiot Wa hahaha Good fun And finally reported the last in the game room, a curse of the hatred This hero is not only fist kung fu amazing, mouth effort is not bad What Xia Mi one, angry eyebrows into a fork in the fork, long nose like a sword pointing to my face. Behind his two little brother flap to rubbing his fingers, thieves ready to fight at any time with a smile. Hey you is the general high school repair people Sheng Yi suddenly stepped forward asked. Xia Yam brow wrinkled, the line of sight moved to the Saint s face How, holy night president, you want to protect people in Maple High fidget cube how much does it cost School The little girl suddenly picked up the eyebrows, thieves said with a smile, the girl and the relationship between St. night seems unusual, so late also solitary men and women together and, I These days to listen to several high school Fenglin brother said that this woman is now their school public enemy, as if there is a nickname Devil D Ah ha Promising ah boy This has been found Xia Mi happy to rub the boy s hair, turned around to see the holy Iraq, holy night president, but I heard you in the Maple High School Th.crowded three story outside the three tier. What happened again How this heroes do not know the reason fidget cube wheat Get out of here, this hero I dug around the bulletin board in a large mass of dark mass. Desperately to the direction of the bulletin board squeeze. Woohoo a lot of people. And finally pushed the crowds in front of me, forced out of breath. Wiped a sweat on his forehead, looked up God how could this be Classroom bulletin board so much blackboard was cut off the paste was full, that did not leave a gap I stared at the clippings on the bulletin board. I felt the brain waves of fidget cube palegreen faint. Hongfeng City Morning Post Drama strong school Fenglin high school in this drama ten strong preliminary game was eliminated Red Maple City newspaper Fenglin high school tragedy is the president of the holy night students. Star Province Daily Fenglin high school was eliminated Maple shareholders despair ready to divest Hongfeng City Entertainment News Popular idol holy night Maple was eliminated out of the culprit Ah divestment how could this My God Is Maple High School really going to close down I do not want it Ooo, ooo See these reports, the students wail is also heard one after another. Suddenly, my mind is also a partial chaos. It seems this time Maple High School in the top ten tournament drama fiasco, the final result is far less than I imagined so simple. If Maple High School really closed down, it is all Holy Night s fault I.eavy sigh. What happened What happened Hurry to tell me Hurry to say Curiosity has been desperate to hold my head steaming steaming, and jumped and shouted. Diary written in February 14, 1999 that day suddenly gone St. Iraq, some discouraging whispered, and the president wrote the same day log What Xiaoru like president of the wood wood president refused her confession, but also said to her heavy, probably fidget cube wheat to her efforts to forge ahead, do not be emotionally disturbed by their own rhythm or something. Zheng Zhizhao said The diary back to the shelves, and fidget cube bisque she said in the diary of the last go to the devil stone curse President Wood What To the devil stone curse wood president Because wood president refused her I Leng Leng looked at the cold diary of the purple, a face murderous look like a female monster surfaced in my mind Uh so terrible girl really is a woman heart seabed fidget cube for adhd needle I thought, could not stop the whole body called a big shiver. Yes, wood president in the log is not also mentioned the end of the devil D Will Xiaoru to demon stone relationship St. Iraq suddenly eyes light up, looking at me and Zheng Zhizhao. Woo there may be this Things really become more and more strange Devil D seven years ago Chapter of the Goddess Firm and courageous idea, Guiding the intuition of light, Silently recite the oath, Whether to hear the call of my he.

Fidget Cube Wheat holy night and St. Eminimus long two exactly the same face, why is a cold than the big iceberg, and the other is like a sunflower as bright and lovely This is really too far too far You promised not to make the Christmas party public that night, why do you want to break the agreement I looked back, facing the holy night angrily questioned loudly. I do not, holy night replied affirmatively. You do not have In addition to you and Song Yuner, the water outside the Linglong, no other people know this thing Do you want to deny it See the holy night did not recognize the death of my anger burned the more prosperous. St. night frowning glanced at me I said, I did not do that. Then you tell me, if it was not you, who did it I Ah I just heard the voice of Yi Linxi It came from the hillside Wow Miserable miserable Just an angry call was too loud, monster army guys have heard Smelly Holy Night Are victims of this guy Well, holy night is like a mosquito to the bite, an impatient hum hum, and turned to go down the hillside. Stinky holy night Do you want to escape I angrily shouting against the back of the holy night, but the holy night is not head back to continue to move forward. Alas mad at me This guy actually dare look down on me Just when I intend to rush to beat him a good fist, lessons learned this no one, arrogant smelly stone, the hillside suddenly came under the holy night in the fidget cube walmart air full of majestic voice. Law Enforcement team of students. is fidget cube amazon review the holy night President So late, how could you be here We just heard the voice of Yi Linxi, she went to the drama club tonight trouble, you see her Monster Legion saw holy night, one by one all into a docile little sheep, very respectful to reduce the volume. Alas not good Holy night that big bastard will let the law enforcement team of monsters came to me I quickly slipped it one two three turn back I fidget cube deepskyblue flash No. Huh. what No. I was just on the hillside back script, in addition to me, no one else. Holy Night affirmatively said. Is it The original president in the back script Oh Oh It seems that we heard the wrong ah So president, we have to go after Lin Xi and her associates, do not bother you it is good. The rumbling rumbles A burst of footsteps like the earthquake quickly disappeared, not a moment, holy night came up from the hillside. I Leng Leng looked at the holy night I I have not heard it wrong Holy night actually actually did not give me out for this this guy is really holy night it Bang Before I came to understand how the matter, fidget cube wheat a hard small iron box hit my forehead. Wow Pain pain Killing me Your forehead is hurt, this is the ointment. Holy Night in his pockets with both hands, looked at me coldly. injured I raised my hand and touched the forehead I fidget cube wheat looked at the red blood on the finger, scared like a koala like thump about hanging in the holy night on the back, the death of the dea.