How To Buy Fidget Cube game the game to start Keke Holy night clutching his chest, with his arm desperately to hold up their own, although the sound is very weak, but the tone was as strong as usual no doubt. Holy night, you are so can go to the game Little St. is very worried about you, I ll take you to the hospital now Woo this guy hurt too seriously, do not hurry to send him to the hospital, I am afraid there will be dangerous I have to move a little faster Caixing I thought, and quickly reached out to hand up the holy night, put him on his back. Hey And so on I Why should I worry about this guy is always the touch of the heroes of this moldy Ah. I I do not have to wait until yesterday, this guy thrown into the eighteen hell go But now I am I looked back and sweating, groaning gently with the holy night, the heart suddenly soft like a cotton like Woo no matter how much, save a life comparable to making seven pagodas, and so this guy back to the hospital to say it Humph So this guy wake up to see how he thanked me I clung to the feet of the holy night and stood up, trying to slide forward two steps. 3 Yi Linxi, I m going to the theater Holy Night covered with weakness on my back, whispered muttering. Even if you go to the theater, you can how to buy fidget cube not do anything like this Go to the hospital Go to the theater No Go to the hospital Little Saint is there waiting for you I said to the theater Yi lin Do yo.he high school students Fenglin. I am very sorry for the drama competition I sincerely accept all the blame and fidget cube midnight criticism given to me, and I have to resign from the position of President of the Student Union in accordance with the agreement with President Kou Sha. But I will not give up.I said, must let Maple High School in the drama ten fight for the first Holy night president Fenglin high school students raised his head was depressed depressed, surprised to see the eyes of a firm St. holy night. Wahaha Holy night, you have to dying it Lost is lost No matter how sophistry are useless Shut up. What Kou Sha opened his eyes wide and looked at the holy night shot toward him to the cold eyes, involuntary body called a chill. Holy night turned, took a deep breath, looking calm and said You Fenglin high school students, this time we really lost the game, but just as we have seen in the bulletin board news, as how to buy fidget cube Fenglin high school this time the failure, both may lead to let us unacceptable Tragedy but, do we have to admit defeat because of these The Chapter of Death Holy night president Ooo ooo Sad is inevitable, regret the night is inevitable, but more importantly, we can not be so dejected At this time, for us, more important than frustration and regret it is not united as one to save us The drama club, save our school Holy Night is my vertigo Moment, I seem to see him as a towering mountain, majestic I and Fen.

d they actually have to join the fun of the two You, to the inside of the room to go I do not call you, do not come out Holy Night without any explanation to me and the same still Zheng Zhizhao state of the room to promote a side door, and then shut the door up. Alas really strange Holy night why so mysterious, let me and Zheng Zhi Zhao hide in this room By the way, just on the stage when he seems to be like this Little hope, Chi chiu, his brother let you stay here, probably do not want fidget cube shopping to let Song Yuner and water Linglong know what happened tonight. how to order fidget cube St. like to see through the idea of my heart like, suddenly in the next whisper, Because he did not want anyone to know what I was. Oh So it was I wrestled with Zheng Zhi Zhao invariably touched his chin, Sidongfeidong nodded. Uh and many more Just talking is I can not believe that looked at the squat next to me in the holy Iraq, the mouth with the hippopotamus mouth is about the same size. fidget cube dice St. slightly smiled, than the index finger against me and Zheng Zhi Zhao whispered boo boo. Oh, the people outside will hear it But you just said he did not want others to see you Do you say What is the secret Speaking of secret word, I suddenly came to the spirit, like to eat Little Red Riding Hood wolf grandmother, The eyebrows. In fact I do not know St. Iraq said, sadly lowered his head, gleaming eyes flashing. I would like to continue to ask, but was Zheng Zhaizhao. all right holy night clutching his chest, head down weak to ask. The boys wiped a cold sweat on his forehead, raised his head teeth staring at the holy night, as if to see the same killer enemies I do not believe you Because of your worship, I joined the drama club, and drama club other students to the top ten hegemony desperately to practice, but but then it does not matter. The game actually because you lost And the result is also a crisis to the entire Maple High School I do not believe you I want to quit the drama club boom Boys like the bombs in the crowd, like a blasting the flowers Students are excited to talk loudly He wants to quit the drama club But he made