Fidget Cube school is fighting for the top ten places in the province of Xinghua buy a fidget cube places, if we were arrested, it is not what board meat, Will die miserable Who Hiding is also useless I have just heard the voice of the Really, tomorrow is going to start school, you these students so late also came to school trouble Really no rules Woo sounds, we heard the voice of the school police seems to have more than one person too Bad This is the next thing is getting harder and harder School police holding a flashlight, according to Zhao Zhaozhao, want to find our hiding place. Suddenly, the yellow light flashlight to block in front of us when the bushes, actually stopped not good Is I we were found it. We forced to hold your breath, nervous heart straight sweating. Huang, that there is a long thin behind the grove, what is it A flashlight beam shook beside us, came a confused voice. Thin long things what not good Could it be said that the head of the heroes Zheng Zhaizhao crown that pull the rest of the feathers. I raised my eyes and looked up Ooo Really good, the heroes only to hide their own, actually forget the head of the feathers to be higher than the bush Others fidget cube seem to have found this fact, have looked at me with extreme contempt of the eyes, of course, except for a good little holy. Thin long Do not know but we have fidget cube a look in the past to know. Blah blah Blah blah Listening to the police footsteps want, then give you it The heroes have always been very generous Wow ha ha ha Really a lovely girl purple fidget cube people with a smile to put the soft stone into their own robe, Well, little girl, you will become a happy person I thank you ah Hei hei I waved his hand waved goodbye purple people. Wearing a ring, my mood suddenly look good up, thrown back of the head of the ponytail jumped towards the school Thought of this, my heart suddenly a sour, guilty of the emotional pressure I could not lift the head. The original water Linglong said is true to kill such a large pile of documents Hill, if not day and night to reply, it is fidget cube impossible within a week to complete the Uh and so on In this case, Xiaosheng should now be in this office fishes ah But a small St Thought of this, I flustered in the hands of the file after a lost, shouting in the office Little St. Little St. Where are you Little St. Small Crash it Huh what sound. I heard the sudden sound behind me, I quickly turned around and saw Eh Is a small Greek so late how do you come St. Iraq rubbing Xingzhong sleepy eyes, from the pile of documents that the office behind the mountain exposed half of the face, his head also wore a stack of documents. Little St. You have been here to stay in the batch file So many documents Why do not you call me to help I rushed past, propped up the station almost unsteady St. Yi, sitting on the sofa Down

game the game to start Keke Holy night clutching his chest, with his arm desperately to hold up their own, although the sound is very weak, but the tone was as strong as usual no doubt. Holy night, you are so can go to the game Little St. is very worried about you, I ll take you to the hospital now Woo this guy hurt too seriously, do not hurry to send him to the hospital, I am afraid there will be dangerous I fidget cube saddlebrown have to move a little faster Caixing I thought, and quickly reached out to hand up the holy night, put him on his back. Hey And so on I Why should I worry about this guy is always the touch of the heroes of this moldy Ah. I I do not have to wait until yesterday, this guy thrown into the eighteen hell go But now I am I looked back and sweating, groaning gently with the holy night, the heart suddenly soft like a cotton like Woo no matter how much, save a fidget cube plum life comparable to making seven pagodas, and so this guy back to the hospital to say it Humph So this guy wake up to see how he thanked me I clung to the feet of the holy night and stood up, trying to slide forward two steps. 3 Yi Linxi, I m going to the theater Holy Night covered with weakness on my back, whispered muttering. Even if you go to the theater, you can not do anything like this Go to the hospital Go to the theater No Go to the hospital Little Saint is there waiting for you I said to fidget cube the theater Yi lin Do yo.nt Your lunch to buy back Oh Hey I grinning mouth thief with a smile, the lunch box and Jiangyin Yin to help St. bought the Coke on his desk, President, now Is already more than eight in the evening Jesus, we have also been back, you have a person in the drama club in practice Holy night picked up Coke, opened the lid and drank. Tomorrow is the game, I m doing the final check. I heard the news, I have some small surprised to scratch his head, his forehead drop a drop of beans big cold sweat. Bang Yi Linxi you want to die Rehearse for so long, even when the game did not find out You are a pig head ah Woo it hurts I was clutching the holy night knocked out the head of a hill, squatting on the ground