Fidget Cube White I nodded his head and touched the chin nodded. Yes, on here, there is an interesting legend Oh St. Iraq said, smiled at me and Zheng Zhizhao blinked, It is said that in this library there is a mysterious diary, as long as you Write down your declaration of love in your diary, and you will be able to be together Woo this kind of thing really boring, I can not interest I pretended not to scratch a scratch cold, in fact, curiosity has long been boiled water, like bubbling bubbling. Mysterious diary Not this, right Zheng Zhaoxiao said, casually draw a purple diary from the shelves, opened a look, ah Not so right Yay What You fidget cube lightgreen really find a mysterious diary I can not believe that the holy Iraq and quickly walked over, scrape together the first look True Yeah Is a girl wrote to a boy s love letter Girl s name is Xiaoru Xiaoru How it seems very familiar ah President of the log A second later, the three of us unanimously to say these four words I know Yesterday, when the drama club saw the president also referred to the Xiaoru This is probably the same person I said with surprise and exclaimed. Brush Lala La Alas Stinky light bulb and the two saints of St. Iraq is fidget cube tomato not to face it too much, I heard this heroes such a brilliant analysis, actually not at all excited, just looking hard to turn the diary Snapped A few minutes later, Zheng Zhizhao forced closed the diary, and the exchange of a surprise in the eyes of Iraq, h.tching raw pain ass, rubbed his sleepy eyes dim eyes, climb back on the ground, civet cat Civet cats This is not a general high school basketball club s warehouse There are so many civet cats You fidget cube white want to die Dare to call me civet cats In front of the black and white stripes big civet cats, punch knocked in the same as the turtles around the climb jump up my head, You fool I m here to save you help me. Hearing this sentence, still in a state of semi drowsiness I finally wake up, eyes wide turned around and saw Ah Bulb head is you Nonsense Zheng Zhizhi angrily agreed to. He suddenly covered my mouth, dragged me into the dark warehouse. Wow, this winter vacation is great You know what I heard that Sun will attend the opening ceremony this morning Really Then let s go Call good danger Listening to the sudden from the door after the voice of the two girls drifting away, I and Zheng Zhizhao greatly relieved. You this stupid woman Every time you almost killed As this continues, I Zhengzhao Zhao s life sooner or later ruined in your hands Cut Less nonsense I pouted and rushed Zheng Zhizhao Fei flew a supercilious look, stand up in the warehouse there is a high window on the outside looked out, Great now no one outside, we hurry out It okay Do not agree with me and Zheng Zhizhao views, the warehouse door gently opened a crack, eyes conspire door edge alert to look out. Woo no one a good opportunity I looked up and Zhe.

ely biting his lips do not want to make a sound, the results gave the Bie out of the tears. Sheng Yi in the side to the Zhi Zhao Zhao cast a sympathetic look. Woo not good There murderous Although the three of us hiding behind the door, but still feel the holy night out of the body of the angry shock wave. Think of the holy night just goes on a very horrible face, I do not consciously fidget cube how much does it cost touched the neck fidget cube cornsilk swallowed saliva, quiet down. Silence for a long time, holy night finally spoke. Well, I know, you go back first. Good Good night. good night. Squeak fidget cube white Bang With the sound of the door closed, the three of us finally relieved, stood up fidget cube white and walked out from the room. Well Song Yun children that guy actually want to slander this heroes, Shengming Shenwu Sheng night president will not believe her side of the word Ha ha ha I looked at the back of the silent night of the holy night, his face wandering put wrist. Silence silence silence Huh Really strange, we have just come out from the room to start, holy night has been standing there head down motionless, the body with the breathing together with a volt, like asleep the same Is he a horse Actually can stand to sleep Oh Oh Oh I fidget cube backer edition muzzled the mouth, strange pilgrimage around the night moved to Norway, gently patted the shoulder of the holy night President, you do not want to be Song Yuner said nonsense to the gas dizzy woo does the fidget cube make noise wow OMG There there are hidden weapon My words have.upil of the general repair, simply ignore my excuse, one grabbed the ground of the soil, do not want to want to force me to throw over Bang Bump bang Hateful demon D Quickly apologize to President Kou Sha Fenglin high school guy Not allowed to step on the land in general high school Do not hold your hand down Wow yeah Are these bastards in high school Are they crazy. Actually all with Kou Sha that guy a kind, indiscriminate hateful This hero will not be scared of you by these despicable tricks Want this heroes apology Humph Doors are not stop Just when I thought I was about to die when a figure suddenly shouted from me next