it very reasonable ah Drama Club of the students practiced for so long, the results did not lose on the stage, the poor Holy night listening to the sound around the discussion, gently took a deep breath, how to buy fidget cube and then looked blankly excited because of the boys flushed. You to quit to please, drama club does not accept people who have no perseverance. What heard the holy night, then the boys surprised eyes staring boss, two lines of tears fell down the corner of the eye, Holy Night you too much How can the holy night president say such wounding words Holy night Just now he just put his own words out of it, you do not need to do to him That is, ah Really too much Yeah See the boys burst into tears, the students around have started to loudly.k carefully Tick Tick Tick Tick Wall clock pointer like a turtle as slowly crawling, just two hours less than the past, the heroes have already been tired of the whole body as a spread like mud to climb the desk Alas there is no mistake ah would have thought that the approval of these documents is incredibly simple, who knows that there are 80 of the contents of the heroes simply do not understand, let alone approved Holy night that guy is superman. cheap fidget cube Actually every day to approve so many documents. But also to busy the whole heroes, busy advertising when the original student president is also a piece of things can not be ah Snore snore I crawled motionlessly at the desk, eyelids, as in the constant increase in fidget cube lightsalmon weight, as more and more heavy sooner or later I sleep even their own dead or alive do not know. Do not know how long after Come on everything is just beginning Huh Who who is to speak again Hazy, I feel like someone felt a how to buy fidget cube blanket gently approved on me, but my eyelids like Wan Nengjiao to stick to the same, life and death can not open, just gently hum hum, flip the body, then But also fell asleep in the past. Little Greek Little Greek Wake up and wake up I have great news to tell you Woo Oh noisy Was awakened by the sudden call me, impatiently rubbed sour eye, Ting Ting, unable to chair in the back of the desk made.

How To Buy Fidget Cube his hand as heavy as iron can not move, and the face of St. is also becoming increasingly blurred vision. Suddenly a lukewarm object affixed to my lips, my chest pain is no longer so intense, and then I seem to be dragged to the shore. Keke cough Keke cough Air I finally breathe the air I pant with breath. Ooo Thank God Oh, little Greek Little Greek How are you Keke Sheng Yi while breathing heavily pushed me ashore, while worried to ask. I I m okay I looked awkwardly, dumped the wet hair, red holy Iraq grinned, Today, if not you, the heroes may be necessary Do not say that they are useless after the Oh St. Yi Yi Zheng, Leng Leng looked at me, his face showing a moving smile. Little hope Hey I smiled and rushed to the thumbs of St. Iraq, Well, okay You have to bubble in the water how long ah Come on Oh Good St. Iraq smiled and nodded, his hands on shore ready to climb. Uh Yes, do not know how the kind of shrimp that stupid here from the pier just a short distance, that guy should fidget cube for adults not know what happened just now. Hey this Yehao, as long as the heroes as soon as possible, not by his discovery has been ashore, in the end I swim in the water for a long time, is not the heroes themselves the final say Wa hahaha I really is a genius ah Well, just do it Little St thump As I turned to prepare to call on the holy Iraq together to leave, I suddenly found that should have been ashore the holy Iraq suddenl.happening I looked at her and cried like two peaches. MOMO, my MOMO Jiang Xueyin forced sobbing a few. MOMO I turned around and saw a lean like a bamboo pole, the back there is a little camel boys, while the DJ machine to twist and twist, while forced in the air with a rope tied to the ash does not slip the fall of the Mao assassination of the ball. That ball is MOMO I asked in confusion. That is not the ball, is a small hedgehog, is my pet Jiang Xue Yin voice sobbed a little, said, I took MOMO out for a walk, the results of it ran into the Xia Mi s hand to the sting What, Xia Mi an angry to go on like this MOMO will die Shrimp The name of the boys really special ah But still quite image I touched his chin, looked at the hunchback boys, Xiao Hehe said. Jiang Xue Yin how to buy fidget cube gently dragged my sleeve, lowered voice, said He is a general high school drama club, but also a member of the student union, recently because of drama ten strong match thing, Maple High School and Pu Xiu high school downtown Very stiff, if this time to provoke them will be very troublesome What about your MOMO MOMO Jiang Xue Yin MOMO glanced at a glance, tears crashed and poured out. Hell Do not worry I went to help you back to MOMO The heroes of the mission is to uphold justice, my whole body of blood are boiling up. I rolled up my sleeves and walked over toward Xia Mi. Yi Linxi, can not fight ah In violation of the law Jiang Xue.