angrily staring at him. Yi Lin Xi Ah yes You say this time, we will win it Holy Night put down the hands of the cola, eyes shot a melancholy eyes. Woo my ears no problem, right. The confidence that even the stars can be readily picked up the stinking stone, actually asked me such a problem Ah ha ha ha There is a holy night in the president, won the set it Oh A hand kept touching the head of the hill, just grinning with a traitor to cater to piece of smelly stone. Humph Strange I am in the heart of a ferocious fill. Side of the tall figure slowly turned his head slightly narrowed his eyes immediately from the gentle melancholy to despise Woo I just said something wrong. Holy night.think although not all blame holy night president, but he as president of the student council, is the drama club president, how to say there can not shirk responsibility Ah I also think so These guys, previously not the most holy night support it How all of a sudden on the defection. But also hard to catch up with yesterday s holy night I want to speak out to refute, I suddenly heard people to the most peripheral came a thunderous roar Quiet, no more nonsense here I turned around with the people around, looked in the direction of the sound came in the past water Linglong Turned out to be her. King Kong looked angry look filled with the way, the first time I think she seems not so annoying. After all, heroes are to respect the sense of obligation people ah Let go Delicate water led the law enforcement team of several monster boys, angrily squeezed into the crowd, went to the front of the bulletin board. Woo these clippers who posted here Delicate water swept a newspaper bulletin board clippings, turned around and yelled at the students onlookers. Huh Is it not student stickers out of it Yeah the news on the regular bulletin board is not always the responsibility of the students of the student union Hearing the exquisite water asked, the students are all two monks scratched his head. Washed Delicate water took a deep breath, turned and waved the bear s paw like the big hand clippers all brush pull to tear.

Fidget Cube ok contemptuous looking Zheng Zhaoxiao, poked his fingers poke his non stop twitching face. This guy is really simple, each time by other people will become a center stone. But fool bulbs really do not fidget cube mediumaquamarine understand this hero ah The more he said not, the heroes of the curiosity of the more Gululuolu desperately bubbling ah Wow ha ha ha ha I turned around and looked at the hands of the heroes are firmly in the hands of mobile phones. Huh Only a photo did not read ah hey It seems the secret of the bulb in this picture I turn stop Oh thump Before I recovered, Zheng Zhizhao suddenly as crazy as shouting toward the heroes rushed over, I have no time to dodge, the results were threw himself on the sofa Dead dead Zheng Zhizhi pupil infinite zoom, horrified to see it from the tip of the nose only one centimeter away from my face, nostrils of the gas emitted from the volcano is like a magma as hot and scalding hot Why do you look at this hero ah I shouted angrily, grabbed the phone forced knocked Zheng Zhaizhao sinking shiny shiny head. thump what. what happened. I just obviously not much effort ah, but Zheng Zhizhao actually two eyes doubled, Yunsi passed. Hey, the lamp head Zheng Zhizhao You still alive I forced Zheng Zhaizhao patted the shoulder, surprised loudly asked. Damn Boss We are back Uh Good death, in this baffling moment, fidget cube images went to the toilet ball group of three people suddenly opened the door came in When see holy night, please No Holy Night has just finished treatment Now rest You can not go in Woo the door of the animal girl in the news is really well informed, my forefoot to the holy night back to the hospital, their hind feet to the The most frightening thing is that a group of girls outside the door is a group of St. Justin s agent and the hospital security to coax a group, the gas had a chance to breathe, the next batch again Heard the screams of one after another outside the ward, holy night lying on the bed, frowning fidget cube dimgray turned the body. Oh Ha ha holy night president, you eat apples I said, while his face to a crooked look at the apple cut respectfully handed the night before the holy night. Saint face lifeless lifted his eyes and looked at me, cold hum hum, turned his head to go. Eh St. night president does not like to eat apples That pears This pear looks good to eat the way ah hey hey hey I want you to eat, this heroes help you cut I pointed to the bedside table on the holy night FANS who sent the Flower and Fruit Mountain, or offical fidget cube Asked graciously. Holy night gently sighed, impatiently turned his head, staring at me sharp. Yi Linxi, in the end you want to say Woo cut into the question I laughed and scolded scratching his head, my heart suddenly gloomy down. In fact, nothing put the cockroach in the lunch box is indeed the heroes do not, but I was unintentional I do not.