to jump out, block in front of me what who is it. The gods come. The chapter of justice below 4 At this point, the sun has been from the general high school teaching building behind the secretly revealing half a face, golden light trembling toward the direction of the podium radiation. The sun across the block in front of me, so he seems to shine with golden shine, like an angel from heaven, like, open golden wings to protect me tightly I Leng Leng looked at the angel back Maroon hair, white neck, slender body, there is a hint of roses fragrance I whole body Yi Chan The chaos of the brain suddenly awake over Holy Holy Night Yes Yes Yes Yes You St. night slowly turned his head, like the glance like a knife in my face stabbed a few severely Yi Linxi today s things back to the mapleigh high school and then.iding behind me, looked up at the end of the corridor bronze door, glad to giggle, the boss , Since we lost with them, as we go back today, next time again You three want to die ah Hardly have come here, and actually said to go back I snappily said, staring at them, What is lost with ah Since here only the door , They must be opened into the door ah Really stupid Little Greek you see, the door does not seem to be related. St. Iraq looked at the door, flapping his eyes, leaned over and whispered. Well That being the case, then we leaned to see it Listened to Kou Sha and Yan Lin dialogue, I always feel that there is something strange Well, I think so That being the case, then do as you say Well, start acting I dragged the same drag as the feet of the three legs of the ball is weak, and St. Yi went to the uncover the bronze with the door, just to squat down to listen to the situation inside, the room suddenly came a female Will it be just to hear the words Lin it Now come, why should hide Huh Strange is that we I and the exchange of a surprise in the eyes of Iraq, did not say anything. How can not come in We are waiting for you for a long time. This time to speak of a boy should be President Kou Sha it. Alas Kou Sha and Lin in the end say How do I feel more confused Did they really find us out Since they are so warm invitation, the heroes will go in to them I thought, brush friends stood up, reach out and push the do.

Fidget Cube White But I will try to Linyi heroes get it hand Wait and see Little Greek is not a demon D Please let her go Sheng Yi suddenly rushed up from the next, desperately beat Kou Sha grabbed my hand, Kou Sha, you are not general high school student president Can be so violent Little a small St Eh Little girl, who are you Demon D s men To hear the words of St. Yi, Kou Sha picked his eyebrows turned his head, red sigh snorted hum hum. Uh little girl. I was surprised to turn around and looked at wearing a colorful feather mask of St Ah the original Kou Sha to wear women s holy Iraq as a girl This is the best, if he saw the face of St., that he is the president of Maple Leaf high school students holy night, it is dangerous I said I was not a demon D But if you must doubt me, what is fidget cube grey directed at this heroes come I m not afraid of you I bit bite scared to fight the teeth, Kou Sha shouted at the front. Ooo, ooo but do not know where the scalp is blowing to the cold wind blowing waves of tingling. The little girl behind the three guys are just come with the lively people, nothing to do with me You let them go, do not embarrass them Oh Lin Yi, do not see you quite generous attempts Kou Sha looked at me sneer pick pick eyebrows, grabbing my hand suddenly a collar force, put me to the air, But you made a mistake that is, I am a general high school student president You are not eligible to talk to me.ok contemptuous looking Zheng Zhaoxiao, poked his fingers poke his non stop twitching face. This guy is really simple, each time by other people will become a center stone. But fool bulbs really do not understand this hero ah The more he said not, the heroes of the curiosity of the more Gululuolu desperately bubbling ah Wow ha ha ha ha I turned around and looked at the hands of the heroes are firmly in the hands of mobile phones. Huh Only a photo did not read ah hey It seems the secret of the bulb in this picture I turn stop Oh thump Before I recovered, Zheng Zhizhao suddenly as crazy as shouting toward the heroes rushed over, I have no time to dodge, the results were threw himself on the sofa Dead dead Zheng Zhizhi pupil infinite zoom, horrified to see it from the tip of the nose only one centimeter away from my face, nostrils of the gas emitted from the volcano is like a magma as hot and scalding hot Why do you look at this hero ah I shouted angrily, grabbed the phone forced knocked Zheng Zhaizhao sinking shiny shiny head. thump what. what happened. I just obviously not much effort ah, but Zheng Zhizhao actually two eyes doubled, Yunsi passed. fidget cube white fidget cube white Hey, the lamp head Zheng Zhizhao You still alive I forced Zheng Zhaizhao patted the shoulder, surprised loudly asked. Damn Boss We are back Uh Good death, in this baffling moment, went to the toilet ball group of three people suddenly opened the door came in When the.